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Mother drowns her son in water well

Rural News Mother drowns her son in water well

Police in Mwense district have arrested a 24-year-old woman of chief Kashiba’s area for allegedly killing her two year old biological son.

Luapula Province Police Commissioner Elias Chushi confirmed the development to ZANIS in Mwense and said the incident happened yesterday around 04:00 hours at Mukomansala village.

Mr. Chushi explained that Florence Mukobe allegedly threw her son into a shallow well where the community draws water from and later decided to jump into the same well.

He said villagers who rushed to the scene found that the baby had already died. Mukobe was removed from the well and was rushed to Mambilima mission hospital for medical attention.

The body of the deceased baby has been taken to Mambilima mission hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem while the suspect is in custody at Mwense police station.

Mr. Chushi said the suspect will appear in court soon.

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  1. Our women need conselling not arrest…………. They suffer from stress coming from raising children without fathers!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coz that is not a normal behavour……

    • No, they have to be arrested, prosecuted and sent to prison so that would-offenders can learn lessons. It is even better to abort than kill a full grown baby

    • No no no wait a minute! If baby was not tied up to a brick, then it was an accident. The baby dropped from mother’s back-wraper, and mother jumped in to save baby.

    • Imwe mwe PFinkula, tekanyeni.
      No, it was an accident.
      That’s not the way we dispose babies whose first teeth come out from upper jaw, ifinkula.

    • @Musa I agree with you. This woman was traumatized she needs psyciatric assessment and if found to have been mentally unstable she should not be imprisoned but sent to Chainama.

  2. what journalism school did some of these reporters/writers attend?
    I guess in Zambia there are no allegations.
    @musa and hra, does that story hold any merit to you to quickly start castigating her and ostracizing women in general? do you believe everything you read at face value? use your analytical sense and think things through.
    Zambian society is too quick to pass judgement… that one committed suicide for instance, just cuz one is found hanging.
    stop jumping at stories with your own conclusions, i’d sure your a ss if you write a story like this if I were involved. I don’t even know who you are.. a reporter does just that, reports, a reporter has no right or professional acumen to throw/draw conclusions at a story they are reporting. that’s very wrong.
    wake up!

  3. Comment: what is happening mu zambia kanshi to this woman others are looking to have a babies God help us.

  4. It could have been an accident because how do you explain the woman jumping in the well herself? Maybe she was trying to save the baby. Or kafisherman husband was neglecting the baby thus provoking frustration which could have lead to the incident. It is very common in my village.

  5. In most developed countries, you’d never come across journalists making verdicts such as the one in this story. The matter would be referred to the police who would start investigations, involve psychiatry/ psychology, social services for any collateral history etc. A legal verdict for the cause of death plus the mother’s psychiatric analysis would be completed and made known to those that need to know. What we see here is that journalists and members of the public and even the police decide the cause of death without any investigations or evidence. Really bad practice !!

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