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EIZ should defend Government on unfair criticism on Infrastructure Development-Chitotela

Economy EIZ should defend Government on unfair criticism on Infrastructure Development-Chitotela

Housing and infrastructure Development Minister Ronald Chitotela has directed the Engineering Institute of Zambia to be proactive in explaining technical features associated with various infrastructure projects government is putting up across the country.

Mr. Chitotela says he expects the EIZ to defend the engineering profession by providing factual technical information on various projects government is undertaking.

The Minister says government has on several occasions been unfairly criticized by some people for constructing various projects but the EIZ has opted to remain silent despite having all the correct technical information.

Mr. Chitotela was speaking when the EIZ executive led by their president Engineer Sydney Matamwandi paid a curtesy call on him at his office in Lusaka.

“On several occasions, it has surprised me that the EIZ has not explained technical facts on various infrastructure projects which Government is putting up and some people have opted to spread falsehoods on them.” Mr. Chitotela said.

He cited the issue of the Michael Chilufya Sata Toll Plaza on the Ndola – Kitwe dual carriageway as one project which some people raised concerns on the cost of constructing it but that the EIZ remained silent when it had all the technical facts.

Mr. Chitotela said the EIZ should rise to the occasion and highlight technical facts associated with all infrastructure projects government is undertaking.

He also urged the institute to uphold professionalism and ethics among all its members.

“You must take action on some of your members who are employed as consultants on some poorly constructed projects in the country. It raises questions as to what motivated someone whether it is profit or just being unethical.” He said.

Meanwhile the Minister urged the EIZ to be innovative and assured the institute of unwavering government support.

And Engineer Matamwandi said the EIZ is always supportive of government policies.

He said the EIZ has a very strong disciplinary Committee and that it wants organisations and government to bring to its attention erring engineers so that action is taken against them.

And EIZ Vice president Engineer Eugene Haazele said the EIZ is aware that there is luck of knowledge among some people on most projects government is putting up especially roads.

He said there is need to explain to the people that roads are in different caaterories and that the cost for their construction also differs.

This is contained in a statement issued to the media by Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development Public Relations Officer Jeff Banda.

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  1. EIZ has been sleeping for lo g time. The only thi g they know best is to take working-breaks by holding unnecessary and unfruitful conferences in Livingstone. Surely it doesnt have to take the Republican President Mr Lungu to remind the engineers of their proactive role in Government developmental undertakings and the Minister on the dissemination of vital information to the public on infrastructure projects.
    Could it be that these same in EIZ leadership are the ones who in opposition and falsefully provide information to the desperate UPND? Its time EIZ became relevant in terms of projects participation, designs, monitoring and evaluations. For example i wonder whether the EIZ is playing a critical role in the Lusaka road decongestion project to ensure the country gets full benefits of…

    • Mr. Chitotela, be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.
      Your government has been economical with the truth. If EIZ gives us the truth, Amos and Dora will be in trouble. Sorry, I left you out. You will also be in trouble.

    • First things first: Get the expert analysis by EIZ before awarding these contracts. Do seclude then and expect them to defend what they don’t know!

    • How can EIZ be supporting PF projects which are built using foreign substandard engineers and techniques to cut costs so that Lungu and Chitotela can steal the difference between the quoted amount and actual cost of substandard construction.

      Chitotela will have some explaining to do in the near future for the huge amount if money spent on substandard projects like roads which last less than 3 months.

      Whatever Lungu and Chitotela have stolen and enjoying today is just but vanity which will disappear once OF falls.

    • Read the Minister’s statement again.
      He is saying EIZ must use the technical details already with the Engineers to explain the Government projects.
      He has not asked EIZ to defend Govt anyhow.

  2. They should also be proactive for the Government not funding these projects on time because contractors and consultants are Zambia who deserves be treated equally like any other citizen.

  3. Imagine. Some political Leader thinks a toll gate is just four pillars and shade. And EIZ is quiet. Do we really have Engineers in this country? Fake.

  4. Roads are in different categories .. and the Engineer ends there. Please professionals this is what the minister is saying be more professional and tell the nation about these specifications. What specs are for motor ways and ordinary roads.? Opposition leaders may not know this! But will exploit these things for their own selfish ends. Also Govt May exploit this to embezzle funds so let us do our part not merely flashing useless titles “ Engineer this and engineer that” for example a tarmac road in Dundumwezi will have different carrying load specs than the one between Lusaka and Copperbelt and consequently will cost differently but politicians will rate it the same.

  5. Eiz should explain if dual carriageway has been overpriced according to hh findings

    Why leave these tech matters to chanda boys

  6. Factoids are these vague statements that are repeated until they border fact. This is what is consistently happening in our country. As I understand it most shoddy works (especially roadworks) are done by contractors from outside of EIZ’s purview. I stand corrected. So whenever there is an engineering disaster we then start to ask where EIZ “was when it was happening”. Politicians bundle themselves on flights and negotiate singlehandedly for most of these shoddy works. Enough said mwe! Awee mwe!! mxxxxm!!!!

  7. A cheap shot at the EIZ. Calling in the EIZ post award of the contracts entered into dubiously is like attempting to close the barn door after the horse has left! He wants EIZ to justify his corrupt activities.

    • No Sir, Engineers are involved in the estimates of the projects even before the Bids are circulated.
      By the time contractors are bidding, Government had already consulted with Engineers e.g. RDA on the project estimates. In most case, Engineers estimates have been higher than contract prices.

  8. Being an Engineer myself… i have sworn come what may.. I will never pay for EIZ fees until this useless board is out.. if u stay quiet on overpriced capital projects and neglect the plight of the hundreds of unemployed potential EIZ members… trust me.. I will stay quiet on paying my license fees..get out of your aircon offices are mimic the pharmacy association policy which has helped its members find jobs..

  9. What this useless organisation does is that every foreigner who comes in this country is given a practicing licence as long as he/she pays the required fees. If Zambians still think they have an organisation that regulates the practice of Engineering then they live in Disneyland. The only thing EIZ does is getting money from people and organisations that practice Engineering. Look at how many Chinese, Indians and Boers are in this country practicing Engineering without proper qualifications. On the other hand, you have a lot of Zambian graduates without jobs. EIZ can’t even copy and paste what LAZ, ZIHRM or ZICA does. What a useless bunch of *****s. Let EIZ be used to defend corruption since right now they’re doing nothing.

  10. EIZ should explain to RATSA the cost of taking two hours to travel a distance of 80 kilometers. They should also educate them on metrology. It is unfair to be slapped with speeding fine for driving at 60.2 in a 60 zone.

    RATSA needs to standardise and simplify speed limits; 50 kmph for urban areas, 80 for peri-urban areas and 100 for Trunk roads. This will prevent police from stalking motorist and pissing us off on the main roads with the ridiculous 40 kmph speed limit!

  11. We don’t need EIZ to explain, just publish the bill of quantities and tender bidding documents for our analysis and final decision making.

  12. So chitotela wants EIZ also to become a surrogate of the PF government just like EAZ has become so that there they can say whatever they are doing whether right or wrong has the support of these bodies. EIZ stand your ground and say the truth. Don’t be intimidated by this man.

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