Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Chef 187 releases new single “Tuleya Tulekula“


Chef 187 released a new single titled  “Tuleya Tulekula“.

Listen to/ Download the song HERE


  1. Ndiye vichani ivi? This is not music. I love Chef but iyi ni miss. I gone to listen to bamudala ba PK Chishala na ba Paul Ngozi

  2. Am not a Zambian music funny..
    But take time and listen to the song don’t just condemn…
    The guy is talking about forgiving each other..
    Never keep a gladge for too long because you will not realize that you are in-slaving yourself…
    Learn to forgive and move on as a team…
    This applies to politicians, musicians and many more… United we stand divided we fall..

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