Ministry of Local Government Director of Finance, Margret Chanda says government hopes to roll out the Output Based Budgeting (OBB) system to all ministries, provinces and spending agencies by 2020.

Ms. Chanda said the system is aimed at improving the performance orientation of the budget with a focus on outputs and results.

She explained that the OBB system provides a more explicit and clear link between the mandate of an institution, its functions and its budgetary resource allocation.

Ms. Chanda said the introduction OBB is timely as there is a shift of expenditure responsibilities from central government to local authorities.

Ms Chanda said this when she paid a courtesy on North-Western Province Assistant Secretary Beatrice Muyambango in Solwezi today.

Meanwhile, Ms. Muyambango said the sensitization of the new budgeting system to the local authorities in the province is a welcome move.

She said the incentive will help in the decentralization of the system which encourages community participation in decision making.

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  1. What Output Based Budgeting system ? How are u going to measure this out? As far as I know it is always difficult to measure the out in the provision of public services. You should have said you were going to use zero based budgeting, at least with this system you start from zero and every expenditure must be justified to be included.


  2. The integrity of any system is based on the integrity of the people using it, not the other way round.



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