A 33-year-old man of Kambolozo Compound in Luangwa district has been killed by an elephant.

The man identified as Richard Kapufi was killed last Sunday around 20 hours along the Luangwa D145 road near Chendeyende Village.

Luangwa District Commissioner (DC), Ngoni Moyo who confirmed the death of Richard to ZANIS described the incident as sad.

And four officers from the department of National Parks and Wildlife shot dead an elephant which was trying to attack and kill them.

The officers were on a search for the elephant which killed Richard Kapufi when the slain elephant became angry and started running towards them.

Meanwhile, the department has issued a directive to have the elephant which has killed Richard shot dead to prevent it from killing more people.

According to scientists who have studied the behavior of animals, an elephant that kills a human being becomes more violent and attacks any person it comes across.

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  1. WTF!!!!

    WTF were these people doing there in the first place at night?

    The elephant is NOT to blame.

    The shooting of this animal is very sad.


  2. How do they identify the killer elephant? Maybe the one that those officers killed is not the one that killed the man.So the search continues? People need to take precautions.They know that they live with wild animals but never make efforts of moving at dangerous hours


    • In the bush, all hours are dangerous my friend. Unfortunately its the human who legally dishes out the licence to kill. The animal can be cropped and killed as and when the human decides, but should the animal return the favor, it needs to be killed.


  3. But we have been told thar there are no elephants in Zed. That they have all been poached so where did this one come from?




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