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Ignore video circulating of Zambian murdered in China-Government


FOREIGN Affirs Minister,Joseph Malanji briefing the media
FOREIGN Affirs Minister,Joseph Malanji briefing the media

Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned a video which has gone viral on social media depicting that a Zambian student has been murdered in China by a group of Chinese following a dispute with a woman.

Government has since described the video as false and misleading therefore it should be ignored.

In a statement issued to ZANIS by Ministry of Foreign Affairs last evening, Government refutes as the same video in question was again disapproved it 2016 and last year 2017.

The statement said Government has been monitoring the situation and checking on all Zambian student across China and so far, no such incident has been reported.

“The video is not only false, misleading and a fabrication which must be condemned,” the statement reads in part.


  1. “The video is not only false” –
    Where did this guy come from or get his facts that this is a false video? What he is saying is that it is a staged video, people acting. This guy should have his facts checked before blurting out things. Regardless of the guy being Zambian or not, this is a video of a black human being being physically abused by Asian looking men. So should we just ignore it as fake news? These defectors. Awe sure.

    • There’s another video where a group of Indians in India are clobbering black africans to death with iron bars

    • India’s racism against Blacks is pervasive. Last week, I saw a sign at a bar in Panji, Goa, which read “NIGGARS and WHITES ALLOWED”
      Yet, Indians receive VIP treatment in Africa!

    • @1.2; I just saw a BBC documentary where every black woman in India is seen as a prostitute and black men as pure scam! I would never in my life buy anything from a shop owned by an Indian or vacation in India. And please don’t ever send your kids to India for school. Racism their is appalling. A country that has castes and super castes is no place for a Zambian!

  2. Because the Choncholiz killed a guy from Tanzania or Gabon and Not Zambia, it becomes ok in the eyes of our leaders!! What kind of reasoning is this??? Is this patriotic leadership?

    • Voice of Reason you are not making sense. Rea the story again this time with some intelligence and you will notice nobody has said that the killing of a black man is okay. Te story is that HH claims that the black man is Zambian and government is just disputing that.

  3. The Chinese are laughing at, spitting on, abusing, and murdering Black Africans. And in response you have the weak minded and corrupt turning around, putting their head down, and spreading wide for more. Where is the pride? As the Chinese spit on Black Africans, how can you prostitute yourself to them? This proves that Black Africans are allowing themselves to become weak cowards who will sell out their country and people for a few dollars or sex with anything with white or almost white skin. It’s a disgusting disgrace, for all the world to see.

  4. Why do you go to China or South Africa?If you can’t afford to pay in a country with quality education stay home.Zambia is cool. thanks

  5. Just last week I killed a 10, 000 Chinese with heart attacks, by the end of this week I will kill a 10,000 more with cancer. If it makes you feel better I’m planning on killing 100,000 Indians with heart diseases. Since I’m Zambian I plan on killing at least 500, 000through hunger and starvation. Just incase you want to know, I’m not responsible for those that died from hunger and starvation last year, the one responsible for those deaths is another guy.
    I’m just a small-time death dealer.

    • @Dokowe, you have not sinned, go in peace and add 50% more to those dying of hunger and starvation.
      You have a place in heaven, my Zambian Christian child.

  6. I saw that video in 2016 secondly its not only misleading but malicious. We know that people are upset about China coming to the rescue of Africa but should it be a place to make the government bad? Its one of efforts to discredit China and its relations with Africa while saying we should have vote UPND, well, majority didn’t. Having said that I think our givernment owes us an explanation about dealings with China. We need transparency and honesty.

  7. Comment:it’s very shocking after seen all that happening to then all someone can say is ignore what the f….k is that

  8. Comment:can you come up with convincing evidence to really show that the video is false. The problem is our lovely nation is now economically inslaved n nothing negative can citizens say against their colonial masters that this government will take into account. Remember Jehovah God is watching. The Israelites stayed in bondage for 4 00 years but mighty hand of Jehovah God caught up with pharaoh n his men. Zambia shall be saved.

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