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RTSA will not waiver traffic fines

Headlines RTSA will not waiver traffic fines

Zindaba Soko (middle) addressing a media briefing at RTSA Head Office in Lusaka on Monday afternoon.
Zindaba Soko (middle) addressing a media briefing at RTSA Head Office in Lusaka on Monday afternoon.

The Road Transport and Safety Agency has announced that it will not waiver traffic fines slapped on motorists captured on the speed cameras.

RTSA Chief Executive Officer Zindaba Soko said the fines must be paid within 30 days.

Mr Soko said the placing of road speed Signage has been done with the authority of the Road Development Agency (RDA) who are the mandated Agency in this area.

He said the standard being used is the SADC standard and aligned to the National Traffic Signing approved guidelines.

Mr. Soko also announced the agency will re-register all vehicles in accordance with the road traffic act which demands that vehicles are re-registered every 10 years.

Below is the full statement


20TH AUGUST, 2018


On 23rd August 2017, the Government of the Republic of Zambia through the Road Traffic and Safety Agency (RTSA) signed a 17 year Public Private Partnership Concession Agreement with Intelligent Mobility Solutions (IMS) for the design, installation and operation of systems and solutions for vehicle inspection, vehicle registration, road safety law enforcement and traffic surveillance, nationwide.

The move was to address the problems associated with the increase in the vehicle population which resulted into increased road accidents on many of our roads in Zambia.

The number of vehicles on Zambia’s roads increased by 280% to 700,000 in the ten years to 2016 and road fatalities increased from 10 per hundred thousand inhabitants to 13.8 per hundred thousand in the same period. In 2016 alone, 2,206 people died in traffic related accidents. Therefore, it is the aim of the Zambian Government, through its agency the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) to significantly increase road safety and traffic management. In February 2018, Intelligent Mobility Solutions (IMS) and RTSA unveiled the Road Safety Management System with the goal of saving lives on our roads.

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) today Monday 20th August 2018 commencedthe enhancement of the existing signage of speed zones with additions of the speed camera sign of camera speed signs on public roads.

While this action is one of the first tangible elements of the Road Safety Management System launched on 7th February, 2018 RTSA recognize that photo or video-based enforcement will have limited effect pending the implementation of a secure number plate vehicle identification system.

The Road Transport and Safety Agency, says, “The cameras detect various road infringements including speeding. Camera technicians have been trained on the latest technology using a live camera, which also has the capability to conduct night operations.”

The placing of such Signage has been done with the authority of the Road Development Agency (RDA) who are the mandated Agency in this area. The standard being used is the SADC standard and aligned to our National Traffic Signing approved guidelines. The RTSA has been receiving concerns from various members of the public:

1. Complaints of no real time

2. On the infringement notices by sms

Speed alignment and speed zone upgrades among others.

4. Visibility of signage

5. Messages

I wish to inform the general public and the concerned motorists that we have a huge problem of crashes coupled with the fatalities and serious injuries as a result of excessive speed. As RTSA we have embarked on a process of managing various bad driver attitude by the use of ICTs and the difference we will have is that this will be electronically monitored. This eliminates the checkpoints undertaken for speed management purposes.

The particular roll-out began with four cameras and now at 6 and from the assessments so far our abrogations of the law are being done with impunity.

I would like to give an example of a stop sign on a particular road that road sign is an enforceable warning if not obeyed and fines are applicable to such an abrogation. As motorists we go into driver training before we can drive and this is part of the 10 basic rules that we learn to obey traffic signs. Hence the concern of no information of a traffic warning of a camera is noted and is being currently addressed considering that in the next few weeks more speed enforcement equipment shall be rolled-out within the next few weekswith aligned and upgraded speeds for only selected roads.

The way the other road furniture in terms of signage like give-way, curve ahead, pedestrian crossing and so on is complied to. This new phenomenon must be adhered to as the law demands for the protection and saving lives of all road users.

The scenario now is that motorists want to adhere to the laws in place only when the enforcers are in view. This is a bad attitude and our minds need to adapt to the attitude of self compliance as opposed to forced compliance. As RTSA our interest is to save lives and the use of ICTs is the way to go as a country.

The placement of aligned signage including camera speed signs shall later be extended to other major highways before the implementation of the road side speed cameras enforcement is rolled out to other parts of the country.

As you are aware the issue of excessive speed is one of the top five causes of road traffic crashes.This move is part of the best practices and standards in ensuring that motorists drive at appropriate speed and changing the bad driver behaviour of excessive speed being exhibited on the Zambian roads.

However, The Road Traffic (Speed Limits) Regulation – Statutory Instrument No.90 of 2016 states that the prescribed speeds are as follows:

1. Within the area of a Local Authority – 40 KM per Hour;
2. Built up area outside the Local Authority -60KM per Hour; and
3. In any other part of Zambia (Trunk Roads) 100 and 120 respectively

On the other hand, modalities are being put in place to address concerns associated with the enforcement of road side speed camera management which has to do with signage in collaboration with RDA enhancement that has to be adhered to.

The rate at which lives are being lost, it is therefore inevitable that we halt the crashes hence us going in this direction.

We want to assure the public that the implementation of the project will be perfected to the desired direction soonconsidering that our paramount realisation from this project is to save lives.

As you may be aware, the current RTSA vehicle database has a population of 765,000. However, only fifty per cent of these vehicles appear to be active and hence re-registration exercise that the Agency is currently working on the process of implementation

The re-registration of Motor Vehicles exercise countrywide is in accordance with the provisions of the Road Traffic Act No. 11 of 2002, which demands that a re-registration must be undertaken every 10 years.

Therefore, vehicle owners will be required to re-register their motor vehicles and trailers once the Agency announce the commencement date of this exercise.

The following are the benefits of the re-registration of motor vehicle and trailers:

• Improved security for vehicles; • No check points as all motor vehicles will be electronically screened;
• Electronic payment of fines, road tax and other services;
• Improved service delivery at tolling points for quick passage;
•Improved compliance for motor vehicle fitness and licensing; •Improved and enhanced monitoring of speed for all vehicles; and
• Easy correction and updating vehicle details.

The re-registration of motor vehicle and trailers will enhance electronic motor vehicle registration with secure number plates and Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID) and it will be done at reduced fee.

The issue of motorists’ complaints that they don’t own a particular are addressed by the act as follows:

Section 13 of the Road Traffic Act No. 11 of 2002 Seller must inform the licensing officer of the District in which the motor vehicle or trailer is registered in writing of the name and address of the new owner and the date of change of ownership of the vehicle.

Within 14 days of sale Section 13(5)

Failure to notify the licensing officer in writing of change of ownership of motor vehicle renders the vehicle impoundable. The Seller is also liable for an offence which is punishable by a fine of 1000 penalty units equivalent to K300.

Buyer must within 14 days of sale deliver the registration document to the licensing officer who shall register new owner.

It should be noted that while the law requires a buyer to deliver the registration document to the licensing officer within 14 days of buying the vehicle in line with Section 13(1) (b), it does not make it an offence to fail to deliver the document.

This requires a person who buys a vehicle within Zambia to present the vehicle together with the letter of sale, change of ownership certificate and registration document at Zambia Police Headquarters for Interpol clearance within 30 days of buying the vehicle.

Failure to present the vehicle for Interpol Clearance renders the buyer liable for an offence which is punishable by a fine not exceeding 200,000 penalty units or Kwacha equivalent of K60,000 Within 30 days of buying vehicle.

Going forward as RTSA we shall increase our sensitization levels on the next speed management areas of camera roll-out.

In conclusion, let me state that there shall be no waiver on the fines that were sent to offending motorists as pre notices about this project was communicated to members of the public .

Due to the foregoing, we wish to indicate that the period of payment of fines will be within 30 days from the date of infringement and note that all the payment platforms are secure.

We therefore, advise all motorists to observe appropriate speed limits, drive with caution and help reduce the numbers of road traffic accidents in Zambia.

I thank you.


  1. Just reduce the fines to an amount that offenders pay the corrupt cops on fake road blocks and you’ll start making money and offenders will feel free to make payments from any selected bank or post office. Thus will result in reduced corruption. Offenders prefer paying k50 to a corrupt cop than k300 to govt.

    • .THESE GUYS are crooks. Moreover ALL traps are put on where the road descends DOWN, which the vehicle will automatically ACCELERATE.

      PF noba suntwe nwebo!

    • People will just vandalize the cameras now. Think before you answer and so go back and check your answer Mr. Soko

    • A typical example of an under developed country struggling to make educated decisions. Then we wonder why we are struggling to progress as a country? If something is in test phase, it is just that. Fix the glitches, then put it into practice. Don’t try making money out of the glitches! Such harassment would never relate to a developed country. Running a circus here!

    • Re-register all number plates to electronic ones so the Lebanese ones can be tinkered to “Eagle one”. Wake up guys! This country belongs to the Chinese and Lebanese.

  2. What nonsense!! You admit that the road signage is not good enough, and that the speed limits are too low and that you will be changing them from 60km/hour to 80km/hour and that you only doing a trial run, but you state that you will not waive the fines for those already charged? In any case, your website is not giving the fined motorists the speed at which they were driving when fined. How do you prove someone was over speeding?? What gives you the authority to impose new systems on the citizens and residents without their approval via public consultation?? Well, those fines will not be settled until the public has fully participated in approving the new system. You want to slow down our brains, and the economy by imposing very low maximum speed limits in the name

    • All those charged should not pay any ngwee. A team of lawyers want to challenge government on this matter. Submit your charge to PeP Sean Tembo immediately. We have lawyers on standby for a showcase against this Lebanese company posing as RTSA here to extort Zambians. Nothing against road safety measures but this is a pure extortion.

    • @3.1 You are spot on, this has nothing to do with speeding, its pure extortion. How come ZRA was able to give waivers, whats so special about this Lebanese engineered extortion.

      Each time Zindaba opens his mouth nothing good comes out of it.

    • @Spaka … this is completely idiomatic; a full display of hedging, hemming and hewing. You and I know traffic fines are 10 times in Europe and a hundred fold in the United States. Driving in an HOV lane once costed me $375.00. It was either I jump into the HOV to be late.

      Guess what?? I ended up being overly late with a huge fine. Never done that ever again … I have said it before and I will say it one more time. Civilization costs money, a lot of money and it is what the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise have been fighting for for a long time.

      Now, it is time to pay for it … Civilization does not just happen!!! People have to be ready to pay for it. Go to Tokyo and experience first hand how costly a civilized good life is.

  3. Why would they waiver when they know it means less money in the pockets of soko and his fellow pf cronies? Wake up Zambians. And here i was thinking it was sakalas we had to be wary of. Kanshi ni soko

  4. You want to slow down our brains and the economy by imposing very low maximum speed limits in the name of saving our lives; Have you counted how many lives are lost through poverty because of the low economic activity in the country? When you slow down traffic you slow down the economy and in turn kill people through hanger and stress. This is the reality. Therefore, when coming up with decisions as these, please have the public participate so that you are fully advised. The roads are called “economic roads” to facilitate and enhance economic development not to slow down economic development by imposing very low maximum speed limits. Of equal importance to human beings as economic resources is “TIME”. Without proper use of time people die from lack of productivity. Why do you think we…

    • I love this: ‘Low Economic activity’. Deserves noble prize.
      Made my day. How long can you rave your car day in day out on 60km/hr as though you are a hearse? Some vehicles from japan accumulate unburnt petrol in cylinders when drive at low speed over 8km.

  5. It is amazing how the law is invoked so beautifully when there is something to be gaine on the side of government. Watch also how they are passing the buck amongst themselves (suddenly RDA will have to do its job, while RTSA does its own). In the meantime, there are non-standard road infrastructure like humps and dips, unusual road surfaces occasioned by poor or no maintenance, etc. noooo betaal die geld is the only requirement!

  6. Why do you think we are poor despite all the natural resource endowment Zambia has? One main reason is the lack of proper utilization of the most important resource called “TIME”. You tinker with that TIME RESOURCE by slowing down traffic and we will reap the consequences of an uncompetitive economy and yet we are very uncompetitive even where we are. I would advise that the government sets up “Think tanks” to help when government is formulating strategic decisions. There is clearly a lack of thoroughness when making decisions at the moment.

  7. Of course you cant waive the fines. Government is broke and needs that money, so how on earth can you waive the fines. How are you feeling now that I have bursted your real reason of not waiving the harsh fines

  8. Zambians wake up. These are things you protest. Can’t you see these are threats? That money being demanded to pay is illegal. If everyone says we are not paying what will they do to us? You work for that money. Even as you pay for anything make sure u are getting your moneys. You need to be satisfied when u re paying for anything.

  9. THESE GUYS are crooks. Moreover ALL traps are put on where the road descends DOWN, which the vehicle will automatically ACCELERATE.

    PF noba suntwe nwebo!!!

  10. Imwe ma monkeys reduce fines and give a period of 3 months to pay how much does Zambian people get paid for to charge k300 and make someone to pay in 30ngwe days taxes. SA is rich fine it’s R250 pay slow as long as it reflects mbuzi leaders za Zambia

  11. You a re used paying tuma k50 mu kansote this time you will dance.

    Law is law. These laws are made by people who you voted for into parliament

    Pay full amounts and get a receipt. No more ati Auntie Auntie.

    Paipa Pano

  12. The speed limits are correct. Lose of lives is more expensive to the economy and families than lose of time.

    It is the was it is being carried out.
    RATSA should have atleast send a text message to every mobile number in zambia informing them of where cameras are placed and speed limits on top of the press they are talking about.

    • Spaka. Speed limits signage are all over.

      Why should police text you. Ati we are coming to arrest you tomorrow kkkki

    • No….proper sanitazation of the installation of speed cameras….that is the complaint. Some cameras have obscured or none existant warnings.

      You don’t just erect cameras for the first time ever and not inform people properly or this shows this is not a live saving exercise but a money scam…..

    • The guy in blue suit, looks like he had a lot to drink last night. No wonder he has a water bottle to quench the hang over.

  13. You are the people calling police corrupt deliberately ignoring underlying causes.

    Its time to DANCE . Unfortunately modern cars pick speed within seconds before you realise you are 120km

  14. This man should be very serious called Zidaba Soko.If president lungu wants to be in power then he should sort out RTSA otherwise pipo are disappointed and time is catching up with govt. This organisation should be banned.Let us just empower police offices. Soko is a corrupt chap who can’t be CEO of RTSA. The man can talk with authority.Why is the minister quiet about this nonsense?I can assure you if president Lungu allows this craziness in RTSA then he should just resign before 2021.Its high time motorists take on govt.Signs are not there and we we can’t drive at 60km/h in great east road,kafue road,great north road etc should be increased to 100km/h.The president is surrounded with women and men who can’t advise him of hardships of the country.I don’t think mama Inonge wina…

    • Go and tell lusambo. Go to his office and complain. You are the same people that decorared him with medals

      RATSA has a better system than traffic police thats why you can’t easily bribe a RATSA officer

  15. Great conversation and partnership. Both RATSA and all road users must adhere to the rules on the roads. That settles the matter and everyone is safe.

  16. This is more about the money than actually saving lives. RTSA shouldn’t try to make it seem like they are the angels we needed to make the roads safer, the roads have been deteriorating at an alarming rate and have they put pressure on the RDA or government? No! Mazabuka-Kafue road is in a ghastly condition, most roads have no curbs, drainages, and walkways.. There are no street lights, no or faded road markings, vandalised or missing street signs… Look at Katima Mulilo, the tar has literally been destroyed. Lets not be hypocrites here, the entire system is broken. Punishing your own citizens wont make the roads safer, am pretty sure installing cameras in hidden locations is called spying. Lets be serious, what a joke of an agency!

  17. These charges fake fake , how long dies it take to receive the sms after committing the offence, I have received two msgs bearing dufferent references numbers, one was at 19hrs when I was at home and never went anywhere and one was at 7.50 when i was at the office, i stay within the hospital , then i am wondering have they also put speed cameras within our hospital premises. These sms are fake, if I had committed the offence the reminder sms could have had same ref number. These champs just want to still, visiting the web site www. Payfines.co.zm it looks fake. More ever they don’t indicate the place and time of the office, that number they have put fir clarification is never answered, fake champs


  19. Two good things that have come out of this innovation of speed cameras are 1) No more Corrupt Officers inconveniencing motorists on the roads, 2) Zambians are watching their speeds and for the first time, they are driving like normal drivers. Zambians had developed such bad attitudes on our roads and they thought driving is equal to speeding without regard for other road users! The fines are okay as they are to serve as a deterrent! The next thing RTSA needs to do is to charge those that drive slow in the fast lanes including Truck and Tipper drivers who clog up the fast lanes. I almost forgot, don’t forget those who have developed a very dangerous habit of wanting to beat Red traffic lights! These should not be fined but should have their licenses revoked!

  20. RTSA has done very well to come up with speed cameras. We have been too reckless on our roads and it’s time we started behaving ourselves since we now know that big brother is watching. The next target should be minibus and taxi drivers; they drive erratically and stop in the middle of the road. Keep it up Soko!

  21. Good at introducing all sorts of taxes. But imprudent in the use of resources. The manufacturing sector is almost non existent.

  22. Now what about GRZ vehicles where will the sms be sent? And also other boma vehicles like ZP, ministers, PS, OP etc etc who will get the sms and who will pay? Including all those numerous vehicles bearing fake number plates Iike ECL 2021.

  23. Just sober up RATSA. Dont fight the public or they will vigorously fight back and it will be ugly. Make the penalty fees lower say K50 or less.
    I see a lot of vandalism as a result of such arrogance as it just attracts such.
    The RASA think tank has just lost it.

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