Monday, April 15, 2024

UPND MP Princess Kasune Zulu Speech in Parliament about Zambia Masquerading as a Christian Nation



    • Freedom of expression does not amount to sowing seeds of discontent with utmost impunity.
      I wish you could stand before double h and preach that sermon. That he must not alarm this country.
      You’re there in PARLIAMENT not preach but to make policies aimed at championing most of what you are saying. Enough is enough, don’t walk out parliament. This theorogian is really pissed off but that is why you are there in Parley. To plot the trajectory of sound policies.

    • Absolute no contest can stand moral test to this timely call. Kazune Zulu’s speech is the lamentation of the common man across Zambian streets and villages. As a nation we are on the wrong side of history. Together we’re faced by the responsibility of driving change from the course politics has dangerously chartered us on many fronts.

  1. It is true, the corruption, lying leaders in power, innocent people getting shot for no apparent reason and nothing gets done, the only thing they get right is fixing the opposition and people with different views on how they are messing up the whole country and how people are hungry, and if you dare speak about the Chinese then you are in trouble…. What a country

  2. She is right. Masquerading indeed. Ministry of RE for what? Ministry of General Education was doing fine in teaching RE in schools. And some fool thought it right to create a Ministry for RE. Why not a Ministry of Mathematics or Physics or indeed Computers.

  3. She spoke very well and as a Patriot. Bamama bamushesu aba. We are very proud of u sobene Mukuni. Tell and Teach them about Nationalism and Role of Opposition in a Constitutional Democracy mama. Twalumba Ma. Stay blessed.

  4. Brilliant speech from a passionate Zambian. This is what true patriotism and standing for something looks like.
    Look at Minister of Zodwa affairs monga babagwila chigololo nsoni. She’s obviously thinking this could be me, only if I had a spine, even just a tiny bit.

  5. Good speech but please be the first to tell HH to stop lies that will destroy our Beautiful country and to stop dainting the good name our country has had for 54 dialogue with someone who respects you not someone who insults you.So President Lungu is right not to dialogue with your leader.Tell HH to respect our Republican President.

  6. The good speech has fallen from grace. She is a parliamentarian yet asking how much has been allocated to Agriculture. Don’t you debate the budget on the floor? At times the speech sounds like a political stunt overshadowed by emotions. Princess you need prayers. Work hard so people can see your relevance. But with the tag necklaced around your leader, no constructive criticism had ever come from the left. He has just been chasing court sessions and police stations for 2 solid years. Be the leader of UPNDed madam. Your leader has failed you.

  7. Speak prophetess… Let the hypocrites scatter! You pierced their consciences by that speech and they are perplexed. You should be president of Zambia and not these silly Willys fighting for power instead of building our country and improving people’s lives.

  8. I listened to her speech I didn’t hear any progressive ideas coming from her mouth but kept on complaining about Christian nation.
    She started complaining a bout her colleague MP in parliament that she should be representing her to government. Really it is irresponsible to think someone should do your job.
    Poverty in Zambia I do remember in civics we were taught that MPs go to parliament to lobby government for development of their constituents.
    I have also learned that every year government gives constituency funds to every MP to help the poor in their areas in projects that can improve the living standards of their members in the area.
    The sad thing is to know as an MP she must be receiving these funds every year for the poor does she use it to alleviate poverty , I…

  9. In Zambia we are good at fighting one another instead of fighting for What is good for us. Why can’t we just appreciate a good speech?

  10. Satan is at war with that declaration , and he will keep pressing hard to have it removed so he could do his evil activities without restraint.
    Prayers in the nation brings blessings to Zambia as a nation without prayer you invite satan to rule over you .

  11. The only cost to our country is the ineptitude of ECL! At his age and profession, he thinks he must be a millionaire by shortcut just because cheerleaders are directing him that way!

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