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President Edgar Lungu assures Japanese investors


President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) speaks during the tour of Toshiba Energy Systems Keihin Operations in Tokyo,Japan on Tuesday,December 18,2018. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2018
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) speaks during the tour of Toshiba Energy Systems Keihin Operations in Tokyo,Japan on Tuesday,December 18,2018. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2018

President Edgar Lungu has assured Japanese investors that their investment is safe in Zambia. The President said that Zambia believed in the rule of law and that the property rights are respected.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda told ZNBC News that President Lungu made the assurance when he met a number of investors in Tokyo on Tuesday.

Mr. Chanda said that investors were also assured that government has laws that support the growth of both the private and public sectors.

Mr Chanda said the President gave the Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs the correct position on the country’s debt situation. Mr. Chanda said investors and governments officials should be free to get information from government and not online media.

And The Japanese government has said that there is growing interest by Japanese firms wanting to invest in various sectors of Zambia’s economy.

Japanese Vice Minister for International Affairs, Yasuhiro Shinohara said that this was because of the good relationship that exists between the two countries.

Mr. Yasuhiro said that the good business environment in Zambia was another reason why most Japanese firms want to invest in the country.

He said this when Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development, Ronald Chitotela paid a courtesy call on him at his office in Tokyo.

And Mr Chitotela said Zambia will work with countries like Japan to develop its infrastructure. Mr Chitotela said he was happy that Japan has shown willingness to look at possibilities of working together to modernize the Luangwa Bridge.

He said the bridge is very important as it promotes agriculture in Eastern province and trade with other provinces in Zambia.


  1. Investing in Zambia is very easy.

    Just make sure you give officials thick brown envelopes, and you can do whatever you like.

    You can own guns, own land, impregnate locals etc. etc.

    We have a government for foreigners, run by foreigners.

    • The Japanese are a very honorable people. They invest intelligently, so as their country’s name is not pulled through mud and grime. They Chinese are more African with their money international policies. Japan is a great a old time friend of Zambia. Remember JICA, this is a trip well thought out by the government.

    • Lyonse ni foreign investor, foreign investor! These are really rubbish government policies way back to MMD times. What kind of governments have no empowerment policies or programs. Just to ensure Zambians own the economy. Not the only Zambians with some money are those who have stolen it from government, one way or the other. And they all hide the stollen money outside the country. Panama is the popular destination. With time we will hear were others (in PF) are hiding it. Zed leaders, awe!!

    • Lungu’s foreign trips are very suspicious.
      In 2016 he traveled to Israel on the pretext of wooing investors. Today we are seeing the fruits of his visit – He bought himself 2 private jets which will be fitted with ridiculous Anti-missile Lazers in Israel. While there he tried to buy ZCCM-IH through a shelf company called Sapir Capital.
      – In 2017 he traveled twice to Swaziland in a space of 2 weeks. Later we saw house plans of his mansion in Swaziland, a bribe from Nyatsi Road Construction.
      We need Leaders in State House NOT Dealers!

    • Some of these foreign trips are not adding any value to our country. Ambassadors and high commissioners can handle some of the tasks. Honestly, do we need the whole presidential entourage to go and negotiate for investors? And some people here are praising Lungu.

  2. Unfortunately for you guys, and fortunately for the Nation, the Japs don’t pay bribes or inflate invoices. So mwaloba ilyauma. You can’t do Japanese projects at the Chinese cost

    • Am sure u have bought vehicles from Japan and u will agree with me that the Japs are actually the 1st ones to offer you alternative invoices that are underpriced, so i find it hard to believe when you say the Japs don’t compromise.

  3. My President you are such a hard worker. Just sleeping at State House can not bring us the much needed investment. Your hard work might not bear fruits immediately but will surely do so in the near future. You have my vote come 2021.

  4. There is really no need for Japanese investors as we have so many Chinese human being here. The trip to Japan was just to earn allowances.

  5. I think Japanese investment should be more welcome than Chinese because they are more advanced in terms of technology and very successfull in all the projects they implement outside their country. On the other hand, the Chinese seem to be on a shopping spree in Africa – similar to a city tycoon who goes to the village to gain recognition by demonstrating his wealth.

    • Nine Chale old friend, you have taught us well with those words. I stop by from time to time to see my colleagues of the original Lusaka Times. Remember Engine Bloko, Mama and the rest! Japan sounds like a good development partner like Sweden or Norway. President Lungu is now listening to the educated Zambian Diaspora, not the naysayers and PF elites. Wish LT old timers like MMD chief Bootlicker and his one sided post still exist and have grown in maturity. Democracy is very much alive.

  6. Assure them of what!!!! No one follows any rule of law, these can change at any time in zambia, the guy is a drunkard he tends to forget overnight what the rules are.

  7. You wont get any kickbacks and bribes there Lazy bone Edgar via inflated loans like your Chinks friends at the expense of Zambians..

  8. Unfortunately, the two never go together. Its either you deal with China or with Japan and not the two of them at the same time. The more we embrace China, the further Japan will be

  9. If there’s a rule of law why the government keep its people guessing and allowing “The predatory practices pursued by China and Russia stunt economic growth in Africa“ a good investor need to pose these questions .

  10. Lungu should instead be assuring locals and boosting their self belief that they too can be as good ,if not better than , as Japanese.Foreigners won’t keep developing your country for you.


    • Just compare the holidays Zambia has..add to that the holidays this lazy thing on the picture declares. Japs are innovators “industrious” is not the right word as they move on quickly with systems and management techniques but everything is underpinned by Lean management..something this reckless empty tin Edgar would never know with his waste and greed for luxury things like jets for 5 people!!

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