FAZ President Andrew Kamanga
FAZ President Andrew Kamanga

Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) President Andrew Kamanga says rumors circulating on social media alleging that FIFA has cut funding to the country’s football governing body are misleading and false.

Speaking last evening when he featured on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview programme last evening, Kamanga stated that at no time has FIFA cut funding to FAZ adding that the association has been receiving its allocation just like any other football federation on a yearly basis to the tune of One point Two fifty million United States dollars.

Kamanga explained that recently the World football governing body gave out One point Two fifty million dollars, out of which 750 thousand dollars is meant for projects while the 500 hundred thousand dollars balance is for operations.

He disclosed during the live broadcast that in the last three years the football association has not drawn the 750 thousand dollars meant for projects as it was completing the construction of the school of excellence in Luanshya which he said has since been completed.

The FAZ president stated that the three year cycle allocation of two point two million dollars is readily available at FIFA.

In breaking down how the funds are disbursed so far, Kamanga disclosed that in 2016 and 2017 the association received from FIFA the full amount of Five hundred thousand dollars.

“ This year the association received 250 thousand in January and another 250 thousand dollars in July this year translating to Five hundred thousand dollars, “ said Kamanga.

He clarified the false reports by revealing that the football association has continued to receive thousand dollars on a monthly bases from FIFA and that the association is just for the November and December allocation 2018.

Meanwhile in the same light heated interview, Kamanga disclosed that FIFA will next year increase the yearly allocations to football federations from One point Two to One point Five million dollars.

Commenting on the poor performance by the senior national team, Kamanga said his Executive is disappointed with the performance of the national team.

“We disappointed with the senior national team as FAZ, twice in a role they have failed to qualify for the the Africa Cup of nations” he said.

He said the performance of the senior national team so far was not what the association was expecting.

The FAZ president has therefore apologized to government, soccer fans and the national at large for the national team’s failure to book a place at the Africa Cup of nation.

“On behalf of FAZ I wish to take this advantage and apologies to the government soccer fans and nations at large, the performance is not what we expected.

“ Especially that we put in everything we thought was adequate to make the team to qualify.” He said.

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  1. Lazy bum illiterate tribal hooligan bully had put up a strong campaign online to hoost award-winning Coach Renard calling him “A P.E. Coach” together with the award-winning FAZ President Kalusha. Animo Farm obsessed tribal attacks and hatred of Kalusha (the same hate you see him attack the President with his venom from tribal inclinations of his UPND) led to Coach Renard leaving. Now Kamanga has not qualified the National Team to the Africa Cup of Nations two years in a roll and the the TONGA tribalist Larry Mweetwa is now quiet. UPND and witchcraft are synonymous. These guys want to destroy Zambia.


  2. Ba Kamanga, you called Kalusha and his administration all sorts of names and got your way through lies and deceit just for personal agenda. See how you have destroyed football now in Zambia? We told you theories and paper criticism dont replace experience, and now look where you have brought us! Just step down and let the experts run football business in this country. Look at the 2018 AFCON, both men and women, it was a disgrace watching those people. You are just like HH who thinks running a country is like running his family party or club its not easy and you cant start asking for forgiveness, where will it take us? Look at the Zambian coach, oh God, why?


    • HH also thinks running MUTINTA is comparable to running Zambia! Go away, far away both of you. Take Larry Mweetwa and BoSpakata with you to NAMWALA.


  3. Kamanga is just completely useless. Soccer fans don’t revel in apologies. Fans just want to win. You can bring your empty talk to a television platform but what fans are interested in is seeing a team win on the field. If you can’t run anything successfully you resign. Don’t wait for people to kick you out. Zambian football is now at its worst after Kamanga talked silly football clubs into voting him into office


    • Larry Mweetwa, BoSPakata and Pro. HANSONI thought it was broke that is why they started fixing it when it was NOT. Only HH needs to be fixed in the MENTAL capacity and I think Kamanga too.


  4. I think as Zambians we have short memories. The zambian football mess started way back just after winning the AFCON. The team just from winning the AFCON, our next assignment was defend the trophy in SA. We failed lamentably and booted out in the first round and who was in charge then? In short we have been in the rebuilding phase from that time. Blaming Kamanga won’t take as anywhere.


    • Did Kamanga see that it started way back? No! Kamanga, Larry Mweetwa and BoSpakata practiced witchcraft – sorry I mean witch-hunting on Kalu and Renard and it is time to witch-hunt them all until they go too.


    • At least then Zambia qualified and failed at the AFCON. Now, we can’t even beat underdog teams like Mozambique and, what is the other team from W/Africa?

      Yeah, we told you hating Kalusha doesn’t mean you know how to run Soccer!


  5. It hurts to see how Zambian football has fallen. Kamanga must go. Does he know how many hearts he has broken through his narrow mindness of running football. He used to blame great Kalu but look
    at him now. He has even the guts to apologize. Apologize for what. We don’t need apologis we want results




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