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ZCTU concerned with the continued corruption allegations against civil servants


ZCTU Secretary General Cosmas Mukuka
ZCTU Secretary General Cosmas Mukuka

The Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) says there is need for an inquiry to be conducted in some government ministries to establish why there is misapplication of funds and corruption allegations.

ZCTU Secretary General Cosmas Mukuka says the union is concerned with the continued corruption allegations against civil servants.

Mr. Mukuka says an inquiry should be conducted to ascertain what motivates civil servants to get excited to point of misappropriating donor funds and funds meant for social services.

Speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka, Mr. Mukuka says ZCTU is therefore of the view that government undertakes a review of the whole public service financial management system where glaring abuse of funds has been observed especially through revelations by the auditor general’s report.

Meanwhile ZCTU has suggested that government considers changing the ownership structure of the mining companies by floating shares to ensure that Zambians participate and benefit from the country’s mineral resource.

And Mr. Mukuka has called for increased funding to the ministry of labour to capacitate it with staff and programs that will strengthen its capacity to conduct inspections in institutions around the country.

Mr. Mukuka feels the ministry of labour currently does not have the teeth to bite as some firms lay off workers whenever they feel like.


    • Mukuka?? Since when was he a ZCTU Secretary? NGOs have taken over from ZCTU.
      Laura Miti or even Tayali can do a good job at ZCTU.

  1. We told you, when you have a president who does not deny that he is acorrupt theif, every civil servant now thinks being labbeled a corrupt theif is no big deal….

    Lungus rule will take decades to correct.
    Just the fact that lungu thinks people calling him acorrupt theif every day is nothing ,has destroyed the moral fabric and compass of zambia….

  2. Asking corrupt Lungu and his posse to investigate why there’s so much corruption in some government ministries is like asking the mafia to investigate themselves. It can never happen. Corruption in government ministries has increased exponentially because the civil “servants” have realized that corrupt Lungu doesn’t care whether they mismanage funds or not. He’s busy trying to corruptly amass a fortune for himself. You think he would care or have time to investigate government ministries for corruption? No way!

  3. Asking the corrupt to investigate the corrupt. The auditors at one of the ministries followed up a suspected corrupt case of K2400 of night allowances to one teacher in Mongu. They asked the government to give the m over K20,000 in dsa to follow the case. Who is more corrupt here. It turned out that the officer they followed genuinely obtained the cash and they had no case against him. The worst things are yet to come so long to keep quiet as docile Zambians so goes the saying from late Kafupi.

  4. It’ is and the end to these worries is no where insight, listening to swearing in of the deputy IG remarks by our President. Being rated as the most corrupt and being exposed as such by Hon. Lusambo, any event that has to do with the police has to be strongly punctuated with stern warnings against corruption and urgent resolve to extinguish it. To my dismay the president just left all rot in the police under the carpet and wrapped up.

  5. It is like we have become a dysfunctional state.Why has everyone paid a blind eye to the “Ububomba Mwibala” policy pronounced by the Head of State?If we dont want corruption what are we doing with Lungu as president,he has not renounced his words,clearly he was of sane mind when he made the pronouncement,the issue therefore is that the Head of State has endorsed corruption.
    If we want to be serious with the corruption fight that cant be in this regime,even the corrupt are being subjected to what they are know calling Administrative action,they no longer invite the security agencies to deal with them.Mr Lungu would rather arrest innocent people who threaten his rule like HH,Mwaliteta and others and subject them to prosecution but he can never arrest the corrupt like it is alleged is the…

  6. At every level, corruption should be detestable. It deprives families, communities and the nation of much needed resources, and only a few enjoy. Chalala is full of civil servants with mansions and this alarm was raised a long time ago, but of late its gotten way beyond alarming level. ACC sould sharpen its teeth to bite the would be offenders.

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