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HH warned and cautioned


HH accompanied by GBM, Mr Kambwili and the UPND legal team arriving at Solomon Mwansa Kapwepwe in Ndola this morning
HH accompanied by GBM, Mr Kambwili and the UPND legal team arriving at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe in Ndola this morning

Police have recorded a warn and caution statement from opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema over the ZAFFICO riots.

Mr Hichilema was summoned to appear before the police in Ndola after riots broke out in protest following reports that ZAFFICO has been sold to a Chinese investor.

The UPND leader was questioned for over two hours but was allowed to go after police failed to charge him with any offence.

Mr Hichilema opted to remain silent through out the interrogation on the advice of his legal team.

He was accompanied by NDC Consultant Chishimba Kambwili and People’s Alliance for Change Presideng Andyford Banda who offered solidarity.

The police however told Mr Hichilema that his statement was not in tandem with section 57 (1b) as read with section 60 (1e and f) of seditious practices.

Police also resorted to questioning Mr Hichilema on his role in the privatisation of parastatals under late President Frederick Chiluba.

Earlier, police played delaying tactics which agitated Mr. Hichilema’s lawyers which included Jack Mwiimbu, Keith Mweemba, Gilbert Phiri and Mulilo Kabesha.

The matter was only resolved after Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga was called in who later further directed that only the UPND President, his Vice and lawyers should remain in the interrogation room.

It had to take Mr Hichilema who intervened to allow Mr Kambwili and Andyford Banda to enter the interrogation room.

Meanwhile, ZANIS Ndola based Journalist Frank Chingambu has arrested by police for filming outside Ndola police Headquarters as he and other journalists awaited the arrival of UPND President Hakainde Hichilema for interrogation.

By time of publishing, Chingambu was still detained at Ndola central Police.


    • HH is like a cheap pro$titute, an unabashed opportunist who picks up every Bemba garbage discarded by PF. That picture accompanying the story is a sorry sight, the very definition of the word “loser”.

    • Why was he accompanied by people who have nothing to do with the matter? And did they not lock him up kanshi?

    • Honestly Edgar and Kampyongo, how much did this operation cost? People in compounds have no running water, hospital have no medicines…..ifya bupupa!

    • 1.They could not arrest him because HHs issue has coincided with the coming of prince Harry to Zambia. It would be bad for the optics.

      2. HH has done nothing worth wasting of Police resources required to fight crime and corruption.

      3. People all over Zambia now have realised that HH means good for Zambia unlike Lungu and his PF thugs who have stolen and looted all the money and now resorting to selling Zambian land to who ever pays a price they want.

      4. People on CB now know that PF is doing nothing for them apart from enriching themselves from stolen tax payers money.

      5. Time has come for PF to start packing. People have had enough of the PF .

      Viva UPND and HH.

      Mean while Tayalis hopes are dashed as HH will see all the cases against him through.

      Tayalis BP yakwela…

    • This is how it’s done in a democracy when summoned to appear before the police for investigative interview, citizens freely do so in company of their lawyers and not seek the company of their noisy cadres. The custom of mobilizing cadres for police interviews is as worthless as it has been in the last 12 years of infantile politics on the scene. Zambia is functional democracy. We’re a constitutional republic run on laws and not men’s creed. Things done free of the usual hysteria ways promote safety and orderly process. Invest money you waste on mobilizing noisy cadres into their economic micro projects instead.

    • @Senior Citizen

      I m beginning to doubt your seniority as from now on. Reason being that you have become totally oblivious to the injustice being despensed by the Judges hand picked and appointed by Lungu.

      Man cant you see that police are killing people by torturing them to death with impunity? Cant you see that when no one is watching PF police are strangling suspects in police stations? And call that normal and tell us Zambia is a functioning democracy, really???

      It against such a back ground and what happened when HH was arrested on fabricated charges that people vowed never to listen to HH again when it comes to protect him from PF thugs and its police. This time people resolved never to back down even if HH said so but to go ahead stop PF evil schems head on. This is just…

    • Cont… This is just what happened today in Ndola.

      PF thought HH has no supporters on CB and it would be easy to detain him then execute their evil plan. But it failed because people told police they were ready to die if anything happened to HH.

      Only a f00l would believe that Zambia is a functioning democracy. How shameful.

      PF thugs in uniform killed Mapenzi and many other young Zambians for exercising their democratic rights but upto now no one has been arrested and you come here and patronise us ,very intelligent Zambians that Zambia is a functioning democracy. My foot!

      I think senior citizen you are just a kandilemo like the rest of the PF stooges.

      I am very sure you are a prime beneficiary of Lungu ‘s stolen money. Deny it or not.

      Such thinking is what killed…

    • Cont….

      Such thinking is what killed Zimbabwe and now has now slipped into Zambia to completely destroy what we fought for in the 90s.

      Take time and think. Even kids know that the court system in Zambia ni matuvi chabe.

      VIVA UPND the genuine lovers of peace and prosperity in Zambia.

      People power! Viva.

    • @Sharon?
      “I never stop to get amazed by little boys.” you pervert, get yourself a vibrator and leave the little boys alone.

    • Why has the journalisy been locked up. When he is from the same organization as the police? Government. Don’t these civil servants know each other?

  1. ”Police also resorted to questioning Mr Hichilema on his role in the privatisation of parastatals under late President Frederick Chiluba.”

    Much as it was tunneling of state assets by persons entrusted to privatise state companies,there was no law to curb the abuse by those entrusted.Little wonder those invoved in the Privatiastion process still sit on various boards of the companies they privatised,a good example of tunneling.The Public Finace Act of 2004, which entrusts the Secretary to the Treasury with the responsibility to curb tunneling came to late and it cannot be backdated(Lawyers may guide whether the law can be backdated,which I doubt).

    • hh must apologise to the zambians and not only to lungu alone, like he did last sunday in front of catholic fathers and without john hamambo, kambwili,mc chipenzi, mulongoti and of course the beast nalumango.

    • @ Cozcowjr
      Were you privy to the proceedings between President Lungu and HH and that indeed he went to apologise?…

  2. Am disappointed, why didn’t they arrest him? His comments are/were highly flammable – by failing to instill discipline in him, they have made him to be more ungovernable like a tornado on destruction route.

    Anyways, find something still to put him behind the bar – he belongs there. He means no good for all of us.

  3. HH is like a cheap pro$titute, an unabashed opportunist who picks up every Bemba garbage discarded by PF. That picture accompanying the story is a sorry sight. The very definition of the word “loser”!

    • @The Real Olivia Pope is telling the truth. When you look at the discards he has surrounded himself with….
      These discards lay in the same bed with the govt they are opposing today.
      If he ever gets in power, Zambians, you are effd again. The truth is we seem not to have leaders who are worthy of Zambians. Sad…..

    • @The Real Olivia Pope

      You don’t sound happy that your friend wasn’t arrested (you even posted twice lol!). Ni’cha?i, plan ya’lubana? 😀

      Just chill for 2021.

  4. President Edgar Lungu met HH yesterday with the church leaders where they both agreed to dialogue.Therefore,today’s HH appearance before the police was just for formality!!!This is the reason why HH opted to keep quiet in Ndola today.The deal was struck yesterday by the church leaders.Knowing Mrs Charity Katanga,HH was going to be locked up at Kamfinsa today if he never met ECL yesterday!!!Boma ni Boma baba!!!

    • Kambwili. Lungu. Hh. Gbm. Mulongoti.

      These are friends friends and they wine and dine why you trade insults

      Who knew ck and hh would drink from same cup

      Who knew ck and gbm would walk side by side.

      Politics is a sport of moves and calculations.

      Dear country men. Do not be fooled.

      Even lungu and hh talk on the phone every day

    • 1.Its good to see Lungu yield to HH s demands that the only dialogue he will engage in is one the church only without PF s ZCID or whater they call it

      2 Lungu has seen that money from China is quickly drying up and becoming toxic that why he has begged IMF for bailout.

      3. IMF responded negatively by telling Lungu that Zambia political risk too high to lend it any money hence the quick decision by Lungu to agree to HH s demands that dialogue be started urgently to reduce political tension which in turn increases political risk.

    • @Njimbu,

      If that’s true then either HH is bada$$ negotiator or ECL obstructed justice by getting involved in police case.

      Your ka’ fairy-tale would have changed NOTHING because those charges were weak to begin with.

  5. The PF can be so dull, why are they giving HH free publicity, you would think PF advisors would have been advised to just ignore the man.

  6. Ba Kambwili muleumfwako insoni, not long ago you were talking rubbish about HH, but today you are offering solidarity to him. Which is simply showing that you are a political failure, that’s why you have joined your fellow failures. If you think you can win ask GBM, him thought he will win after joining HH, but they failed together, until they resorted to go to court. Wait for 2021, you will cry together again.

    • It’s not for the sake of mother Zambia Kambwili is behaving like that NO, it’s getting at Edgar Lungu. And Upnd cacoons can’t see that.

  7. Do you know what a “warn and caution” means? It means investigation are still on going and once ripe time comes and enough evidence gathered, he will arrested and brought before courts where bond application maybe considered before commencement of charges

  8. Just to waste HH’s time. Both Edgar Lungu and Hakainde Hichilema deserve respect. They are Zambians. They should be no more animosity in this country. This is a multiparty democracy, political parties must exist without let. The ruling party must show good will towards the opposition. Confrontational elements like Sunday Chanda and Amos Chanda must be sat down and advised on what multiparty means and tolerance for divergent views. We are one people regardless of race, tribe, creed etc. Politics is not War please. Lets live in peace, lets continue being a beacon of peace in the world.

    • of course kambwili is the boss in this pic, kabili hh asked for forgiveness during the sunday dark corner meeting, he was forewarned not to leak any info about the meeting because even zambian watchdog style leant about the meeting from znbc. john hamambo is not very happy

  9. HH looking dignified;
    GBM, at easy;
    Kambwili, a complete buffoon – a gate-crusher trying hard to steal the limelight away from the bride and groom. Ich1puba pub@ so. The chap has no sense of seriousness. Ala chik@sekapo day imbi kuchililo baka chumepofye ama grievaz.

  10. “Real Oliver Pope” you are garbage yourself and I pit you and your upbringing. I mean were you brought up by people or not. Just to help your sick mind find some comfort? Zambia is a democracy and known for respect of other. Aristotle once wrote and i quote ” he who thinks is so self sufficient and has not regard for others or society….is either a beast or a god…” in short you fool, should know that man is is born in society, lives and dies to be buried in society!!! for one to live in peace he/she ought to create conditions that are good to others and vise versa. Do and say unto others as you would like unto your self.

  11. PF cadres are really disappointed now, they thought HH will be locked up, The PF police couldn’t even question the man, inciting what the economy is up to to sh!t, no jobs even the cops know that coz half of them didn’t even have breakfast, some of them are still keeping grown up kids at home who have no jobs…. Only PF cadres don’t understand what’s happening here

  12. CHINA has officially written to ECL and his Government for allerged XENOPHOBIC ATTACKS ON chinese pipo plus the Luck of zambian women willingness to give their tuma things between mendo to chinese in zambia, so chinese men need to nyeeenga too

  13. Accompanied by Chishimba Kambwli and other foo1s and then what? These are just id1ots who are just at pains to accept that Lungu is Leading them, Guys just accept that for now it is ECL who is a president and let this country move on. What the heck are you archiving by that? For Chishimba, he really wants recognition from all the corners, maybe i should advice this fat p1g that his time is up and he should go and join his wife who is being used other men were ever she is in the foreign country….nayaa inee!!


      You still can’t believe HH wasn’t arrested, ka? Don’t worry you’re fellow cadres are also mourning with you right now. vima chi’tika


  14. JUST LOOKING – Ama election yaba Lungu yena yalisha ame pusho ayengi. Even our King Cobra who commanded all the support by 100% along the line rail was very far from reaching 40% elo ba Lungu baisa kwata 50% plus. Awe mwee.

  15. No upnd or NDC cadre locked up? Charity you disappoint me, they literaly asked to be locked up. Ok I see, you restrained yourself because Hacks agreed to meet The President and I hear he was very sensible and very respectful and did not call him “nsenga ra.t”. Maybe he had left behind his crown, yes?

    • Hehehehe ,

      the corrupt theif lungu knew he had no case, they even thought of trying the privatisation card ….

      Hehehehe very funny…..

    • Yesterday I told the Chinese to force lungu to form a GRZ of national unity or the Chinese will get evicted from Zambia….
      Only total unity will move Zambia forward.

      Watch this space….

      Spaka ®
      Most influential blogger
      All rights reserved

    • Our Constitution doesn’t allow for a GNU. I’ll be the first one to be killed if anyone one tries to temper with this. Don’t even try.

  16. Cont….

    Such thinking is what killed Zimbabwe and now has now slipped into Zambia to completely destroy what we fought for in the 90s.

    Take time and think. Even kids know that the court system in Zambia ni matuvi chabe.

    VIVA UPND the genuine lovers of peace and prosperity in Zambia.

    People power! Viva.

  17. There was no case here in the first place. Just PF flapping about, instructing the police to intimidate people and running away from their own inaction’s or actions that actually lead to frustrations and riots. What a waste of time and resources. What a Police Force, always dangling from the PF’s puppet strings.

  18. Cakupapusha. Balabe fyo balecita babika blame pali HH uulelandafye pafyo bacitile kale. Twilaitunga ukuba abena kristu cibe tulekana amaka yabuko. The Gouvernement must take christianity in this country. Lesa tasentekwa. Time will come soon when the so called great will be humbled and the least ones will be made great by Jehovah God, the first will be the last ones while the last ones will be made the first.

  19. It is amazing what partisan politics can do. Someone called a leader goes in public, incites people with pure lies and distortion of truth the misguided public or supporters go amock and destroy innocent people’s property and the partisan supporters see nothing wrong. Their god is drunk with power. Kambwili mwaiche forgery case is on you. With or without your new found love with a lier.

  20. Double standards indeed, the concourt upheld the election of the two PF MPs because it felt they were not personally involved in the elections fracas, so why should HH be held accountable for the ZAFFICO riot as if he was personally involved. I like the interpretation, when you use other people to commit a crime then you are as holy as an angel. This is Chambia!

  21. Love others than you love yourself is leadership. Then God will pour his own love on you and your children’s children.will be loved by God and everything he created. Otherwise, Hating each other is like struggling for okra leaving beef and broccoli on the table. Let us grow in the name of Jesus

  22. To the editor, in-service teachers across the country which the able government upgraded from deploma to degree level in different courses from 2014 to 2017 under fast track program with DMI St Eugene university.
    We would like to say thank you to the government of the republic of Zambia and all stakeholders for the support rendered to us. Be it financial, material and even the words of encouragement. With out you, some of us we would have not reached up to degree level.
    We also want to asure U that the knowledge and skills acquired will bear fruits that will improve education standard in Zambia.
    We would also like to appeal to you for continuity so that even our brothers and sisters who were left can have a chance.
    However, we still have a concern on the time, day, month or year when…

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