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All the 2018 Grade 7, 8 and 12 examinations suspended indefinitely following malpractices


All the 2018, Grade Seven, Nine and 12 examinations have been suspended indefinitely following malpractices.

Minister General Education David Mabumba announced the suspension at a media briefing in Lusaka.

Mr. Mabumba says investigations have been instituted to ascertain the extent of the alleged malpractice.

He said that it is unfortunate that the Mathematics paper two for Grade Nine which was supposed to be written on Tuesday was leaked on social media.

Mr. Mabumba says the Examination Council of Zambia -ECZ- has also nullified the leaked Mathematics paper in accordance with the ECZ Act Chapter 137 of the Laws of Zambia.

The Minister has further warned perpetrators of serious punishment and reparations once found.


    • This is a reflection of how corruption under PF has spun our of control. When the head rots, the rest of the fish follows suite. Ask yourself when did this ever happen in Zambia? Where ALL exams are cancelled due to malpractice.
      I know some clowns will say this has nothing to. do with government, but tgey fail to seal the the trends are set at the top. Even in a home, if the parents are undisciplined, you don’t expect the children to be different.

    • The Minister should just nullify all the exams written so far, it is very possible all the papers written so far were leaked

    • What is relevant are students getting an education without being held back by non.sensical exams. At the end of Grade 12 should be when students get College placement exams.

    • XXXX Princess even your clarification is even more frivolous…..are you going to build the schools for all to accomadate them?
      You have to responsible for what you post on this forum…silly woman!!
      Wake up.

    • Embarrassing indeed, when students fail at ZIALE, you are more comfortable to blame the institution than students even before investigations,

    • Ba ice some of us wrote Cambridge overseas school certificate and there was not a single leak. Ati ZEC! Just out to dilute our education

    • Every Zambian process is to be treated with suspicion. Nothing should be taken on trust. Perhaps too corrupt to be a viable state.

    • What do you expect when no one takes responsibility …everyone passes the buck even the President passes the buck take for example the UNZA students death where he instructed the police to investigate themselves.
      These are wasted years..where you have leaders who have no integrity or moral fiber!!

  1. Corruption under this Lazy Lungu govt is so ingrained that even children’s exams have not been spared…in our time in the 90s the ECZ was so smart that the circulated fake papers for fooools to memorize only to be shocked on exam day …this is an utter embarrassment but as usual with this incompetent leadership we have they will just carry on as nothing has happened..very soon Grade 12s will be sitting for the much more expensive University of London O’level papers.
    And some docile fooools were busy praying two days ago!!

    • Zambians are generally all corrupt irrespective of which party they are affiliated to. How do you expect your politicians to be corruption free when the whole population is corrupt??? Politicians come from the general population and if the general population is corrupt then the politicians will also be corrupt. Secondly, most Zambians are lazy and like begging. It is expected in our society that when a boy has a girlfriend then the boy has to take over all financial responsibilities for that girl, what are we encouraging as a people?? Everywhere I go when visiting Zambia people are begging even able bodied people who have jobs and what do you give back in return?? If it is married women the offer to sleep with me and men will give me other favours. No wonder our society is corrupt!

    • My friend yes people like begging when you are forever giving out handouts and have parasites like Tayali as close friends….you tell them you too have to work for your money.
      Tanzania was like Zambia but one man changed all that even the Chinese dont joke about like their do with their Chamwama gardenboy Lazy Lungu…they think twice.

    • @ Jay Jay
      Naimwe, internet and social media in the 90s was just taking ground in the US, so stop lying that ECZ in the 90 circulated fake papers. Bushe nomba imwe ba Jay jay you think you are the brightest of all? Anyway, twalimisula, you aint different from HH

    • Malinso – you think i am the smartest because i have not stated that..who said circulated fake papers on the net…i met fake as in printed material as a decoy…wake up!!

  2. It is unfair to punish the pupils because these leakages are coming from teachers and we know that schools have strong rooms,how possible it is for these papers to come out of strong rooms to the pupils? investigate more from teachers and leave out the pupils.

    • Even in this age of secured portals, clouds, blackboards and internet we still have leakages …still using 1960s methods of printing and transporting when every school just needs internet access and two printers where papers are released at schools to the Headmaster and Deputy to print out 24 hours before exam date…this is a big embarrassment for all Zambians.

  3. The Zambian society needs serious self introspection. Unless we start dealing with real issues the blame game will not help anybody. What interest has the president to ensure that exam papers are not leaked? There is the whole line of people involved in the examination process. The people responsible for setting exams, the people involved in duplicating the papers and the custodians at the top chain is the minister of general education. We must admit that we are generally a very low calibre and corrupt society and we must deal with that before we start pointing fingers at one person (President). Look at the so called opposition?? they are generally morally bankrupt only very very few would make the average grade on moral scale.

    • As someone has stated on the thread the leak is normally at printing and head office stage…so this points to leadership and the appointing authority hence the reason we point to the Office of President who is very powerful in the country.

  4. I totally support this idea, ECZ officials, all people involved in the administration and management of the exams in Zambia must be investigated.
    What a wasted time, resources. Remember, it very difficult to run these examinations even at school level. Most of the schools who find it very expensive are Pvty and Community schools in the compounds. The hiking of exam fees has also contributed towards exam fraud especially GCE. However, it needs unity in tackling this challenge.May God endour ECZ officals with the wisdom.Exams dtermine the children’s career path after g12.But prepations commences from now compulsory Earthly Childhood education.Thank you!!

  5. We are a country full of dishonorable behavior. This is simply unfair to serious students who have studied and are honest in their exams. Think of it, the whites managed this so well and we are just failing at everything because we always want to be that which we are not. If you cannot pass mathematics, let it be and just be yourself and be good at that which you can do best. No wonder we have excellent people who cannot solve simple problems logically. Fonsefye ati nikwiposa fye! Think people.

    • Yet when it comes to prayers you even declare holiday…really laughable…this is shameful a examination cancelling exams due to malpractice. The whole council needs to shown the door…but then again even the minister is clinging on to a post even though her candidature was also full of irregulaties…no integrity whatsoever.

  6. Papers are never leaked in schools (if that happens such cases are maybe one in million.) This leaves big offices …… there are other forms of malpractices that teachers are tempted such as showing kids answers in the exam room but this is easily controlled with swapping of invigilators in schools. ECZ headquarters for me holds key resolve these issues

  7. ECZ has failed the education of Zambia let’s try another system….
    if it be possible let papers be printed from outside our country….we are tired of issues of leakages..

  8. in western province there is no leakage…. why are they affected …. spare the westerners,,,,,,
    I can imagine a pupil in shangombo primary schools learning in a thatched roofed school havimg a leakage………………… bwane the Government is unfair with the rural schools……..
    This is to say even the innocent must be punished with the guilty?
    Let us be objective in dealing with national issues… their children are not in these government schools… they are at better schools being taught in English and our children learning nyanga, lozi, bemba, tonga and kaonde and lunda and luvale….. shame indeed

    • Iwe chi robmwale ndiwe chofunta, this is not a punshment it is upholding standards, only if pertrators will be caught then they will be punshed. Read the article first then comment!!!!!!!!!!!! Why thinking like a koswe…

  9. Ubomba mwibala, the kids have started corruption early we all know who they r coping, this is very worrying and to think so people still think things are ok in country surprises me probably PF caders anyway

  10. Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ), Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ), No wonder the confusion. They can’t organise anything without traces of Corruption.
    Let us be frank, pf has failed. Look at the number of theft that has occurred in govt. ministries. Is anyone surprised? The head said Uwamwibala alya mwibala.

  11. Examination malpractice of such magnitude are never leaked at schools. Investigate people who handle papers at printing time, packaging time and distribution from national level to provinces and to the districts. At school level it is very easy to catch the culprits. And if we concentrate on schools, we will never catch the real criminals behind the counter or behind the scam. These are very sophisticated criminals, able to download information without detection, and post it to online media without fear. Pupils don’t get these papers from their teachers. No, far from it. Yes, such incidences have been there in the past. But quite rear. The entire national exams nullified. It can’t be teachers, never. It is those that don’t care.

  12. It happens all over the world. 2 years ago we had a leak in Denmark. Students had to take a new exam the next month. Those who suffers are the students that has no intention of cheating

  13. Ba robmwale you are a typical villager. The leaked paper is on social media iwee. This simply means even your fellow villagers in shangombo have seen it. Wakeup mbuli iwee

  14. Teachers should not at any point be blamed..blame it on the ECZ official stake holders those who duplicate, pack and distribute exam papers.

  15. PF government please wake up. The system is infiltrated by frustrated people. They will ensure nothing works. These people get instructions from someone outside government. They are everywhere including the BoZ. Open your eyes.

  16. whoever is responsible for managing exams should be fired!!!
    This is a disgress! Very painful!
    You want a whiteman to come and manage things for you?

  17. This is an indication of hard times under PF, Stealing is rampant as well as all forms of corruption as people try to survive. Corrupt elements are enjoying as the head does nothing and vehemently denies corruption despite it being exposed. This had to take Zambian watchdog printing the leakage before it could be pulled off

  18. The paper was leaked by Mr. Moonga, Mr Mwape, Mr. Ilukui .. I mean all the Zambian why blame the Goverment. Don’t be political

  19. This shows a complete failure of the governance system. The rot starts from the top leadership of the nation. Secondly the civil has been desimated and lack professionalism. Civil appointments are based on party, tribal, family or sexual patronage. With this type of set up you do not expect good outputs. The way forward is to overhaul the current leadership.

  20. Why would someone post a leakage, if it is not meant to discredit the Education system. Shame to the initiator of the whole action and when found, fix him.

  21. Zambia sure Zambia sure! How independent are we? Tomorrow we will be celebrating 54 years of independence. Do we want the UK, South Africa or Dubai to be printing our exam papers like they do with ballot papers? Cheating starts from young ages. Someone within the ECZ must be severely disciplined. There must be someone specially charged with the responsibility of ensuring that exam papers do not leak. Those are the people to question and take to task.

  22. Is the corruption talk by the bitter, annoyed, scared perpetual losers, “the know it all”, envious and delusional HH and UPND now the buzz word and probably the worst strategy to employ? Who is corrupt and how do you prove it is the biggest question you may need to answer. Other than that, its pure malice and hate talk which doesnt mean a thing!!!!

  23. Did the children leak the papers???
    It is better they just issue grade 12 certificates to everyone and cancel the education budget altogether.
    We don’t seem to be achieving anything with the level of intellect at Manda Hill, Did anyone pass?
    L.o.l Just give all a P.H.D like other bloggers

  24. You are disturbing our children because of your incompetence.A nation that is full of mediocrity is a danger to itself.There are certain students who have been punished just because they are in such grades.It is pointless and worst of students time.Certain students have been sweating studying without any leakages.
    This nation has gone to the dogs.Everything is thriving on mediocrity and incompetence. We need to overhaul all strategic institutions.Those who are tired should be retired in national interest.It is frustrating to subject hard working students to such a treatment.We need a nation that is premised on intergrity and its magnanimous in whatever it is doing.It is a big shame to belong to such a mediocre nation.

    • Laziness among pupils,who are born from lazy parents and grand parents who believe in corruption (Nichekeleko), is increasing in our country at our watch. It is sad to note a parent acquiring leakages for own children at whatever price both monetary and in kind….including sex. Something urgently needs to be done in order to bring normalcy in our beloved country Zambia. Even normal job interviews at places of work are now things of the past….employment opportunities are increasingly now based on patronage, tribe and regionalism , friendship, political affiliation, relationships….and not on one’s ability to perform and produce on job accountabilities. This is being worsened especially in public sector where funding is very inadequate for normal operations. Furthermore, salaries have…

  25. This is not the first time we are getting this news during ECZ exams, we’re all aware about unlawful practice by some unethical people in the ministry of education.
    How won’t say much other people have already spoke.I just have one question; WHY DID THEY REMOVE MR JOHN PHIRI AFTER DOING AN EXCELLENT WORK DURING 2014 INTAKE.

  26. Comment:Malpractice as always been there so why bother only wen the rich pay for it thats wen thi will be no media brefing be serius ba zambia u whish ill on us by wanting us to fell walla in tha name of God almighty

  27. Surely after 54 years of independence we can’t even hold exams properly. We still require outsiders to come and help us.

  28. Very unfortunately, keep a video of those whom you call directors on Exams they are the ones who are promoting this!!! Too bad to all those who are not involved…

  29. Pity the pupils in remote areas without privileges of social media and facilities as their urban and peri-urban colleagues who are now caught in the unfortunate situation

  30. Useless ecz. Just fire all those employees and replace them with ziale lecturers who are pros in creating 99%dropouts. Those corrupt teachers need to go and lecture at ziale so that the pass rate can be raised. We need more lawyers… Ma rubbish

  31. I wonder why we so surprised by this….when we have half baked teaching colleges and universities dotted at all corners …..all those failures we had in went to teaching just so they can at least work in their lifetime….and they find no perks to talk about…but they have families to fend for…so what do you expect really….we in trouble pa Zed….all systems have broken down and no one seems to see….or they have they just brushing it ….we need a strong force up there, real leaders of today’s world to lead us out of this nonsense…..young youthful and vibrant…a leadership with a clear vision ….not these recycled people …..

  32. Comment:it is not that the zambian GVT should be blamed for mulpractice exihibitet during this year’s grade 9 examination. NA: ECZ Is an independent organ please hold your blame on PF as wel as teachers, instead look around who is oposing remember that every one need to be in GVT

  33. You prepare papers and at the end of the day you leak them out, we no longer in 1964 try to change some staff, the world now is full of technology.

  34. Its surprising why people only see the political side of all this,put yourself in the shoes of us writing,very soon the farming season is at hand and some of us will be expected to farming while going to school meaning no time to revise through our work and our bodies will be tired while writing meaning we will just be writing for the sake of writing okay yes not all are farmers and again not all use these vima leakages this all thing is bringing me down personally I had these high hopes of writing soon and make something out of my life and do something for my parents who have struggled for me to even reach g12 not only think of us am sure now we will be marked under leakage which is not fair personally have worked hard my entire years at school but sure please government if you can see…

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