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80 Kafue Textiles workers retrenched in 1992 want President Lungu’s help to get their packages


Over 80 Former Kafue Textiles of Zambia workers who were the first to be retrenched in 1992 have written to President Edgar Lungu to help them get their unpaid retrenchment packages.

According to a letter dated 26th November 2018 addressed to President Lungu which was also copied to Kafue District Commissioner Joseph Kamana and Kafue UPND MP Miriam Chonya, signed by Ex KTZ Workers Committee Chairman Masuzyo Nyirenda on behalf of 86 Others, the former workers pleaded for mercy from the head of state to help them get their money which they worked for.

“We were the first casualties of this action by way of retrenchment or redundancy as early as 1992 to 1995. Our case had been in and out of the High Court in 2004 and referred to Zambia Development Agency which was then known as Zambia Privatisation Agency for settlement of the dispute under the scheme of arrangement which has since failed to be implemented yet other groups are being paid without prejudice”, read the letter in part.

Mr. Nyirenda said the purpose of writing to President Lungu to appeal for help is for him to show mercy on them and intervene into their case by helping them.

The workers lamented that they did not commit a crime by working for KTZ for them to deserve punishment of such magnitude.

“We trust and are confident enough that, you our President, being a listening father would one day act to rescue your mourning children”, the workers said.


  1. This is totally disgusting.

    The cost of one foreign trip by Lungu would probably pay off all these workers (and a lot more) what is owed to them.

    Totally disgusting by this PF government, and others before it.

    • Sheep asking a wolf for assistance…these are people who just increased their salary, ask ZAMPOST workers who have not been paid for 5 months

    • Kikikikikikiki. I thought he sold the mines? Now it’s Kafue textiles! What didn’t he sell? This was a 30 year old guy at a time, not in government, how did he manage to sell government assets? I need to know his formula, maybe I can sell ZESCO and make some money for me.

  2. The majority of the bloggers are taking this as a joke. You have workers who toiled for this nation and now are still waiting for their terminal benefits for the past 26 years? Let us have empathy for these former workers. I am sure a number of them have long passed away. Let us avoid passing jokes on the sufferings of people.

  3. For 26 years you are still waiting for your money. Just collect the fire tender at kafue fire brigade it is worth enough to pay all of you twice over according to government sources.

    • The problem has seen 5 presidents so which are you calling trainee? This is not a light issue. I wish your father was one of the affected perhaps you would understand the pain.

  4. Just ignore these useless bloggers who think its a joke…the few of us will blog maturely and rationally….I share the same anger and grief to read about our own patriotic zambians who have not been paid their dues years after they were declared redundant. I am not even sure how a christian nation can be so proud about the current status of the state..this is repugnant and very annoying..please pay the ex-workers including those from other entities..!!!

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