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HH’s hand shake with President Lungu has nothing to do with reconciliation-Kakoma


UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma
UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma
UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema’s hand shake with President Edgar Lungu has nothing to do with reconciliation, says UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma.

During burial of veteran politician and former minister Daniel Munkombwe on Wednesday in Choma, Mr Hichilema, National Democratic Party consultant Chishimba Kambwili and other opposition leaders shook hands with President Lungu, a gesture applauded by Vice President Inonge Wina, church leaders and other political party leaders.

Mr Kakoma told the Daily Nation in an interview that it was normal practice for Zambians to greet one another at funerals and the gesture had nothing to do with reconciliation and the much anticipated inter party dialogue.

He said the road to settling differences was a different one and many issues needed to be ironed out before real reconciliation saw the light of day.

“There is nothing strange about Mr Hichilema and other opposition leaders greeting at a funeral, as Zambians we respect the dead and the gesture has nothing to do with inter party dialogue and reconciliation,” Mr Kakoma said.

He said the hand shake should not be misconstrued for agreement on both issues of policy and political matters.

Mr Kakoma said the two political party leaders were yet to make a real handshake if ever the inter party dialogue was held and yielded positive results.

And Mr Kakoma rubbished reports that the UPND’s mayoral candidate Chileshe Kangwa was imposed by Mr Hichilema, saying such reports were fake.

Mr Kakoma said Mr Chileshe was democratically adopted by party structures in the province, adding that the selection was on merit.

“Which clandestine meetings are people talking about? Mr Chileshe was adopted on merit, his adoption was never at night, it was in broad daylight and it was clearly democratic,” he said


    • Guys please is this something that can become an issue…no wonder we dont develop…UPND needs to grow up…trying to make news out of a handshake…awe kwena bwafya sana…HH should be happy that he managed to shake the hand of the President of Zambia and the story should end there

    • Can we stop hacking on this trivial occasion? We are in Africa where people do greet their enemies. What’s earthshaking about that?

    • Its is absurd that rare moments of historic value to the nation are left for sabotage at the discretion of such reckless characters surrounding respective leadership in party camps. Kakoma is espousing immaturity and a lack of experience in conflict resolution. Unwittingly he makes such remarks not helpful when all parties know that the stakes for the political tempo are dangerously compounding. The funeral of Hon. Munkombwe has presented the country an important variables in the peace theory that require maturity in being managed. its not such ego getting in the way that Zambians need. Sober up all you grow useless to the whole Zambian polity. Understanding seasons in life is very important. His stunts are certainly at variance even with people in his Zambezi Village.

    • And HH is surrounded by people like sadist Kakoma no wonder his political career is about to come to an end…

    • Reconciliation is a matter for the ZCID under leadership of the clergy. ECL and HH will not reconcile outside the auspices of the what has been agreed upon. Are HH and ECL the only people who shook hands at the Munkombwe funeral? It’s a rhetorical question because everyone knows the answer. Allow Kakoma to have his say as he sees things. ECL ordered arrest of HH and had him detained in cell at Lilayi on a cold and wet concrete floor. Who does that to a fellow citizen and then start sending unknown clergymen to see HH and pray for him.

    • UPND, this is when you become as well. Your topic of criticisms should be about the economy, corruption, to name a few. In short, anything that benefits the Zambian people that PF has neglected.
      You don’t focus on such topics such as this one.

      What is there for you to gain? Zero !!!

    • This Kakoma time after time has proved very fictional and irrational person. For heavens sake you are an MP – AND DON’T LOWER YOURSELF.

      You don’t need to respond to such matters. You are in politics and must realise that people will always make comments. Zambia has more far challenging matters that as an MP you should be addressing. Especially, raising accountabilities to the ruling government.

      Yet time after time, we are subjected to people like you ( Kakoma ) who spend gazelles time bantering on non entity matters.

      You guys better show Zambia that you are ready to rule. So far the name Lungu just appears to trigger your heart-bit-rates. Hating Lungu, will not take you into power. But challenging the government on national matters is what would take into power.

      MAYBE -…

    • Cont….

      MAYBE – That’s why HH, MICRO-MANAGES his MP’s, cause he does not trust them to be diligent.

      Out of this; you are simply INCREASING Lungu’s LIKE-ABILITY. And NO DOUBT as a PRESIDENT ( ECL), has proved many people WRONG. He is getting and BETTER everyday with experience.

      So rather people getting of TIRED with the SITTING GOVERNMENT, they are SICK are TIRED with the OPPOSITION.

    • Kakoma has done well to clarify this.

      This is a powerful statement that most naysayers and ignoramuses are attacking UPND who remain unwashed masses.

      UPND have done well because that handshake should not be misinterpreted.

      Zambians are dull and will remain stup1d

      Thank goodness I am marrying a white person



    • Kakoma is a very bitter person this is exactly the same attitude the likes of Kampyongo display. In life bane an eye for an eye makes everyone blind as Ghandi said. Let us show kindness and care for one another there is nothing to lose by being cordial and forgiving to one another.

    • HH needs to tell Kakoma to shut up…..A handshake is always good to see especially between political rivals

  1. Any human connoisseur will tell you that it takes a lot for two people to face each other let alone shake hands. This gesture definately has a lot to do with reconciliation.

    Why not just let matters take their course and events speak for themselves instead of intervening and trying to influence people’s views with your lust for political power.

  2. This is where UPND misses it.It does not pay by making statements on each and every matter!!!ZAMBIANS ARE PEACEFUL PEOPLE AND THAT IS WHY MANY WERE HAPPY UPON SEEING ECL AND HH SHAKING HANDS!!But this short Luvale man Kakoma is trying to destroy all gains HH got by recognizing president Edgar Lungu when he stood up and shoke ECL’s hands!!!CHARLES KAKOMA SHOULD KNOW THAT ECL HAS NOTHING TO LOSE BECAUSE HE IS ALREADY A ZAMBIAN PRESIDENT.NOBODY WOULD DELETE ECL FROM OUR HISTORY BOOKS.So it is those in opposition who have a huge task of winning the hearts of voters,hence stop being childish Kakoma!!
    As for your Lusaka mayoral candidate Chileshe Kangwa,we dont care because even if UPND adopted HH himself to stand as Lusaka mayor,Kainde was going to lose to ANY PF CANDIDATE 100%!!!All 25…

  3. What an obnoxious and despicable citizen you are. You come out like a sadistic human being who lacks Ubuntu.

    What is not good about a gravitation towards reconciliation and peace?

  4. Did you surely need to say something about this issue Kakoma?
    Isn’t there a line between social and political life?
    We did not need another political fracas at the funeral of the old political veteran now, did we?

  5. Grow up and show us what makes you different from what we have at hand. It is wiser to keep quiet when there’s no need to explain about the obvious situation. Many times I’ve greeted strangers in the streets and I never go back to my family to explain why I said good morning to a stranger who sat next to me on the minibus on my way to work. Just shut up, it is getting so boring and immature.

  6. Sad that this Party is sinking low and nobody is coming to rescue it! it’s a One man show to the grave

  7. That historic handshake between president ecl and opposisition leader hh is teaching al cadres from the two parties to embrace one another and avoid panga for panga .if the leaders can shake hands without causing harm to the other,let their supoters follow suit.

  8. Foolishness at its best and these are the confidants of HH – no wonder he is where he is now because of such trivial minded people advising him. Does he not know that negotiations of any kind are helped along a great deal long before the event due to such cordial and yet subtle gestures. That handshake alone broke so much walls between the two leaders. Whats more HH has already given a statement, which I felt was well balanced and was well received by ECL as evidenced with the No Comment from the PF quarters. So why in the hell would this Kakoma can come and pour ice on such an occasion? Time for HH to change his back office if he is to make massive progress come 2021


  10. This definitely subtracts from the UPND as a mature Party, it has taken them back to the under 5 category

  11. Comment:Upnd have failed to manage themselves ,how can they manage their party,they very petty.It is a party of jokers

  12. Just couldn’t help himself… He is a political lowlife that’s what. He is probably sad that the funeral passed without incident.

  13. In any case what’s there to reconcile about. HH himself said President Edgar Lungu is not his enemy so what’s this thing called reconciliation about? The proposed reconciliation meetings will just be a means to get fat allowances by the delegates and commissioners. All the two parties should do is get rid of individuals like Kakoma Upnd) and his equivalent in PF. Like all postings have said, only one with a lazy brain can just wake up and dismiss such a big and important occurrence. Maybe HH is notthat bad, it’s Kakoma, Katuka, GBM, Nkombo who so bitter that they don’t want people of the two parties to operate in harmony. Includes Mucheleka.

  14. Ba kakoma Please Lesa amwafwe muletontonka ngomukalamba. If I shake hands with my enemy it is a sign of peace The Bible says love your enemy as you love yourself. That is how reconciliation starts. Do you go to church ban Kakoma. Wives of these politicians, talk to your husbands over such matters. Wives if you are Dorcas, WCF, Catholic women’s league bring your husbands to senses. We Zambians should even thank God over this. It is the beginning of peace. Ba President Lungu na HH just continue doing the right things. GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

    • The two Ks Kakoma and Katuka are too evil to heed any advice especially that comes from a woman ie the wife. There’s a chap from Katuka’s region the way he talks about other parties scares me because to him if his party the Upnd won the main agenda is to punish those who support PF and other parties.

  15. when we say HH is probably not a very bad person but the goons around him this is what we mean, he has no image builders. all he has are people like kakaoma, can you imagin.

  16. I think both President Edgar Lungu and Hakainde Hichilema are just surrounded with stup!d and bitter people. The two shook hands TWICE for your own information. First when HH stood up with other opposition leaders to greet ECL. When ECL was leaving, ECL also walked to HH and shook hands. Imwe bantu how does this !diot today say that it has nothing to do with reconcilaiation? Then,

    lets just say UPND should never be given a chance to rule this country. Its leaders are so unforgiving. Forget it. Let HH and ECL deal with themselves. Besides this Katuka was not even at that funeral. Shame on him

  17. Well when I began to talk about our party soon after the last elections my sole voice was called names. BK please Adolf shaking hands with ECL for many of us was a positive step towards healing for this nation. Look at the Kenyans the opposition doesn’t boycott national functions they embrace those for they know the people are watching. You know the party UpNd would have long been in power but we focus on things that don’t win us votes, we bring on board discredited people and offer them high ranking posts, we listen to persons in the inner circle who still cannot account for monies they collect from abroad on the party’s behalf…so what do you expect. Shaking hands is not common at funerals, that greeting went a long way to heal our wounds…

  18. This Kakoma thing, have you noticed from the picture that his left eye is below the right one? That his spectacles are therefore designed with the left lens lower than the right? Look carefully. What I am saying is that he has a defect on the left side of his head, or brain if you like. Now the reasoning faculties of the brain are located in its left part, so you can understand Kakoma’s inability to reason.

    By the way, did Kakoma hear the positive things that Vernon Mwaanga said about the handshakes boding well for peace and reconciliation? So who wants to listen to Kakoma?

  19. This is what I meant in my last article that Hakainde is surrounded by some MPs and UPND members who have ill motives to keep on fueling political tension in the country. Can this be news to any sensible citizen!!?? This type of politics is archaic and should not be allowed to continue. Kakoma are you a Zambian or a foreigner who drives pleasure when there is political tension in the country. Why do you want to continue confusing Hakainde at the expense of reconciliation!!?? If this is what you may term as NEWS then do not avail it to credible Zambians.

  20. “Zambians are dull and will remain stup1d” copied from One Mushota. This was too harsh my sister. I agree with you though. Let be their clear dialogue of purpose. Not hijacked event. Lets take a leaf from the Kenyan experience. After all, if you watched JCL’s body language was non committal. Point on Mr. Kakoma we are with you. Big time.

  21. Awe tamwakakule. How are u kanshi? Mwaba shani kanshi Ba upnd? UPND will one day ascend to power, but not HH or GBM…impossible!

  22. Indeed this is proper child’s play. Who is HH anyway apart from being a political party leaders. It is him who went to where ECL was to greet him so that HH could be made relevant during that function/event. It is HH who is looking for a name in this country and not ECL. By the way, which reconciliation and about what? Mwebo ee, tiyeni tulelyafye, all is ok in this country.

  23. Kakoma was very disappointed to see ECL and HH shake hands. I think he must have organized his cadres to run amok once ECL and entourage arrive for the funeral. Shame to this blood thirst vampire Kakoma.

    • He would have been happy to see Edgar put his hands behind him as soon as HH reached out for that hand shake.

  24. The tribal group gathering that will NEVER be any close to the political power in Zambia because of Childishness.

  25. HH is not the problem in UPND. This Kakoma Kachokwe is the problem and such people should not be allowed anywhere near leadership position. The man is a danger to democracy. Beware Zambians.

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