The Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) has revealed that it has so far pulled down over 200 fake Facebook accounts.

This follows Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Dora Siliya’s instructions to ZICTA to write to Facebook to delete fake accounts, including 155 for President Edgar Lungu and 434 for Ministers.

ZICTA Corporate Communications Officer Hanford Chaaba, however, says it is difficult to identify those opening fake Facebook accounts because they are not using their actual names.

In an interview with QTV during the ongoing Show Society, Mr. Chaaba has disclosed that it is against this backdrop that ZICTA has engaged the Zambia Police.

Mr. Chaaba says this is in order to help ZICTA identify the culprits so that they can be brought to book.

He has warned that ZICTA will not relent in ensuring that all those operating fake Facebook accounts to swindle unsuspected members of the public are held accountable for their action.

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  1. You wonder how much manpower these dingbats used for this nonsense…instead of dedicating resources to force networks to stop ripping off customers. Dont they know how many fake accounts Trump has.



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