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Opposition parties Full Joint Statement on the Constitutional Court Judgement on Lungu’s 2021 Eligibility


NAREP’s Elias Chipimo, NDC Consultant Chishimba Kambwili and ADD Charles Milupi listen to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema during a news briefing at Pamodzi Hotel on Sunday
NAREP’s Elias Chipimo, NDC Consultant Chishimba Kambwili and ADD Charles Milupi listen to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema during a news briefing at Pamodzi Hotel on Sunday



Thank you, fellow Zambians, for giving us this opportunity to address you at this very critical point in the History of our Country. Our discussion shall focus on three specific areas upon which we wish to draw the attention of the people of Zambia.


State of the Nation and the plight of the Zambian people

1. Ever since the dawn of the Third Republic in 1991, Zambia has been a bastion of democracy in Africa and beyond.

2. However, over the years following the death of President Michael Sata, may his soul restin peace, in 2014, the democratic space, and with it the fortunes of our beloved country, has shrunk to the point where Zambia is all but a totalitarian Nation today.

3. While the opposition has borne the brunt of the declining democratic standards, the people of Zambia have suffered the biggest blow, with standards of living dropping to the pre Mwanawasa and pre HIPC completion levels, owing to mismanagement of the economy by an un-listening and self-centered PF Government which thrives on corruption and undemocratic rule to secure the personal interests of its leaders.

4. As a result, according to recent reports which are widely available to the public, poverty is widespread in Zambia, affecting 64 per cent of the total population and rising to 80 per cent in rural areas.

5. The cost of living is unbearably high with the Basic Needs Basket for a family of 5 standing at K5,575 as at March 2018, which is well beyond the reach of the majority of Zambians, while the cost of fuel and a bag of Millie Meal exceed that which an ordinary Zambian can sustain. On top of that, we are taxed and levied on everything including our own boreholes, while sources of income dwindle on a daily basis.

The state of Democracy

6. To add to the foregoing, Zambians who do not support the PF and are not seen to be supporting the PF are denied opportunities to trade in markets, bus stops and other trading places which should ordinarily be open for all Zambians to operate in.

7. The rule of law is highly compromised with corruption being the order of the day and those who dare speak out against it become instant enemies of the State who are thereafter abused and harassed using the Police and other wings of state authority.

8. Today civil liberties are non-existent with only those that support the ruling party enjoying the right to exercise their guaranteed freedoms and the Police being on hand to arrest anyone else as the abuse of the Public Order Act has now become the norm.

9. Political intolerance and violence has become the order of the day contrary to the spirit of peace and unity that Zambia is renowned for.


An alliance of like-minded Political Parties

10. It is against this background that representatives of the 10 under listed Political Parties have chosen to unite in purpose for the greater good of mother Zambia and all her people irrespective of artificial barriers such as political affiliation.

11. To this end, we have agreed to The 10 opposition political party’s agreed to work together on the following national issues:

(i) Restoration of the Rule of Law;

(ii) Restoration of fundamental human rights, liberties and freedoms such as freedom of association, assembly, movement, the right to peaceful demonstration, worship, conscience including individual’s right to freely the express themselves in speech, conduct, dress or howsoever otherwise. There must be an end to people being attacked for wearing party regalia or other clothing that symbolizes their political choices;

(iii) Bringing an end to Political Violence;
(iv) Restoration of Good Governance;
(v) Bringing an end to Corruption;
(vi) Bringing an end to the abuse of the Public Order Act;
(vii) Electoral Reforms through amendment to retrogressive laws and through the establishment of a truly a independent electoral commission capable of delivering free and fair elections;

(viii) Media Reforms;
(ix) Judicial Reforms and with them the release of political detainees prisoners,refugees and a general amnesty for political fugitives;
(x) Constitutional Reforms;
(xi) Citizens Participation in National development, especially women and youths;and
(xii) Most importantly employment creation for our People and poverty reduction alongside the need to drive accelerated economic development, fairness and equity in the distribution of resources.

12. In order to achieve our common goal of delivering a better Zambia for all, we have resolved to focus on the issues that unite us rather than issues that divide us.

13. We shall thus contribute our unique and considerable skills towards achieving our aforementioned common goal, knowing that at times like this when the very existence of Zambia as we know it is at risk, all noble and patriotic Zambians must cast aside that which divides them and stand together in unity for the greater good of mother Zambia.

14. Our overriding aim is to provide effective checks and balances to those holding public office and whose duty it is to serve the people of Zambia.

Unity in diversity

15. We must hasten to add that our agreement to work together does not entail that there is a merger of the 10 Political Parties, as that would in itself be contrary to the democratic tenets in which we believe.

16. Our collaboration is a clear demonstration that in a properly functioning democracy we can co-exist while being individual, vibrant political parties with our own ideologies.

17. Unlike the ruling party whose aim is to stifle any form of dissenting views, we believe that diversity is the lifeblood of democracy and so we have chosen to act in unity while at the same time recognizing our diversity.

18. It is our firm belief that in this way we can more effectively serve you our fellow citizens of this beautiful land called Zambia.

19. And so we invite you fellow Zambians in all your diversity to join us in unity today, tomorrow and for the foreseeable future IN DOING WHAT IS RIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY.


Brief Historical Background relating to tenure of office of the President

20. The democracy for which Zambia is renowned, and which today is under a threat never before seen, was hard fought for by our forerunners following the difficult years of one party rule.

21. From as long ago as 1973 when the Chona Constitutional Review Commission was commissioned, it was recognized that for Democracy to thrive, and in turn to avoid the creation of a dictatorship, one of the most important requirements was to limit the term of years that a person could be permitted to serve as President of our great Nation.

22. Through that Commission, the people spoke, although they were ignored, and as a result it was recommended that a President be permitted to serve no more than two consecutive five year terms. The result of ignoring the Chona recommendations was that Zambia ended up being under the rule of one President for a total of 27 years.

23. In 1991 we said no to that situation and brought back multi party politics. With it, the people reaffirmed their intent never to have any one person to serve as President for more than 10 years. In 2001, President Chiluba, may his soul rest in peace, tested the resolve of the people of Zambia without success as, in the true spirit of democracy, the people made it clear that there would be NO THIRD TERM for President Chiluba or anyone else. Our democracy thus thrived and became the pride of Africa.

24. Over the years various efforts have been made to put in place a time tested Constitution through various review methods. Among the most progressive of those was the Mun’gomba Commission which presented a draft Constitution that cast the will of the people in stone on the issue of tenure of office of the President.

25. Article 137 of the Mun’gomba draft stated in no uncertain terms that a Presidential term was to be 5 years and that “A PERSON WHO HAS TWICE BEEN ELECTED AS PRESIDENT IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR ELECTION TO THAT OFFICE FOR A THIRD OR OTHER SUBSEQUENT TERM” thereby clearly reflecting the consistent will of the people of Zambia that NO ONE is entitled to hold the office of President for more than 10 years or indeed for more than two terms.

26. Needless to say, when in enacting the Constitutional Amendments of 2016, the PF chose to ignore the Mun’gomba draft constitution, and other, progressive provisions that had previously been suggested, in preference for the current Article 106 which was the subject of the Judgment of the Constitutional Court given on 7 th December 2018 (“the Judgment”), a day which will go down as one of the darkest days in the History of our beloved Country.

Events leading up to the Judgment

27. The Nation will recall that shortly after the 2016 general election, Mr Edgar Lungu declared his intention to stand for reelection in 2021, that is to say, for a third term.

28. Promptly thereafter, 4 surrogate opposition parties led by Christian Democratic Party’s Dr. Dan Pule approached the Constitutional Court to endorse this intention and, together with the Attorney General of Zambia, put forward the unlikely argument that Mr Lungu was eligible to stand.

29. From the outset of the case, public perception was that its outcome was a foregone conclusion and this was confirmed on 2 nd November 2017 during a speech made at Solwezi airport by Mr Lungu in which he said that he knew how the Judges of the Constitutional Court were intending to decide his eligibility and case. During the same occasion, Mr Lungu proceeded to threaten the Judges and the Nation that he would cause chaos in Zambia should the Constitutional Court rule against him.

30. In his classic style Mr Lungu abrogated the Constitution in so far as it guarantees the independence and impartiality of the Judiciary under Article 122, and the entire Judiciary has remained mute over that violation to date. Can citizens therefore be blamed for questioning the Judiciary as a whole and in particular the ability of the Constitutional Court to render a fair Judgment? We leave that to you, our fellow Zambians, to answer for yourselves.

31. Suffice to say that it was self-evident from the hordes of Jubilant PF cardres that went to Court on Friday 7 th December 2018 that they knew the outcome of the case well in advance. Zambia Police were equally very cooperative on the day and conveniently forgot to apply the Public Order Act the way they do when other citizens wish to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.

32. The eventual outcome of the Judgment did not therefore come as a surprise to many that dark Friday morning.

The Judgment and the approach used by the Court in arriving at it

33. Country men and women, whilst the outcome did not come as a surprise to many, the approach used by the Court to arrive at it has baffled many legal minds as the Court appeared to depart from the usual practice of Courts when adjudicating upon matters before them.

34. In Zambia, we have an adversarial system in which the Court is, or ought to be, neutral and leave the parties to put forward the questions they want determined and their arguments for and against those questions.

35. In the present case, the Court, in its final judgment completely rephrased the question for determination before it without affording the parties an opportunity to argue their cases from the perspective of the question as reframed by the Court, thereby placing them at a disadvantage.

36. What is more, had the Court allowed the parties to address it in the context of the rephrased question, they would have had a fair chance to put forward their arguments on what mischief parliament intended to remedy by specifically providing in black and white under Article 106(3) that A PERSON WHO HAS TWICE HELD OFFICE AS PRESIDENT IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR ELECTION AS PRESIDENT.

37. At the end of the day, we, and the many Zambians we speak for, are left wondering why the Court took the path it did in a case of such magnitude and far reaching effect.

38. We are left wondering how it can be that Mr Lungu never held office from January 2015 to September 2016, despite executing all the functions of President and enjoying all the benefits and emoluments of that office. How can it be that he was President, but did not hold office as President at the same time, in seeming defiance of logic?

39. For a detailed review of the Judgment, we invite members of the public to carefully read the analysis as rendered by National Restoration Party president, Mr Elias Chipimo, on the 9 th of December 2018, a copy of which is annexed hereto as an addendum, which analysis we the undersigned fully endorse and adopt on our own behalves and on behalf of the Political Parties we represent.

The effect of the Judgment on Zambia’s cherished Democracy

40. It is evident from the state of the law as it stands today that by enacting the Constitutional amendments of 2016, the PF put into motion a well-orchestrated plan to hijack Zambia’s much cherished democracy, using an amended Constitution which was designed with flaws and hidden agendas to suit the PF.

41. We thus ask Zambians to note the following key holdings contained in the Judgment:

(i) The decision by the Court not to accept the very clear wording of Article 106 (3) which states that a person who has twice held office as President is not eligible for election as President; and

(ii) The decision by the Court to instead rely on the provisions of Article 106 (6), (which relate to a Vice President that assumes office as President pursuant to Article 106(5)(a) or to a person that is elected to the office of President pursuant to Article 106(5)(b)) in order to arrive at the conclusion that Mr Lungu did not serve a qualifying term when he completed late President Sata’s term, may his soul rest in peace, and as such that Mr Lungu can serve more than two terms and more than 10 years in office.

42. From the above, it is evident that some of the far reaching effects and consequences of interpreting the Constitution in such a manner remain unaddressed.

43. For the first time in the History of Zambia, and contrary to the will of the people as demonstrated in the brief historical background above, a Court has legalized the holding by a person of a THIRD TERM.

44. Whether or not Mr Lungu’s initial term is deemed not have been a full, qualifying term under the Court’s interpretation of the law, the reality is that he served as President for the period of that term, was paid his emoluments as such and was sworn in again on

13th September 2016 for his current term. The judgment opens the door for him to do so again; for him to have a third stint in office, contrary to the resolve of Zambians in 1991 and 2001 when we said clearly NO THIRD TERM. The power is in our hands fellow citizens to say once again, but this time to Mr Lungu and the PF, NO THIRD TERM, we shall not allow it!

45. In the same spirit of the Zambian people, we shall not allow any single person to hold office for more than 10 years as this opens the door for despotism. Examples are plenty in Africa where the Constitution is manipulated so as to allow dictators to extend their rule and this is what we are seeing today. It will begin with a one year six month’s extension, then another extension of 2 years and 11 months, and so on until Mr Lungu is in office in perpetuity. Zambians must not allow this and the power is in our hands to SAY NO TO MORE THAN 10 YEAR’S RULE BY ANYONE!

46. As a matter of law and fact, by holding that a term of less than three years cannot be deemed a qualifying term for purposes of eligibility to stand for election as President, the Constitutional Court has created a dangerous precedent and a Constitutional crisis given the provisions of Article 81(4) to (9) of the Constitution which allow the President to, upon reference to (no other than) the Constitutional Court, dissolve parliament at any time during his tenure, resulting in the holding of fresh general elections within 90 days thereafter.

47. As things stand therefore, country men and women, and with the current perception around the Constitutional Court, there is a very real danger that before the lapse of this and any future term of office that Mr Lungu, or indeed any subsequent President, may hold he can perpetuate his stay in office by dissolving Parliament before the lapse of three years and will be eligible to stand again as the time already served will not qualify as a full term for purposes of disqualifying him from eligibility.

48. Fellow Zambians, the Constitutional crisis that now exists and is highlighted above is an assault on our democracy of the worst kind as it brings back the wamuyayaya formula that we Zambians rejected in 1991. We urge you to reject it once again!

49. It is clear that this situation is part of Mr Lungu’s elaborate plan to kill democracy in Zambia as he has said time and time again that he would sacrifice democracy.

50. Zambia is bigger than one man and his friends and, collectively as citizens, we must put a STOP to it.

Our message to the people

51. The time has come for all Zambians to unite against those that wish to kill our hard earned democracy and to protect our Constitution as we swore to do in the preamble to the same Constitution in which we committed to upholding the principles of democracy and good governance.

52. We collectively owe our beloved motherland and ourselves the right and duty to defend the Constitution and to resist or prevent any person from overthrowing, suspending or illegally abrogating the Constitution and our rights as enshrined therein.

53. It is not about Banda, Chanda, Chipimo, Hakainde, Kambwili, Lukuku, Milupi, Mulongoti, Siwale, Tembo or the opposition as a whole but about the people of Zambia, our children and their children.

Our call for action

54. We therefore ask you our fellow Zambians in the exercise of your right and duty to defend and protect the Constitution, our democracy and mother Zambia:

(i) To exercise your democratic right to demonstrate lawfully and peacefully for the re-amendment of the Constitution, for a return to the rule of law, for an end to the abuse of the Public Order Act, for the restoration of fundamental human rights, civil liberties and freedoms and for an end to the abuse of Institutions of State.

(ii) To rise up from your slumber and demand that a new, people driven Constitutional review process be undertaken by the Ministry of justice
immediately to amend the current Constitution and remove any ambiguity so that no person can claim eligibility to stand for a THIRD TERM. Let us say in one voice NO THIRD TERM FOR MR LUNGU OR ANYONE ELSE.


(iv) To demand for radical judicial reforms the Kenya and South Africa way and for the consequent ABOLITION OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL COURT.

(v) To join us in the fight against corruption;

(vi) To unite as one and to Act together NOW to protect your POWER, THE PEOPLE’S POWER, from being abused and taken away by the greedy and corrupt elements of our society;

(vii) To bring an end to politically motivated intolerance, an end to political violence, to restore the peace, love and unity for which Zambia is renowned and to restore the dignity of mother Zambia by speaking out against all that is wrong and un Zambian in our Country today, tomorrow and for the foreseeable future;

(viii) To say NO TO UNREALISTIC AND EXCESSIVE TAXES AND LEVIES on your already overstretched income; and, most importantly

(ix) To demand for accountability in the use of public wealth and the prudent and equitable distribution of resources to key areas of need including health,education, water and sanitation AND FOR THE LOWERING OF PRICES OF FUEL, MILLIE MEAL AND OTHER ESSENTIAL COMMODITIES.

55. We as opposition political parties open our doors to all Zambians, other like-minded political parties, including the multitudes of unhappy members of the PF and other organisations or associations to join us and together we do what is best for mother Zambia and one another.

56. Zambia calo cesu elo twa kwata fye cimo, and the time for action is now. We must use all lawful means available to protect our great Nation Zambia!


57. We commit ourselves to serving our motherland above ourselves.

58. We shall not relent in the battle to save our democracy and so we shall explore all local and international legal avenues to address the current situation obtaining in Zambia.

59. We remain united in purpose as the opposition.



  1. Alliance for Democracy and Development Charles L Milupi
  2. National Democratic Congress Chishimba Kambwili
  3. National Restoration Party Elias Chipimo
  4. New Labour Party Fresher Siwale
  5. Patriots for Economic Progress Sean E Tembo
  6. Peoples Party Mike Mulongoti
  7. Republican Progressive Party James Lukuku
  8. United Party for National Development Hakainde Hichilema



  1. Marriage of convenience. Despite PF failing lamentably to give people 3 decent meals a day especially in rural areas, you chaps are failing to take advantage of the situation. So who is your joint President?

    • @ Gabriel, can you please enlighten us how “you chaps are failing to take advantage of the situation”?
      Please, no suggestion of illegal activities!

    • Kikikikiki … Yaba oh Yaba!!! What a bunch of losers. Everyone knows it’s sheer hatred for ECL.

      You don’t get to win anything in this life based on hatred … Love instead conquers all things and don’t you pretend you’re patriots.

      Patriots respect the rule of law and fight within the legal frameworks to change unjust laws. You don’t change laws by being President, you change them in Parliament.

      But all you losers are only gunning for nothing but the presidency which shows that you are nothing but a bunch of dictators.

      You want your own dictates to the dictates of the country and it’s no wonder none of you are elected officials even in your own political parties.

      Patriots my foot … Heaven help us all!!!

    • Good lord; here comes the clowns! And where is the other Bemba UPND mascot GBM? All I see in the picture is the new side chick CK.

    • WYNTER KABIMBA EXPLAINED IT WELL WITH FEW WORDS. “Lungu changed the constitution” and “phraseology” DIDN’T march with his INTENTIONS. NOT FINISHING term inferred the VICE PRESIDENT who could assume OFFICE WITHOUT ELECTIONS not someone voted in.

      Thank you Kabimba!…

    • They have a point and I’m inclined to believe them.

      Especially if you read their statement instead of commenting anyhow.


    • HH is really hell burnt on making Zambians riot and cause anarchy because to him that’s the only way he’s going to be president.
      I also like to believe that in politics you have to know your target audience. The Chiluba third term you are talking about can only be remembered by people of a certain age and 90% of them died from the HIV pandemic leaving only their children who don’t even remember what Chiluba looked like. So good luck prying phones from their hands to demonstrate for a cause they don’t care about.

    • The signing up of titular parties to be HH’s “subject” by the same political failures with zero Marginal benefit to Zambians is born out of dangerous desperation by brother him. In Behavioral economics we relate this circus to the law of diminishing utility because there is a decline in satisfaction for circus among Zambians who see no derivable value from this such mindless talk-shows. Thought protected by the constitution in a democracy, Zambians wonder the political foresight of HH if he has any. His voyage has been of endless alliances born and instantly aborted whenever he is challenged to open its leadership to mature opponents. It’s another alliance brought in dead only viable in the heads of his cyber-stalking trolls.
      Remember UDA…Good luck!

    • First of all, these f00ls should define what a “TERM” is in our Constitution. From there they should then decide whether they are simply EDUCATED F000LS or FAILED SPIN DOCTORS!

      What you can’t do in Constitutional Law or understanding the Constitution is to read clauses in isolation. The THIRD TERM mantra is bogus and a made up political slogan not supported by the Constitution. Holding the office of the Presidency for LESS THAN THREE (3) YEARS does not constitute a TERM as defined by our Constitution. Get your act together ba Opposition and offer the Zambian people something different for a change.

    • @1.4 please read clause 106 (6) b of the amended constitution. Its sad if Mr Kabimba said what you are saying because the article talks both about the vice president or the person elected. If every Zambian will be sincere on this issue, we should not blame Edgar Lungu for this. Because we had an opportunity to refuse going to 2016 with an amended constitution but instead use the 1996 one which was allowing victory with simple majority. But the petition provision and 50% +1 one was too sweet for the opposition to see other things in the constitution. So the way forward is if genuinely its about people’s rights and welfare, can this ‘formidable’ team begin advocating for the referendum they shot down in 2016

    • Tuma opposition twamu Zambia kukonda ma sensationalising! Ati: this very critical point in the History of our Country. What was critical about the occasion? Life was going on and is still going on as usual. Organize yourselves for the next election.
      Only Chipimo has a solid argument against Lungu

  2. I am PF but a confession today, WE ARE A COMPLETE FAILED PROJECT. I cant pretend, did we not promise people lower taxes, is it happening? A big NO. Did we not promise more money in peoples pockets, is it happening NO. Did we not promise people jobs, do we have jobs, No we don’t. So simple assessment of the issues I have highlighted, simple logic. Clear Failure. Enjoy Japan

  3. We stopped Chiluba’s third term attempt because he was trying to change the constitution to suit his desires. This time it’s different, you handed Lungu the so called “THIRD TERM” on a silver platter because of your foolishness. Instead of scrutinizing the draft constitution before enactment, hakainde’s slaves masquerading as MPs were busy boycotting parliament with zero input to the final document. Have you seen now? And get it in your thick heads, the concourt ruling is final. Lungu will be on the ballot in 2021

  4. The judgement has been past by the Constitutional court, just start preparing to fight in the ballot box, stop confusing yourselves. Take the advantage of failures by PF govt. By saying that ECL is not eligible you are just wasting your time. This is the time to start selling your manifestos to the voter, but instead you start waffling. You are just telling us that you can’t stand with ECL in 2021. Please prepare yourself time is now not tomorrow. Why are you afraid of him kanshi mwebantu imwe?

  5. We stopped Chiluba’s third term attempt because he was trying to change the constitution to suit his desires. This time it’s different, you handed Lungu the so called “THIRD TERM” on a silver platter because of your fo.olishness. Instead of scrutinizing the draft constitution before enactment, hakainde’s slaves masquerading as MPs were busy boycotting parliament with zero input to the final document. Have you seen now? And get it in your thick heads, the concourt ruling is final. Lungu will be on the ballot in 2021

    • Did FTJ propose the third term to parliament so the constitution can be amended or was it a debate within the party?? upnd and the cartel concentrated on the 50+1 clause and petition to knock out ECL. hh has changed the party constitution to remain head after 12 years and 5 failed attempts. His people say we love him that’s why he can stand again. This guy is a danger to our democracy and nation!!!

    • I’m not disappointed with Chipimo because I found out that he’s detached from real people. I came to know his true charecter when I greeted him at the Ndola Cathedral and acted as if I didn’t exist. A real person pays attention to each and every person he meets.

    • Ndanje Khakis,

      I had a similar experience with Chipimo at Nairobi International Airport. Although we had talked and exchanged business cards a few months earlier in Lusaka, he seemed to have forgotten me when I greeted him!

  6. I mean you argue with your Friend: It goes like this

    You say IV + III = 8 and your friend says IV + III = 7. Then you hire the lawyers the top money can buy and approach the court and sit through hours of debate from both your side and your friend side about Roman numeral arithmetics and whatever, and then the judge asks your lawyers what is really the issue. Then both your lawyers and your friends agree that the issue is the DEFINING AND MEANING of these two Roman numeral symbols , IV and III. Then the judges, after hearing your debates, go and deliberate and study all ancient books rules of Roman writing and conclude that basically IV means 4 and III mean 3 and so 4+3 = 7

    And now you decide to jump up and down and insult the judges and insist that the answer is 8…

  7. “2. However, over the years following the death of President Michael Sata, may his soul restin peace, in 2014, the democratic space, and with it the fortunes of our beloved country, has shrunk to the point where Zambia is all but a totalitarian Nation today.”

    They use such big words. Do they even know what TOTALITARIAN means?

    • Let them ask Kagame, Museveni and of Idi Amin and Joseph Mobutu if they want to know what TOTALITARIAN means. If it were were they even going to hold their meeting let alone issue such inflammatory words.

  8. As much as it is your democratic right to do this, in my opinion there are situations that happened in the past that would make it difficulty for people to respond to your call. 1. UPND campaigned against the referendum which if supported would have given Zambians the same rights you have highlighted in your article 2. Before the president signed the consititution in law you saw it and you knew what you are talking about but since UPND was sure that they will win the presidential bye election they ignored the less than 3 not being a term of office. Regardless of who won in 2016 we would have been with the same debate today. Lastly I would advise that don’t call for violence as stated in point 44 and 45. Theres a government in place and we can …

  9. You’re saying let’s say no to third term. How are you going to reverse the concourt decision on Mr Lungu standing in 2021? We don’t want confusions that you want to bring to this peaceful country.We say ‘abash’ to your destructive means of doing things. What kind of democracy do you need that do not respect the highest court of our mother Zambia?

  10. Cont. Theres a government in place and we can sort out constitution problems in a better way than shedding blood. We should not easily resort to actions that will spill people’s blood, because God’s judgment is always generational for those who spill or cause the death of innocent people. Why can’t you mobilise yourselves under one candidate? Already in your point 15 you are saying you are not ready to field in one candidate. What a paradox. In 1991 people united under one party so if you are calling people to the 1991 kind of response you first form one party then come to the people. Otherwise don’t waste people’s time. To Zambians my simple advise is don’t be deceived if these people have the interest of the nation they should first become one.

  11. ECL on the ballot for 2021 has sent serious chills down the spines of the opposition from what l see.
    Its like a foregone conclusion that defeat is imminent hence the collective fear and panic.
    The same opposition and some NGOs are the ones who pressured for the release of the current constitution with its ambiguities. The same opposition campained against the referendum .

    Opposition parties and NGOs should not blame the courts but rather do an introspection and tell the citizens that it is them that are responsible for consitutional mess.

  12. Elias Chipmunk Jr says that nobody should serve more than 10 years. Ok no problem since we already shredding the constitution why don’t we allow Edgar to stand and serve 3 years to make it 10 years. And you want people to riot? Who in his right mind is going to do that. Take your own families to riot since it’s who wants to become president?

  13. Please term your bitterness and desperation for power. Don’t ride on Zambians like horses to pursue your selfish ambitions. As Zambians, we’re not dull to read your desperation for power and that you’re capable of doing anything evil to get to state house.

  14. Harry Kalaba is senselessly being followed by the Police FORCE and being disturbed and there is a leadership in the country which is quite and not condemning the nonsense. Where is the Leadership here. You canT go on like this and this is the only time I agree with Kambwili “Ifintu fimbi kulaumfwako insoni”. EXTREMELY embarrassing for our autocracy.

    • @17 and 18 – Because he wants to eat with both hands. Why don’t you ask your f.oolish Kalaba to step down from PF first? PF has not sanctioned anybody to be campaigning for the Presidency – and Kalaba is a Member of Parliament under PF.

  15. Google hh interview on sabc.he cant account for his actions.

    He goes on international media to promote his image yet fails to answer basics questions.

    How did you become a multi millionaire

    ANSWER. No thats not important. Am here to save not to make money.

    • Hot FM-Do you have evidence that grz has sold ZAFFICO to Chinese??
      hh-I did not incite anyone to riot..


  16. PF was propoor during the time of President Micheal Sata,, what we have now is a recanate of MMD under Rupia Banda and Fredrik Chiluba,, we told them that don’t vote for Ediga Lungu,, well, they voted for him,, now there is serious poverty,, I am now seeing old ladies selling food at bus stops on the copper belt, something we never use to see back then,, we are going to vote for Edigar Lungu,, so that there is more poverty in the country,, so that irritate people can learn to think before acting

  17. I have tried to read 50% of the statement and it all sounds like it is HH’s usual cry baby staff then I have read the comments only to notice that none of the people who have commented above have even bothered to read the so called full statement because either they already know and are used to HH usual ranting or they just think it it a waste of time.
    UPND MPs and even Kambwili were part of the constitutional making process. The concourt only applied what the constitution says.

  18. No Unip the mother of our independence, no MMD the mother of multipartism, no FDD the opposer of 3rd term and no Rainbow party. …who are these “top” parties. Just campaign for 2021.

  19. Article 106
    accordance with clause (5)(a), or a person is elected to the office of President as a result of an election held in accordance with clause 5(b), the Vice-President or the President-elect shall serve for the unexpired term of office and be deemed, for the purposes of clause (3)—
    (a) to have served a full term as President if, at the date on which the President assumed office, at least three years remain before the date of the next general election; or
    (b) not to have served a term of office as President if, at the date on which the President assumed office, less than three years remain before the date of the next general election.
    Like it or not this means EL is eligible to stand again :PLEASE READ THE CONSTITUTION before you comment

    • Thats why any sensible Zambian should not respond to the call of violence made in point 44 and 45. Let these people go to the streets themselves not other people’s children. Yes things can be better than they are now but we will not throw the dirty water together with the baby(peace). Ok let us assume, the concourt erred, we can make a decision as Zambians to vote for ECL or another party. Assuming ECL wins in 2021. He will only have 5 years and he leaves. So what is wise to do? Wait for 5 years or destroy the nation and become like Sudan, DRC or Syria. I think 5 years is not such a long time for any political party with good intentions for the country. The challenge we have is that political parties don’t rely on ideologies but on certain individuals leading them.

  20. These idi0tz must stop frequenting hotels and conferencing.

    Zambians need practical input into challenges they are facing.

    Besides,HH has never agreed with anybody who is non-Tonga.So,what the f#ck are those monkeys doing with him?

    • Please don’t insult elderly people no matter how you feel they are wrong. One day one of them including HH may become president and what we should encourage them to do now is to convince Zambians with what they can do better than PF. Insulting them is not good please. I have learnt a lesson that our parliamentarians don’t pay attention to issues or details in the documents that pass through parliament. Since HH is the only one with MPs in this group, if I were him I would first take to task the party MPs for not bringing out this issue. This tenure is was topical because it came about as a result of two sitting presidents dying in office. So for them not to pay attention to the phrasing of what constitutes a term after the sitting president dies, its a shame.

  21. Am disappointed with Elias Chipimo, How can you align your self with losers honestly???, I was watching your interview on prime TV and for once I thought something tangible was taking place then this.

  22. What is this party called? Who is the head? Where are Winter, Miyanda as opposition ? Where are the party cards? And why is 56 written in Chipimos language???

  23. Yaba, self imploding! There are valid reasons why marrying blood relations is abhorred. The behaviour of this grouping is like 2nd / 3rd descendents of brother and sister marrying each other at each stage!

  24. A batch of frustrated, disgruntled, power hungly, failed polititians calling for blood shed…!!! Police, plz take charge!!! Hh and your fellow jealous polititians plz organise your families to riot and leave the peaceful zambians alone…!

  25. Any other court in any other country with the same constitution then Edgar would have been disqualified. Only in zambia with the concourt even the sun can rise from the west if Edgar says so.

  26. I have seen now why HH looses election. He concentrate on wrong things. For the past two years he has been busy in the courts corridors. Yet ECL is busy fulfilling some campaign promises and meeting people. The court start campaign…you trying to argue with the converse court. To have money. It’s a problem mwe. It’s true you cannot advise a woman in love and a man with money

  27. Mapatizya formula presidential aspirant and the Tokota presidential aspirant with other non thinkers on the drawing board calculating the 2021 way forward. Sorry guys. Viva ECL.

  28. 1. Thank you the Bitter Opposition.

    2. The Joint statement is just an Academic Essay.

    3. The student however failed the Development and the Conclusion segments by targeting a single personality.

    4. The opposition Union was not complete. Where was Kalaba, Mutati and Mumba? Maybe the student would have concluded better.

    5. It is sad that the essay writer failed to distinguish the definition of “TERM” as in the Constitution and mixed up the inference of “TWO TERMS”, “THIRD TERM” and “MORE THAN TEN YEARS” in circular life

    6. Do not confuse us that are placed to perpetuate policy directives of the country for prosperity and develpmental sustenance.

    7. The panic to rule quickly and assume power is misdirecting your thoughts and make days appear longer than necessary…

  29. Yaba, can’t read such cra.p, was it meant for Zambians or trib.als?
    From the heading (which is the only nonse.nse that I could read ), I see Hacks reaping a presidential petition style of results in futility.
    Jay Gay, are you there? Kindly read this stuff for me. If it’s don’t give me a feedback. And if it is not don’t give me a feedback either …kikikikiki

  30. The truth is you guys are fearing lungu you have been trying by all ways 1) impeachment 2)third term 3)he is not Zambian 4)he is sick 5)corrupt 6)travelling too etc this shows how much you fear to stand with him.This indicates that you are useless you can t plan but only looking at friend.
    People know who has been burning markets the vote will make you pay back

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