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Koffi Olomide Skips Court Appearance Again

General News Koffi Olomide Skips Court Appearance Again

Koffie Olomide
Koffie Olomide

Music promoter Mark Mubalama has undertaken to bring Congolese Musician Koffi Olomide to court to answer to a charge of assault.

This is in a matter were Koffi Olomide is accused of having assaulted Photo Journalist Jean Ndayisenga.

Mr. Mubalama who Koffi’s promoter in Zambia said the suspect could not come to court today because he is in Zimbabwe for another musical function.

He however asked the court to give him time to travel to Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) so that he can serve the summons on Koffi.

Earlier, Prosecution Lawyer Gilbert Phiri informed the court that his client attempted to serve the summon on Koffi, but he refused to get them.

Lusaka Magistrate Mwandu Sakala later adjourned the matter to August 23rd for Plea.

In this matter, Ndayisenga is privately prosecuting the matter after he was given permission by the Director of Public Prosecution Lilian Siyunyi.

On Friday Koffi Olomide failed to appear before the Lusaka Magistrate Court in a case in which he is alleged to have assaulted a freelance journalist Jean Ndayisenga on December 28, 2012.

When the matter came up for plea, lawyer Jonas Zimba, representing the accused person as a friend of the court argued that he could not appear before court because the summons were not personally served on him by the complainant.

“It is our submission that there has been no service in this matter as required by law and there is no surprise as to why the accused person is not before court,” Mr Zimba said.

However, the complainant’s lawyer, Mr Gilbert Phiri said an attempt was made to effect service on the accused person by the complainant.

“Jean Ndayisenga accompanied by an officer of the law, Gregory Zulu, did deliver the summons but the accused person informed the complainant that he was being represented by Mr Zimba of Makebi Zulu and Associates,” Mr Phiri said.

Mr Phiri applied for an adjournment to allow his client personally effect service on the accused.

Before his arrival in the country, the police released a statement revealing that the musician had no criminal record and that the alleged assault on a journalist was closed due to lack of evidence.

The magistrate granted plea to have the matter adjourned to July 30 to appear before the court.

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  1. I told you fooools that he was a flight risk…this guy is connected even has Doras ex as manager just imagine they state secrets he saw when she was Energy Minister.

    • LOL. What secrets? Dora has no state secrets at all….that is why she is called Zambia Open. Anyone can go there so long they have got “it”.

  2. Thats what it means when a minister welcomes you.

    Lusambo is an insult to intelligentsia

    Koffi Is a lawyer breaker. Human traffic ker.

    You can’t give him red carpet as a govt minister

  3. What do you expect from a country that has a government that has eroded our institutions so much that even silly foreign dancers know they can get away with commiting crimes on our soil. If the citizens have lost confidence in the judicial system how can you expect a visitor to respect the laws of a country run by a drunken master kikiki. We have told you vote wisely next time. Me i wont suffer. It is you chaps with a lot to.lose. wake up bane

    • Bwana we not and never going to vote for hh

      Have you come from political stroke with your same rhetoric

  4. Typical of opposition supporters – just looking for an opportunity to connect Koffi to PF, is enough to lose all senses. This Ndayisenga, aka Mandela, is just a fame seeker who just wants to make a name and may be some money for himself. He can invite Koffi to Burundi and have him arrested there. Why is he the only journalist who was assaulted on the material day as if he was alone.

    • Remember what happened to Pilato when he fed to RSA for his safety when he had a pending court case…PF issued a warrant for his arrest, when he came back he was immediately arrested and kept in cells for the weekend.

  5. Lusambos guest and friend…….some one on this blog even warned lusambo about posing for pictures with koffi……but they are a grz without morals and criminality is normal to them……

  6. Poor pipo.wil always face the wrath of the law its day dreaming thinking that kofi.can stsnd trial in zambia with ECL as president you are wasting your.time not unless poor women in selling bsnanss yes they can be arrested & taken to jail

  7. This issue is not beneficial to majority Zambians to be subject of debate on this blog. Already you can see that insults have become the order by those who cannot think outside that box.

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