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Restore Chiluba’s Immunity Posthumously-Kavindele


Enock Kavindele at Embassy Park at the laying of wreaths at the Second Republican President's resting place
Enock Kavindele at Embassy Park at the laying of wreaths at the Second Republican President’s resting place

The last Vice President to late former Republican President Frederick Chiluba, Enock Kavindele has said that the late leader should be accorded the respect he deserves for creating a lasting middle class in the country saying the sale of houses to sitting tenants of council houses empowered working families.

And MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda has asked the state through Republican President Edgar Lungu to honour the late former President by restoring all the things which were fraudulently taken away from him.

Speaking at Embassy Park at the laying of wreaths at the second Republican President’s resting place, Kavindele who served under Chiluba said there is need to right the wrongs by ensuring that the court judgements which acquitted Dr Chiluba are honoured.

He said the late leader has been velifed by his enemies who have dented his name when the truth of the matter is that he did all he could to make Zambia a better country for its people.

“Dr Chiluba had a big heart he would say that look when our people retire all they go to is misery. We are going to sale the houses to sitting tenants that they are in so that they themselves will make that decision either to sale or to continue to live in there but would encourage them to go into smaller properties for they might not have the money to maintain the houses and the empowerment started there and then, Dr Chiluba therefore created a lasting middle class in this country.

“I know of properties which were bought for K7,000 or 7000,000 in those days, there is one which I went to look at which has been sold for US 2.4 million Dollars thereby empowering that family for life forever, that was Dr Chiluba,” he said.

And Kavindele said the acquittal of Dr Chiluba should be honoured.

“Now its true I wrote to the President a few months ago about the state of the family, courts are there to give us fair judgement and indeed the cases of Dr Chiluba went to both the High Court and and Supreme Court and non of those courts convicted him so all I was saying to our current President, is President you should not be selective when we are honouring High Court judgements.

“The decision of the High Court and Supreme court say that Dr Chiluba was acquitted and therefore like my brother said everything about him should be restored. Certainly that money which they talk about which was put into the Zamtrop account it was never government money at all, I was Vice President so I know myself. All we are asking President his Excellency Edgar Lungu is that President assist in effecting the court judgement, that’s all we asking for,” he said.

And the MMD said they have exhibited civility in their conduct towards the whole matter but that it was high time the father of democracy was honoured.

National Secretary of the party Raphael Nakacinda said their leader taught them as a party to be democratic and civil in their conduct but that the party is ready to go an extra mile by demonstrating if the former President is not honoured.

He further called on Republican President Edgar Lungu to break the cycle of velifying former Presidents.

“I want to state that there is a law that governs life, its called the law or the principle of precedence. When a wrong precedence is set it has a tendency to repeat itself. From the day the precedence was set to rubbish Dr Chiluba’s legacy as President every subsequent President has suffered that and it looks like none of them learn the lesson that when you are sent to that office they have a duty to break that cycle hence our former President Rupiah Banda went through the same humiliating experience.

“Dr Mwanawasa was saved because he died in office am very sure that Mr Sata was saved because he died in office, I want to place it before President Edgar Lungu that you are in office right now and you have a duty to break this cycle by summoning the courage and ensure that justice prevails over those that suffer during this orchestrated and well calculated scheme to injure and destroy the legacy of those that fought for multipartism, I call upon President Lungu to summon courage and do the right thing, let Dr Chiluba be honoured. Let those things that have been taken away from him unjustly, fraudulently be returned, he has that power as President to restore it.

“We were taught by this great man to be democratic and as a party we have conducted ourselves in a civil manner expressing our views, we don’t intend to go out there to protesting and disturbing peace but if it will take us going to demonstrate for our father and the father of democracy to be honoured in this land it will happen one day but for now we think the message we are sending is loud and clear,” he said.

And Former Home Affairs Minister Peter Machungwa demanded that the immunity of the late former President be restored posthumously.


    • No no no no no don’t do that we are keeping the law for Lungu!
      Let us not glorify thieves when people steal frombthe poor let them be punished.
      We should break this cycle of thieving

    • Kavindele finnish your railroad first. When did dead men require immunity? Chiluba is already in Hell!

    • Why didn’t Kavindele defend FTJ at the time? You are coward sir! Don’t you see that it’s wrong to commingle personal and govt assets? When are we going to treat governance with sanctity in Zambia?

    • Government officials didn’t even attend the memorial and now you are asking a plunderer to restore Chilubas “impunity” ?? Let him rest he is dead you are failing to speak for the suffering living and you are busy speaking for a dead person that has already run his race. Restoring his immunity posthumously is inconsequential to the dead anf to the living ….fight against the suffering caused by plunder

    • Kavindele: The civil matter was decided in the court system of Zambia years after Mwanawasa’s death and Chiluba lost. The Supreme Court ruled that the properties belong to the state and Chiluba’s lawyers know this, as does Kavindele himself.

    • I thought he is in the hands of “God”. Have you asked “god ” about it? Let them just restore FTJ institutes of politics…

    • I DON’T AGREE with Kevindele and Munchangwa.

      It’s time to move on. As for the children, they have no one to blame. Chiluba’s children got so pompous. They were spending money as if money was going to keep flowing like water from the mountains.

      They did not bother to take professional courses, career paths or even do investment. It’s sad but they are grown women and men who must fend for themselves.

      There is a reason why he ( Chiluba ) cutting them off, before he died. He realised it was waste of money to keep funding their useless habits. Chiluba desperately wanted to be educated. But they failed him. Life goes on !!!!

    • Chiluba has gone to meet his creator. Judgment of Chiluba has been reserved for his God and not for us mere mortals. Only God knows what Chiluba did and did not do. It is not for us to continue passing judgment on him.

    • @Ntaulu, one of the reasons Mwanawasa fired Kavindele was that Kavindele was against the “harassment ” of FTJ. It didn’t end there, he was also stopped from bringing in Vodafone and construction of the Chingola Solwezi railway line. Mwanawasa accused FTJ of stealing money from Zamtrop account but Mwanawasa also used the same account. Mwanawasa also facilitated the escape from Zambia of a key witness Shansonga. Keep on calling him an angel but to me he was a devil incarnate who called bembas stinking thieves.

  1. release his son who is rotting in JAIL after stealing a mobile phone, ALSO give all property to VERA CHILUBA the rightfull owner of CHILUBA, THE LADY IS STRONG AND I WISH SHE GOES BACK TO PARLIAMENT THROUGH THE UPCOMING BY ELECTION IN HER CONSTITUENCY KASENENGWA..HON.VIC MHSRIP

  2. Oh dear, now the hyenas and scavengers have gathered to rewrite history of their chief thief. But we cannot be surprised. Now is time for criminals and thieves to turn tables on honest men and rule of law. Actually we are back in chiluba time, only now on a grand scale where illigality and impunity have become admired virtues. God of abraham, isaac, jacob. Is this the christian nation we declared? Ati all courts aquited him, i was the vice president so i know. What happened to the london judge smith verdict? Morally, chiluba was clean like kk’s white cloth? These hyenas are saying this well aware of the standing of the man who can grant them their wishes?

    • The biggest thief is HH him awaits God’s judgement because late Mwanawasa was selective because of Mmembe and the Post Newspapers.

  3. @HaMukuma, I second your motion! Everything in Tongaland is “Corruption and Thief!” (Which actually means “Non-Tonga by definition in the Tonga culture). )With the Exception of HH the inside trading thief, certified money launderer (which he has admitted to as “nothing wrong”) and land thief!

  4. But imwe ba LT Your headline says something else the story says something else. From your story itself Kavindele didnt say what you are ascribing to him. It is Machungwa. And why do you call Chiluba’s grave a resting place? You’re just confusing our young readers with unneccessary euphemisims. People know that humans die. They dont pass away. Ala!

  5. Why don’t you allow this thief to rest in peace instead of subjecting him to ridicule even in death. Whether you restore his immunity or give back his property a thief will always remain a thief.

  6. Once immunity is lost it can never be restored, just like virginity. What’s there to restore because he was already in Court? What needs to be done is just to grant him the honor that he deserves by returning his seized assets

  7. He was a thief only as defined by Mmembe, or is it Hammembe? Mistakes were made when power got to his head, but largely FJT was a great leader as Kavindele states. Stood up to kk and delivered us from one party state. And he delivered the silver platter for h.h to “create” his “wealth”, now that is no mean achievement, not even jj can dispute that!!

  8. Why must it be PF to correct the wrongs that MMD did to itself. Why didn’t these now mmd lovers not stand up to Mwanawasa & demand this. Precedence has already been set, everyone who leaves the presidency is made to account, rightly or wrongly so.

  9. One day I met William Harrington at Arcades Spar. He sat near our table in the restaurant. As me and my friend where talking he joined us and the topic was on politics at that point discussing the matter of Wild Life that was in court with Sylvia Maseko as minister then.

    Harrington categorically just told us that one thing we Zambian must do is to appreciate and thank God for Chiluba. That we’ve judged the man on what we’ve just read in the media and only on mistakes done and blinded ourselves to all the good he did.
    He said When Chiluba took over from Kaunda there was no economy in Zambia and the only economic activity was printing money. He explain Chiluba decision that tenants buy council house and low value. From then on I placed high value on FTJ and not what Fred Mmembe painted…

    This Nation will NEVER develop, as all these crooks like “Chivindele” are trying to show Ba Jona Pombe, they support his blatant cruel thieving, in exchange for crumbs from the State House table in the form of lucrative Government posts, which are now an illegal license to print money, & fatten themselves, whilst the vulnerable, & poor have NO voice amongst these sick Zambian (Polo)ticians.

  11. @Keleni, you are right! Zambia has a sick person trying to be president and sick belly UPND cadres “triballing” him behind! Sadly, he does not realise is Ba mental!

    • Sharon, again I think you have forgotten to wash kunyansi -(downstairs).
      In the meantime, PLEASE STOP having w.et dre@ms about H.H.

  12. “…..Certainly that money which they talk about which was put into the Zamtrop account it was never government money at all…”

    Who’s money was it ? Where did it come from ? Was it chilubas pay ?

    • Obviously Zambia is a Nation full of Basket Cases.
      Surely if that cash belonged to fugitive pirates, Xavier Chungu, & Attan Shansonga, or even the late Midget who masqueraded as Republican President, why was it deposited into the Zamtrop Government account??
      Unfortunately as they say, if you throw a little pebble into a crowd in Zambia, 97% probability the pebble will strike an I.d10t, whereas in Ghana /Nigeria you will hit a professor.

  13. I can’t believe these people worshipping Chiluba today! Theft should not be glorified. And we all know that the selling of government houses disadvantaged more people than those who benefitted. Chiluba did this just to secure for himself a second term in office. It was NOT right to sell government and company houses. People need to work hard to build or buy their own shelter, not that give away price Chiluba sold them for. You also find that those who benefitted from the sell of government houses are still getting housing allowance, which is actually a crime. Obtaining money by false presences. Every crime has to be punished

  14. Place a gold watch on your hand then burn your body. That’s what Chiluba did. “At least I have given you a gold watch even if I have burned the rest of your body”. We saw the fancy shoes, the yachts and all manner of useless conundrums that this very gang and its “resting” hero chose over us. We see the starving street kids, zero industrial base and bold thieving that they introduced. Betrayers, sell outs! We see you! Choosing ill gotten wealth over your own kin, condemning entire generations to mediocrity and gloom. We will never forget!

  15. Chiluba was a thief and we will remember like that. I know Kavindele benefited a lot that time but he wont drag us backwards…. Kaliya chalipwa.

  16. Sale of council houses to sitting tenants with no plan for how the future employees were to be housed is not a plan to celebrate yama. This was mere politicking.

  17. Chiluba opened people’s eyes. When he sold houses, people woke up to a new dawn of having to build their own house. Today people have built their own houses such that the issue of plots is what the Government has to grapple with. Let’s recognise the good that he did. Those who are overly critical were probably born in the late 90s and did not see the transition from the one party state scenario to multiparty democracy where people have seen it as freedom of speech to insult the Republican President. The good that he did outweighs the bad. He deserves praise because many have benefited from his policies.

  18. @11 i think you had no money on you and yet occupy a table in a restaurant, thus WHY u crooked Hon, william to join u so u ordered and asked him to pay, U PICKPOCKETERS

  19. Whether we want to admit it or not, Chiluba opened our eyes to private sector driven economy which is powering Zambia at the moment.

  20. Let him rest.This nonsense of immunity restoration should just come to an end.If his immunity is restored,what value is it going to add?It is a precedent, that was set that whoever is going to pilfer in government coffers,should be stripped of his immunity.This should be an example to those who are vying for leadership that they should not go scot free when they deep their hands in government coffers.Thieves ,especially, political thieves,should not be condoned.Most of the citizens went to early graves because of their stealing with impunity.Most pensioners,died minus access their money because of poor Chiluba’s regime.He was the worst president Zambia has ever had.

  21. Kavindele seems to be obsessed with strange platforms, just recently he was on about an investigation regarding the departed loved MCS, now his hitch is on to this. Next he could latch on how and why the sons of the soil Penza, Nkumbula, Kaunda, Mungo’mba, Tembo, to mention but a few died!

  22. Chiuluba mocked Mwanawasa upon his death in 2008 and told his followers that the God he worshipped told him that touch not the anointed such as himself. And his supporters shouted “amen”. Three years later, he himself succumbed to the inevitable. How people believe such superstition fails me. Death is destiny. It must happen because it is just one stage of the cycle of life and death on the planet without which life itself wouldn’t exist. There is no secret or magic. This ignorance of why we die is what gave rise to religious belief.

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