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Ndola Traffic Police Officers shift random checkpoints to residential roads


Zambia Police Traffic Officers
Zambia Police Traffic Officers

Motorists in Ndola have raised concerns over alleged increased random checkpoints by traffic police officers in residential areas.

The motorists have observed that despite various complaints over the same issue, traffic police offers in the district have continued making unnecessary random road blocks.

Speaking to ZANIS in Ndola today, the drivers alleged that traffic police officers try to find all possible faults so that they can be paid bribes.

Katebe Mulenga a female motorists complained that it is inconveniencing for traffic officers to make road blocks in residential areas because they create unnecessary traffic jams and usually children walk as pedestrians in residential areas.

“We know there are some unruly drivers on the road but making random check points in residential areas is inconveniencing us. Sometimes we send children to buy some small commodities such as bread or eggs at nearby selling points and now these traffic officers cause traffic jams which are a threat to our children,” she said.

Another motorist McDonald Bwalya has complained that random checkpoints should be restricted to roads that are not busy because in the morning they create traffic jams which make people report late for work.

Recently Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo in his ministerial statement directed Police Commissioners in various provinces to co-ordinate snap check points to avoid inconveniencing the travelling public.


    • What kind of work do you want them to do then? I can’t think of anything better than checking on drunk drivers. Maybe they should be riding on buses to tell bus drivers to slow down.

    • @nostradamus… The last time I was stopped and harassed by these *****s was for not having serviced a fire extinguisher in my toyota vitz, which btw is a tiny 2-door family car… Issue is of false harassment by a public officer for personal enrichment. Lusaka is full of them *****s! And we are meant to pay taxes to pay for this filth!

  1. These random check points disrupt the flow of commerce in a nation that suffers huge poverty due to inefficiencies.Counter productive if you ask me,its just bribe points anyway.

  2. The only solution is to start beating up these corrupt traffic officers since Hon.Kampyongo has failed to control them!!!
    Dont stop at those useless roadblocks!!!

  3. Njimbu tawakwata amano. By the way do you have relatives who are police officers? How can you advocate for lawlessness as a law abiding patriotic Zambian.

  4. Here in Chadiza since the town is small they even follow people at home to impound vehicles and sometimes they mount road blocks for people going to the fields. what kind of traffic officers are they, and where are going as a country surely?

  5. When a female dog is on heat no matter what security measures you put in place the male dogs will find a way to get to the female. That’s the relationship between the policemen and collecting bribes.

  6. These guys are used to money. It is difficult to stop this habit and remember we are told they share the money with their bosses, so the guys who are supposed to control them are actually accomplices. There is a big motivation for them to continue harassing people, its like an extra salary. and remember their command is more active on political matters than issues that affect the ordinary people. This money extortion will continue until a no nonsense command is put in place

  7. These roadblocks they make it’s not to benefit us or to check on drunk drivers,unlicensed drivers,law breakers,it’s there benefits they want bribes money,so let them make proper check points not anywhere they feel like making a roadblock they should make,this to much

  8. The traffic section of the Police is one section government has completely lost control. complete lawless there, people are paying money to police officers every day, And from government side Bowman appears to be a lone voice. It is only Bowman Lusambo who is working hard to change the scenario that most of us have even forgiven him for being a bootlicker, because the guy is really working hard. Otherwise trafiic police in Zambia is a lost cause

  9. Just effect citizen arrests on the cops. Mobilise yourselves and clear the cops from the roads in residential areas…period.

  10. Bribes in Zambia will not end if we continue with such high fines,The fines in Zambia are too unreasonable,very high such that the traffic officers have taken advantage of this and are mounting unnecessary road blocks because they know when they impound you, You can’t pay a k450 instead you ll only give them a k100….

  11. My appeal to the government of edger chagwa is to reduce these fines and the government will benefit but if left as it is now,road blocks will be mounted even at our door step…in the interest of the traffic officers

    • Very true well observed the problem is the high cost of fines. The govt is indirectly encouraging corruption from the traffic officers because of these high fines.

  12. People with not road worthy vehicles are a problem. Want to continue driving so that they maim and kill innocents as if it is okay. Put a speed camera, they will complain about the police. Put a robot, they complain about the police. Put a human policeman, they complain. People get maimed or die in an accident, they complain about the police.

    Why not just abide by the laws and encourage the police to weed out unroadworthy vehicles? It’s beautiful to have orderliness. Walk or use public transport if the vehicle is not roadworthy.


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