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Mutati Unveils 2019 Five Point Plan For his MMD Faction


Felix Mutati speaking at a Copperbelt provincial MMD card renewal
Felix Mutati speaking at a Copperbelt provincial MMD card renewal

MMD Faction president Felix Mutati has called on government to quickly resolve the challenges affecting their relationship with the mines as regards the new tax.

And Mutati has outlined a 5 point 2019 strategic plan for the party.

Speaking when he officially opened the Copperbelt provincial card renewal Mutati said government and mining companies should quickly sit down and resolve the challenges in the sector saying they are not competitors but partners.

He said the challenges in the mining sector should be resolved before jobs are lost.

And the MMD leader has told the membership on the copperbelt that the leadership has come up with a five point strategic plan for 2019.

He said the party has had challenges that need to be resolved and that the five points will help to set the tone for the party going forward.

He further outlined the five point plan as Continuation of card renewal in provinces, commencement of intraparty elections, resource mobilisation, the holding of a policy conference and the commencement of preparations for the convention.

He said the policy conference will inform the party on the way forward regarding the relationship with PF and the stance of the party in 2021 elections.

He explained that his party does not make decisions without consulting the membership hence the holding of a policy conference.

On the convention; Mutati said the leadership of the party in the MMD is not won at the courts.

He said all positions will be up for grabs including the presidency and that instead of going to court people should come and compete for positions.

And speaking earlier National Secretary of the party Rapheal Nakacinda called for discipline and unity.

He urged the membership to maintain discipline and unity as without the two things all their hard work would amount to nothing.

He told the membership to stop pitting the leadership against each other because that would only destroy the party.

Felix Mutati speaking at a Copperbelt provincial MMD card renewal
Felix Mutati speaking at a Copperbelt provincial MMD card renewal


  1. How come all these people gathered peacefully and went about their programs without any incident? I can assure you that if it were Hichilema and UPND there could have been bloodshed. Hichilema is the Hitler of Zambia

    • Hey Felix … Fact Check: No miner is losing their jobs. Mining companies have already negated on their threats.

      Next … Let’s roll

    • Love him or hating him HH is okay. I am not UPND and I will never be but I will not hate the man because a few qokai guys in the head fear him because of the competition he is offering. Simple minds

    • Mutati and Mumba, these two Bemba nincompoops, why do you fight over dead, finished party that will never ever rule Zambia again??
      Muleumfwako nensoni muli bakulu bonse.

  2. HH, please when you come in power, all these tuma small parties, just put them under UPND, they are distracting us, even the small VERY CORRUPT ones being controlled by PF now, take them alternatively deregister them please, I am begging

  3. kkkkkkkkkkkkkk when he comes into power.. when, when, when, when,when…….indeed. fortunately by 2065 some of these tuma small parties Will have disappeared from the face of this earth. lcikwanka ba cimona kumampalanya

  4. HH our next President. Soldier on. In every grouping of 10 Zambian 6 are UPND. By 2021 it will be out of 10 and 8 will be with the incoming leader. Imwe monse muyenda kuchifungo

  5. Mutati should wait for the court cases to finish before going on with this programmes unless he already has inside information on what the outcome will be hence his moving ahead with this programmes.

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