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Turkey trip should have been avoided-Musenge


PRESIDENT Lungu is welcomed by Vice President Inonge Wina on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Turkey where he had gone for the inauguration of the new Turkish President. PICTURE BY ALEX MUKUKA/ZANIS
PRESIDENT Lungu is welcomed by Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Turkey where he had gone for the inauguration of the new Turkish President. PICTURE BY ALEX MUKUKA/ZANIS

The opposition National Democratic Congress says President Edgar Lungu’s visit to Turkey is a costly one that should have been avoided.

NDC Secretary Secretary Mwenya Musenge said President Lungu should consider cutting down on the countless uneconomical trips he continues to make abroad.

Mr Musenge said Zambia has an envoy designate to Turkey who could have effectively represented President Lungu at the inauguration of that country’s leader.

“An inauguration ceremony of a foreign Head of State should never have been given priority looking at Zambia’s current economic mess. Zambia has missions abroad and staff who should attend to such assignments. It is clear that President Lungu finds solace attending to misplaced priorities,” Mr Musenge said.

He said Mr. Lungu would rather see the country struggle to pay its external debt whilst he and a few of his associates continue to loot Zambia’s meager resources.

“Zambia is broke and our foreign reserves, if at all we have any left are completely depleted. Zambia’s reserves have dwindled because of excess and reckless spending and borrowing by this regime,” he said.

Mr Musenge has charged that President Lungu has raped and crippled Zambia’s economy through wanton economic mismanagement.

“It seems President Lungu easily forgets. This is a leader who earlier this year announced that he would not undertake any foreign trip. He made the pronouncement knowing very well that the country’s economy was in its doldrums.”

He added, “Shortly after this “genuine” pronunciation, we saw the Head of State resorting to global trotting. Since january this year, the President has been to countless countries.”

“Mr. Lungu has undertaken private visits as well using tax payers money carrying along friends on trips that have never yielded any positive bearing to the country. Talk about the private outings to Kenya and South Africa.”

He said the colossal sums of money that President Lungu is wasting on allowances and other incidentals could be used on productive ventures.

“This money can be channeled to Chawama Mini Hospital for instance to buy drugs and medicines for patients. This money can be used to pay bursaries for university students. When Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe announced austerity measures recently, we welcomed the gesture as NDC.”

He added, “We thought that for once, the Lungu regime had indeed started listening to the numerous cries from Zambians. But our guess was wrong and its all a nightmare again and again. The austerity measurers announced by Minister Mwanakatwe if taken seriously can save our remaining resources.”

“From the look of things, those well thought economic measurers where only meant to hoodwink and the people of Zambia. This regime is not sincere in its dealings and cares less for its people. It is like those in Government are now competing to make money through numerous foreign trips. If it is not the President traveling, it is the Vice President or some Minister anxiously waiting for a paid for flight.”

He continued, “What benefits has or will Mr. Lungu bring to Zambia after his Turkey visit? Nothing. President Lungu should for once learn to stay home and address our domestic problems. Going to Turkey for two or three days to dine and wine don’t bring food on people’s tables.”

“As NDC, we demand that the austerity measures announced to limit public spending be implemented and followed to the later. Very soon, this regime will fail to pay its civil service and pay off its numerous debt. Its happening already. The truth is, President Lungu doesn’t care. If he indeed cared, he wouldn’t be making numerous unproductive trips abroad. President lungu’s Turkey trip is in vain. He won’t bring any cheque back home to pay Zambia’s ballooning debt.

PRESIDENT Lungu is welcomed by Vice President Inonge Wina on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Turkey where he had gone for the inauguration of the new Turkish President. PICTURE BY ALEX MUKUKA/ZANIS
PRESIDENT Lungu is welcomed by Vice President Inonge Wina on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Turkey where he had gone for the inauguration of the new Turkish President. PICTURE BY ALEX MUKUKA/ZANIS
PRESIDENT Lungu is welcomed by Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Turkey where he had gone for the inauguration of the new Turkish President. PICTURE BY ALEX MUKUKA/ZANIS
PRESIDENT Lungu is welcomed by Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Turkey where he had gone for the inauguration of the new Turkish President. PICTURE BY ALEX MUKUKA/ZANIS


    • Lazy Lungu doesn’t have any developmental agenda for Zambia. He has no clue what he’s supposed to be doing in his office, except look for ways to loot our meager national resources. That’s why he’s aimlessly trotting across the globe as a tourist–using taxpayers’s money. He’s the most corrupt and incompetent of all Zambian presidents. It’s shocking that there are still people supporting this corrupt guy. I wish we could trade him with Magufuli, but I’m sure no African country would want lazy Lungu. He has no vision for this country, and lets foreigners run their businesses with no regard to local laws. Impeach this guy now and save the country. I hope Jay Jay will not mind me using his favorite nickname for Lungu: LAZY LUNGU is on the road again. Like Willie Nelson’s song…

    • (Continued)… Lungu is…” on the road again…going to places he’s never been…” while he leaves Zambia speedily hurtling towards a cliff. Impeach him now!

  1. When the country is at the juncture where failed and worthless politicians like Musenge comment on anything the president does for political populism while using their b.ut.t.o.cks and hungry bellies to think, then you know we need fresh opposition with realistic ideas. It’s sad to have such people as opposition, it’s frightening to even think of them as “govt-in-waiting”.

  2. The person he bashed and killed on the spot when he wanted to cruise passed the police check point when he was a minister still haunts him, so he can’t think properly

  3. I am okay with the president travelling, as long as he is with the foreign affairs minister, his state house staff and relevant officials on trips. All others should stay home and work. Airport tourism should be for him, home affairs minister and defense heads only.

  4. We all remember lungus almost 2 week visit to France and the Vatican.
    We were told because of that trip Airbus was comming……

    He went to Saudi Arabia and we were told hudge fuel deals had been struck that will make fuel cost k5/l…..

    All lies. Just like this trip, jacksh.it will come of it……

  5. He hired a private jet …he was escorted to the airport and welcomed …is he not embarrassed in this day and age? Why can’t he just land hop in a helicopter and fly to State House? Lazy Lungu has never worked in a corporation….

    • I am glad all the money he got to fly around the country in the hope he won the presidency will not come to him! Why? Because he will NEVER be president! 7 is greater than 3. Logic. The lenders Ha waiting! Zambia will never be sold!

  6. waste of Zambian resources/tax payers money
    their (pf) excuse is that he was invited. so what? turn down the invitation. tell them there are matters to attend to at home, can not make it. simple as that. not k a lungu no tomatobo,
    I wish people from his own party would grow a pair and start speaking out to some of the mess going on. but I am guessing cuz they are also benefiting they can’t dare say nothing and that’s the problem with most African and certainly Zambian politics. it’s not about principle, it’s about personal gains and self serving

  7. Where did Musenge creep from? These guys can’t even find 15 supporterz required to successfully nominate their candidate!

  8. “Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe has announced that President Edgar Lungu ordered several new austerity measures in an effort to address the country’s worsening debt crisis.”
    “To cut down on the cost of running government by reducing expenditures related to both local and foreign travel, and workshops, the secretary to the cabinet has been directed by the president to immediately issue new travel guidelines that will reduce the number of travels and the size of delegations”
    But ni number one to break own rules….thats PF for you

    • These are Kaponyas who have never worked in a successful business or corporation …they know nothing about ethics or rules…except one don’t challenge the boss!!

  9. We are really trying to squeeze orange juice out of an elected peanut. That’s nuts. We spend more on politicians’ trips than we do on running UNZA and CBU combined. Yet we expect to see development. It’s like watching painful comedy. We have a leadership that doesn’t care to do that math, this while surrounded by supporters that refuse to reason. I can get more Zambians to discuss Iris Kaingu than I can get to discuss the deficiencies in our model of governance. Even though one affects them immensely and the other does not. How unfortunate.

  10. The usual talk which has become monotonous. We are familiar with it. Rupiah was told the same. I wonder where the forex reserves which are being depleted now came from if they were depleted under Rupiah. Zambian opposition politicians, a disgrace to Zambia. Try to be objective, we will support you. Tell us what you have up your sleeve for Zambia and convince us to put you in Government in 2021. One person should not give you sleepless nights simply because you hate him for kicking you out of government for incompetence.

    • Good point Mbili. These fools think politics of 1911 whereby anyone can stand up and say anything and people will begin clapping are the same league today, aweeee. Rubbish!! People think of forming parties after being fired where is the integrity? Palibe baba!. WHAT is obtaining in Zambia is all hate hate hate hate.

  11. Laban Mwenya Musenge was rejected by constituency officials but the PF top brass still went ahead to adopt him for the 2016 elections. The people used their ballot power to completely bury him. One reason he was voted out was that as Copperbelt minister he abused his office by smuggling maize and mealie meal into Congo Repulique Democratique DRC.

  12. Musenge please leave Lungu alone find something else to do the man you talking about is the president of Zambia if you want to compare him to you , You must be joking was he the only president invited so you think he went uninvited then you are a big fool

  13. Whom was Musenge addressing?
    The country does not need opposition with amoral attitude to theft.
    On the ground, we know what they stand for though they shamelessly peddle themselves as alternatives.
    Anyway, maybe it’s good to have them quoted to stimulate talk, but really, they are devoid of ideas.

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