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Zamtel announces the launch of 4G network on the Copperbelt for its mobile customers


ZAMTEL CEO Sydney Mupeta speaking during the launch of a new communication tower at Kalilo in Chingola rural.
ZAMTEL CEO Sydney Mupeta speaking during the launch of a new communication tower at Kalilo in Chingola rural.

State owned telecommunications company Zamtel has announced the launch of 4G network on the Copperbelt for its mobile customers.

The 4G network which offers superfast internet download speeds on mobile in excess of 30Mb/s is now switched on and commercially available to all mobile users on the Copperbelt.

4G network sites have been deployed in Kitwe, Chingola, Mufulira, Chambishi, Lufwanyama, Chililabombwe and Kalulushi including the border town of Kasumbalesa.

The launch of the 4G network follows the successful deployment of the 4.5G Home package in November 2016, a service which has been well received by corporates and home users.

Zamtel Chief Executive Officer Sydney Mupeta stated that with this launch, Zamtel confirms position as a company focused on innovation and providing an increasingly better mobile internet experience for the customers.

“We are taking an important step in improving service levels for both individuals and the corporate on the Copperbelt as it remains a key market for us. We are now focused on accelerating the roll-out of the 4G network to more regions and ensuring that there is sufficient high speed mobile broadband coverage across the country”, He added.

Mr. Mupeta said the introduction of 4G on mobile will enable Zamtel, amongst other things to, seize digital opportunities on the Copperbelt and empower customers through a seamless digital experience.

“Our customers can now enjoy higher speed browsing, faster uploads and downloads as well as easy streaming” he indicated.

Mr. Mupeta urged the Copperbelt customers to buy 4G enabled devices for them to enjoy this amazing service.

And commenting on the development, Zamtel Chief Technical Officer Freelance Bwalya said the primary objective for investing in the next generation 4G technology on mobile was to ensure that Zamtel is able to handle rising volumes of data traffic arising from the huge appetite for high speed internet on the Copperbelt.

“Our goal is not about keeping track of other operators but responding to the strong wave of data demand from data-hungry customers in the region,” Mr. Bwalya stated.

He stressed that the launch of this service re-defines internet services and opens up numerous opportunities for the internet economy on the Copperbelt at affordable prices.

“This marks another significant milestone for Zamtel. It is a giant leap that allows us to offer innovative services to customers as we position the company to be the prime driver of digital transformation on the market” he said.

“It should be clearly noted that the 4G internet on your mobile device means the time it takes to download or upload documents or other files, e.g. videos or pictures is much less and you can do a lot more of such activities in a short space of time. With this development, our customers shall be able to watch videos even in high definition meaning you may be consuming more data volume than usually expected,” Mr. Bwalya explained.


  1. Exactly how many times are they going to 4G data services?
    These are the many times they have launched it on the Copperbelt:-
    1. Jan 22, 2014
    2. Nov 1, 2016
    3. Nov 21, 2018
    Zamtel thinks we are fools.

  2. Sydney the Engineer will continue to invest in more hardware at the expense of profit as that’s in his DNA he is an engineer not a seasoned MBA trained CEO…he is like a kid in a toy shop there is no one to discipline him!!

  3. You have LTE SIM cards….. it’s like all what you have 3g network…if not swap SIM cards like what Airtel has been doing….we have had bad network being experienced in the copper belt though you say 4.5G in my I have not seen it..we don’t if it is the error marketing or not it’s just a poor service that we receive…

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