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Zambia on right path-French Ambassador



France Ambassador to Zambia Sylvain Berger says the austerity measures recently announced by the Zambian government are a step in the right direction and affirmed that Zambia is on the right path to economic stabilisation and sustained growth.

Mr. Berger said France’s expectation as a development partner is for Zambia to ensure that the austerity measures are effectively implemented so that the resultant outcomes benefit the people in the long-run.

He stated that France is now clear about the stock of Zambia’s debt because of the transparent manner in which the issues surrounding the economy have been handled by the Government.

Mr. Berger added that a strategic development plan for benefit optimization from Zambia’s rich natural resources needed to be implemented so that the country’s targets for creation of jobs, wealth for
all, and economic progression, are attained.

The France Ambassador was speaking when he paid a courtesy call on the Acting President who is also Minister of Finance, Margaret Mwanakatwe at her office in Lusaka.

And Mrs. Mwanakatwe stated that Zambia remains one of the best investment destinations in Africa because of the country’s democratic maturity and efficacy of its economic stabilisation and transformational programmes.

The Acting President said the Zambian government is pleased with the commitment by the government of France to work with Zambia in a mutually beneficial relationship.

She added that the formation of the France-Zambia Business Association is an affirmation of the warm relationship between the two countries and the resolve the two governments have to optimise the benefits from their bilateral relationship through public and private sector partnerships.

Among the other issues discussed during the meeting were sustainable energy
investments, enhancement of fiscal management, support to the private sector, and implementation of bilateral agreements.

This is contained in a statement issued to ZANIS by Ministry of Finance Public Relations Officer, Chileshe Kandeta.


    • Maggie speaks some french having stayed in France before …… and now she deceives this ambassador who is still high from Winning the World cup. It is hard to understand what he is saying for those of us here in Zambia

    • Animo Farm who only seems to agree when bazungu bavoka will say … Don’t worry Childish organization is childish.

  1. Austerity has failed in Europe. And by the way, there is no austerity yet as far as I can see. There is only senseless fundraising. A typical Zambian border crossing is a kaleidoscope of fees and taxes occasioned by deceipt (some insurers claim there is no one month insurance for example so they can fleece you three months when you are only visiting for five days). Europe enjoys confusion. They seem to be happy that their donor status is still in vogue even in a 54-year old independent country.

  2. This diplomat is French.

    He can neither read English, nor speak it.

    So he does not know what he is talking about, if he did indeed say this.

    Maybe the Zambian interpreter just made it up.

    I can not put anything past this government.

    God help us.

    • This is what is terms in diplomatic circles as issuing a “politically correct” statement – telling the government what they want to hear.

  3. Taken with a pinch of salt- coming from a country that supported Quadaffi until he threatened to expose Sakorzy’s illegal campaign finances? No thank you!

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