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Teaching Council of Zambia warns unlicensed teachers


Teaching Council of Zambia
Teaching Council of Zambia

The Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) has appealed to teachers who have not yet registered for licensing to immediately do so and avoid being inconvenienced.

TCZ Spokesperson Malonga Ngoza told ZANIS in an interview in Mufumbwe district yesterday that the council will not allow unlicensed teachers to interact with their leaners as doing so is against the law.

Ms. Ngoza however said it was encouraging that there are over 146,000 teachers registered with TCZ so far and 70,000 more have submitted their application to the council.

She said when teachers are licensed by the council, the public can be assured that their children are in the hands of a qualified person.

And various stakeholders in Mufumbwe district have applauded government for creating the TCZ.

Head teacher at Kalende day secondary school, Stephen Chipango, said members of society have time and again complained over unprofessional behaviours of some teachers.

Mr. Chipango said it was sad that there were some teachers who are fond of behaving in an unacceptable manner such as reporting for work drunk.

Esther Kuufa, a Mufumbwe resident, said the creation of TCZ will help private schools to stop employing unqualified teachers in their institutions.

Meanwhile, another resident, Abel Kakewu has appealed to the TCZ to ensure that members of the general public are sensitized on the code of ethics.

Mr. Kakewu said the TCZ should not expect members of the general public to hold teachers accountable for their conduct if they lack understanding on the principles that govern the profession.

The TCZ is a statutory body established through an Act of Parliament, the Teaching Profession Act No. 5 of 2013.

Government officially inaugurated the council on June 27, 2014.

The Act mandates the TCZ to provide for the regulation of teachers, their practice and professional conduct, provide for the accreditation and regulation of colleges of education.


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  1. What does this registration involve? Submitting your details only or is there some exam involved? Pa Zed ku konda ma complex empty things cabe. Ni kaya mwe.

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