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Iris Kaingu should be allowed to be our Kim Kardashian


Iris Kaingu

Dear Editor,

I want to take this time to denounce the people that escorted Ms Iris Kaingu out of an event venue that Prince Harry of England visited in Zambia.

Why can’t we allow Ms.Kaingu to be our Kim Kadarshian. Kim gets away with everything in America.Iris is the real Slay Queen of Zambia.Let us allow her to shine. After all everything she does gets a lot of attention.

Do you critics think Iris Kaingu doesn’t deserve to be in the same room as Prince Harry? What official invitation did Iris need? Lets just give her a pass,after all the men love her and the women love to hate her,its all love.Let our Zambian Kim Kardarshian shine.


Kim Kardashian


Ms Kaingu being escorted out by military officers

On Tuesday Ms Iris Kaingu attempted to meet Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex at the Burma Barracks in Lusaka but she was ejected from the military facility even before the 34-year-old grandson of Queen Elizabeth arrived.

The Prince was then due to meet World War 1 veterans and widows at Burma Barracks to commemorate 100 years since the end of the war.

As he was being awaited by a small group of carefully selected guests and a handful of accredited journalists in the barracks, a beaming and attractive Iris pitched up donning a white loose fitting dress.

The smiling beauty shook hands with a few waiting journalists before making her way to the memorial hall where the war veterans and widows had been staffed to await the Prince.

However, shortly after, Iris was seen being talked to by a uniformed military man before they walked together towards the exit of the barracks.

The military officer returned a few minutes later without Iris – apparently she was not on the guest list.

Prince Harry then arrived about 15 minutes later and proceeded to fulfill his programme with Iris nowhere in sight.



    • Did y’all miss the part that says “carefully selected guests”? This was a private function and this attention seeker doesn’t fall in the category of “widows and war veterans”

    • Good move removing this attractive lady from the situation.

      The trouble with slay queens in Zambia is they think they can bed any man.

      Yes, that might work on someone weak like myself, 100%.

      But the prince is a married man and surely Zambia should be seen to uphold high moral standards.

    • I dont’ liker her, she is not my type to start with

      Men prefer women of my kind not hers, she is a loser



    • This is exactly the reason why Africa never develops. We have been independent for half a century and by now we should know that carbon copying is not what will take us forward. But here we are advocating for more carbon copies of everything lousy from the Western World.
      Given what this blogger wants we would like to have carbon copies of Kim Kardashian, Donald Trump, Monica lewinsky, Jay-Z, every Western silly thing and I see these carbon copies everyday in Lusaka but its only now I understand why we produce what we produce, namely trash. Because we want to be something else other than what we are.

    • Iris drama is most welcome. She does no one any harm I just wonder why people get so worked up with her. Indeed she is our Kardashian and we should embrace her …. and if she is not to your Taste …. just Shut up and turn to who you consider your “iris” ….. every country has one or two .. the Bonangs, the Zodwas and others in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania etc. Life is like that accept it .. even in Jesus time they were there

    • This is poor reporting. How can we in 2018 still have World War 1 veterans? WW1 was from 1914 to 1918 (more than 100 years ago), which veteran of that war can still be alive today? It will be a miracle to find any. Maybe if you talk about their great grand children, it will make sense. Yes, some WW2 veterans may still be alive today, but they are few, in any case.

    • Just leave. The boy is not Mswati. He wouldn’t even have known iris was there. Now that you blocked her even the gran will know the boy was being stalked

    • I don’t agree with one comment which is Africa won’t develop by copying the west. The Chinese economy has grown extremely fast on their ability to replicate models that work in already developed western economies. So if Kim Kardashian has a successful model in the west, Iris could do the same to have success here in Zambia. Zambia is quick to judge everything based on morality yet some of the most evil things are done by Zambians in poverty. Let’s for once stop trying to claim the moral high ground and just work, period.

  1. YES! I agree with the writer. She should have been allowed to meet him. Nothing wrong with that. Famous people always have fans, and they meet them when they come in town.

    • @Lombe, I agree with you. She is famous and this young prince is her fan. He would loved to meet the famous Iris. I am sure he has been following her wonderful works.

    • Civility demands that you only attend functions where you have been invited, more so for official functions. War veterans also deserve some limelight

  2. to all you those complain about alice.. leef her aloyne..why jerous for alice?? Alice famous coz alice want a sex. I want a sex you jerous pipo want a is a good coz make happi for me.Everibod jerous for alice coz butiful.Somebodi do a sex with a maid, somebodi do a sex with a boss or a teaching of classroom no compleyn or talk but alice its to talk talk why why lovely pipo jerous is poison bat sex good for heart pumping viva sex viva alice.bye bye me going to my hone for a good lovi and sweet like honey.

  3. It is not as if Harry was walking the streets and then Iris was prevented from meeting him. This was a private function with protocols in place. So even if she may be a fan of Harry’s that does not mean she can access him as she pleases. Worse still, Iris has proven herself to be unpredictable….or rather ‘predictably unpredictable’. If I was the organiser of the function, I too would not want her around. I can just imagine her wanting to get close to Harry and planting a big wet one full on his royal lips!! Would make for nice tabloid headlines (great of Iris) but also a messy diplomatic scandal.

    • Correct – actually as far as she is concerned she achieved her objective by just being escorted out. But how was she allowed in the premises if she was not invited? She should have just been prevented from entering the premises and waved at Harry on his way in and out. Quite some courageous girl this one is though.

    • @Lombe, I agree with you. She is famous and this young prince is her fan. He would loved to meet the famous Iris. I am sure he has been following her wonderful works.

  4. I admire the guts that this girl has. This girl can be used very very productively if her guts can be put to productive use. I think it is time we looked at how best we can make use of this girl – beyond her silly social escapade. Writer, you are right on.

  5. She’s an embarrassment. It could have meant something else for our country if we allowed her to meet the British Prince. She can be allowed to do as she pleases, but not this time!

    • Because she is a sinner so we should keep her away from the righteous? Had Prince Harry been told he would have probably wanted to meet her and advise her that there is life beyond the silly mistakes people make especially whilst young.

  6. Needs to lose weight if you ask me. Not much money to flaunt around, we all know daddy is not a big cash cow no more.

  7. She can make a living out of it instead of turning to bad vises. Those guys were just overzealous indeed, they should have allowed her to meet the prince. Maybe she has hallucinations about him kkkk.

  8. Why not…well because it’s Zambia not USA where almost everything and anything goes. Remember, from the time we were born we have been taught to keep traditional morals especially ku nkani yaku bedroom.


  10. He he he, too much drama pa Zed. People have the ability to make issues out of no issues at all. Anyway, they did the right thing to show her the exit. I don’t think Meghan would be very amused to hear that her husband was paid a courtesy call by one of Zambia’s most notorious “Slay Queens”.

    Icibeleshi sana ka Iris. Kim Kardashian does’nt run down prominence, she gets runned down for being prominent.. and that’s the difference!

  11. She came in the baracks peacefully and walked away peacefully. who knows she might have been carrying some expensive perfume oil to pour on price harry’s shoes?The woman who met Jesus in the Pharises home was not chased away.


  12. People, please spend your precious time on thinking innovatively and creatively instead of wasting time and energy on this hooker. Ba UPND, bonse mashilu….

  13. Copycats , she should be or kim, then we should have our Osama bin la,Idi aminy, Jack the Ripper, Patrina ,man to woman, DB Cooper. Lady boys or shemales everywhere. Attention seeker always look for opportunities.
    That functions was nor for upcoming sluts Mr. fake blogger (lacking analytical skills)

  14. Does anyone know Iris’ motive of wanting to gate crush? She could have had other plans of embarassing the country. Forcing your way into any gathering uninvitedly is bad manners.

  15. She got what she wanted which is publicity. She has been in the media before so knew excatly why she was there?? The media will make attempt into news

  16. people have made Iris famous for the wrong reasons, and yet what she did with her partner many years ago in her hostel room at campus was simply consensual sex which everyone else does.The only sad thing is that someone invaded her privacy and exposed a recording which obviously was not meant for the public.That is invasion of privacy and someone ought to have been questioned for that.The intention was not to distribute the video to the public, but to share between herself and her lover.A lot of people do these things though its absolutely not wise to record yourselves or photograph yourselves whilst engaged in such an act.There is nothing wrong about being intimate with the one you love.But there is everything wrong when your intimate affair goes viral and this makes you look immoral…

  17. Iris is the one who wrote this article as blogger so that she can see the reaction of the public. But iris why did you Photoshop prince Harry in the picture with you and post it on social media? Who were you trying to impress?

  18. Iris Kaingu, read about Terrorist Security and ask yourself if turning up to such an event by personal introduction is a good idea. That mini dress looked a bit puffed out, could be you were wearing a device?….

    Try something more agreeable like being Miss Green Zambia. Introducing healthy vegetables to other um…. vegetables….is far more satisfying!

  19. Attention seeker. People think she is brave but she is deluded. Who is their right thinks they can gate crash a function like that. That video messed her logic and self reflection. She needs a psychiatric assessment.

  20. Really? If Iris was your daughter, would you encourage her to imitate Kim Kadashian? I should hope not! Because Kim should not be anyone’s role model, period!! Please where is Iris’s Mother. How does she take all this nonsense that her daughter gets up to? I feel for her mother because I know that no Mother would want their daughter to turn out like Iris and not even like Kim Kadashian. My prayers go out to Iris. She needs deliverance. My hope is that the deliverance is not delayed by the devil who is the only one happy with the ruin of an otherwise beautiful and intelligent girl like Iris

  21. Rubbish!! I am prince Harry’s fan too lol she is just a loser no vision in life instead seeking for attention from the Zambian people, now Prince Harry please? she has no dignity sure Prince Harry is laughing hard right now ???????????? Kim K is worth Billions what is Irish worth? Please Iris our Kim K my ass????

  22. I don’t understand what the excitement is by y’all
    she thought she can meet him, she was turned away. she hasn’t said nothing. it’s you who are busy talking about her.
    I know a lot of you who stayed up watching the “royal wedding” and all that, why?
    she has guts and wanted to meet him. how many of you have balls to even try that. don’t hate her cuz has more guys than you
    she’s living her life and you hypocrites are busy hurting… some are even talking about the dress she wore, talking about mini dress, neanderthal plz get out of your cave.
    and this nonsense of “pray for her” pray for yourself. that’s why Zambia is so backward cuz of thinking you can pray over your issues. the white people who lied to you about praying, you closed your eyes and when you opened you had a…

  23. Let he who has never sinned be the first cast the stone. To error is human, but to forgive is divine. Hope you find your soul with God Iris.

  24. Who will do the allowing? What fresh hell is this? We have so many women out there getting raped, beaten and having their property grabbed and you want us to empower this privileged overgrown teenager?

  25. It was good that they politely asked her to leave and she obliged. There was no commotion. Aliye M’nyate yai. Paliye bvuto apa!!

  26. Harry came as a representative of the crown on official business to meet the representative of the Zambian people and honour those who fought in his kingdoms war some time back. Iris is not a representative of any people in Zambia (not counting messed up rich kids) and so the fact that this even made it to publishing is amusing to say the least. So no its news that a common Zambian was thrown out of a State sponsored invitation only event in a military installation.
    This girl must have known somw “bwana” who promised to get her in but fell short at the crucial moment. Or atleast i think so cause if not she has some serious no musebanya stones on her

  27. But they allowed a known colored drug dealer to meet Prince Harry and even be a private adviser to the president.

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