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Now Chitotela pushes for the arrest of Dr Chilufya, Kampyongo and Vincent Mwale


Minister of Infrastructure Ronald Chitotela on Tuesday leaving the ACC Headquarters in the company of his lawyer
Minister of Infrastructure Ronald Chitotela on Tuesday leaving the ACC Headquarters in the company of his lawyer

Embattled Housing and Infrastructure Minister Ronald Chitotela has stated pushing for the possible arrest of his Cabinet colleagues for corruption, highly placed ACC officers have revealed.

The officers who are not authorized to speak to Journalists said Mr Chitotela is determined to have other Ministers indicted on corruption charges so that he does not go down alone.

Mr Chitotela who on Wednesday pleaded not guilty to corruption charges levelled against him in the Lusaka Magistrate Court.

The officers revealed that revealed that Mr Chitotela is determined to have Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya, Local Government Minister Vincent Mwale and Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo arrested for corruption.

They said the Pambashe Member of Parliament has started producing documents and offering voluntarily information in the hope it will get the trio arrested.

The officers stated that Mr Chitotela has been telling them that he will not go down alone when there are other Ministers who are eating from corruption.

“What is happening is that Honourable Chitotela has realized that as much as President Lungu wants him to stay in his Cabinet, his arrest was orchestrated by his political enemies, so he has also started supplying us with some key data on the three Ministers. The idea is that if he is to go down, then he should not go down alone,” the sources said.

They said Mr Chitotela has also started giving them fresh evidence in the purchase of the Fire Trucks scandal in order that Mr Kampyongo is arrested over the controversial procurement.

The sources said the Commission is likely to start acting on Mr Chitotela’s information very soon because it appears credible.

“The Minister is now supplying us with unsolicited but key data around the dealings of his colleagues in Cabinet and it shouldn’t be too long before we move in to effect arrest,” they said.

The ACC officers added that Mr Chitotela could be out to sabotage President Lungu’s administration.

“It appears he is now determined to make the administration look bad, it’s some kind of sabotage if you like it. He has a bone to chew with Dr Chilufya over their political ambitions but it looks like he has now targeted Vincent (Mwale) and Minister Kampyongo,” they said.


  1. He’s reading from the same textbook as former ZAF weak man Chimese who vowed never to go alone when he was being interrogated. He even implicated Defence Minister Mwila and the current ZAF commander. If these people are clean, why didn’t they alert the ACC back then but only coming out after they’ve been arrested? Sour grapes from SMALL MEN

    • “The ACC officers added that Mr Chitotela could be out to sabotage President Lungu’s administration.”

      An CC officer shouldn’t be making such utterances. Such pronouncements are not only prejudicial but suggestive too.

  2. we are all ears Mr. Chitotela. They will start exposing each other since they are all corrupt. I am only supprised about Hon. Mwale. Never expected this about him

    • In simple Zambian English

      Mr Chittela ia alleging that, most if not the enitre cabonet are involved in corrupt practisex

      The President need to wield the act, but quiet frankly I have lost hope he will do the right thing

      Besides, just may maybe after all, Harry Kalaba is smiling quiet loudly somewhere

      This will NOT end well

      My President is not coming out of this with much credit.



    • Either this is fake news or the office of the ACC are so very dumb…

      Either what they are letting out is a culcukated move to have the ministers misstep into a trap or it is a dog whistle to the president to help Chitotela else azaulula.

      What a stupid ACC in my opinion… learn from Muller you iddiootttss don’t you follow the news?

      You do not reveal … whether unnonimously or not… keep it under wraps swiiines!!!!

    • Sounds like fake news. How can anticorruption start with a gossip instead of going to investigate and and bring to book corrupt Kampyongo. He has taken long to explain the truck he concealef in his brother’s name. Kampyongo and Mwale time is ripe to be investigated. Projects in Chinsali have stalled and the Alfa does not want this laziness of Kampyongo to spill to other provinces.

    • This is why people don’t believe in news anymore…this is fake news…Lusaka times will end up with no traffic just like watchdog and mwebantu….and Lusaka times has lost alot of of traffic for the past 3 year….too much Kachepa and rumor mongering

    • What have we created…this is what happens when the system is rotten..they are all going down: Chilufya, Mwale, Kamponygo …BUFFOON CK already told us but because he has a big mouth no one takes him seriously.

    • Wapya munzi

      Chitotela is not ready to go down alone. Eventually Lungu will also be mentioned in the mix together his handler Kaiser Zulu. Knives have come out against each other in PF. Eliminations will start very soon. It might be chitotela Kaiser or Lungu to be mysteriously killed to bury the hatchet. My guess is Chitotela has now clearly become a liability and if he not careful he might be eliminated by Lungu destroy the corruption link to him.

      Ba PF ba Chimbwi no plan at each others throat.

    • This is just the wish of so many Zambians … but it is most likely fake. The ACC doesn’t even have a strong case against this guy

    • We told you guys improve prison conditions but zeeee no one cared to listen, now we will see what happens when those at the top become those at the bottom.

    • Very daft ACC! It goes to show that they cannot instigate their own investigations and convictions. Either they are ill trained or just plain inept. Like someone has pointed out, they needed to keep it under wraps until they have a solid case against the culprits. LT and other media institutions must exercise restraint in publicising such stories until such time as it would be point of no return from conviction. Now we wait as the saga continues…

    • Lusaka times….you’ve lost credibility and i will NEVER visit your website again….how can someone pleads not guilty and say he wont go down alone…..shame on you Lusaka times…useless half baked journalist….Good bye see you in the next life…No more on Lusaka times….am out!!!!!!!

    • The ACC officers are not supposed to be saying, “It appears he is now determined to make the administration look bad, it’s some kind of sabotage if you like it.” Whether that’s true or not, the ACC should be concerned with digging up the truth, finding credible evidence, and taking seriously any info and tips provided by Chitotela. Take his accusations of the other members of corrupt Lungu’s cabinet seriously. Follow the corruption trail, wherever it leads you. If it happens to lead you to Lungu himself, then let the nation know. In fact, you can use Chitotela to get to the core of this rampant corruption in Lungu’s administration. Tell Chitotela that his sentence will be reduced if he can provide credible information on other corrupt people, and corrupt activities in the…

    • … cabinet, including corruption info about Lungu. Don’t be scared of Lungu. We the people support your efforts and stand behind you. That’s your duty ACC. Come on do your jobs. Get these bandits looting the national coffers and have them put behind bars.

    • Mwale is a silent assassin. Tasila, the girl who, as we are told, came back wearing MALIPOSA shoes and now drives everything and anything is another who is definitely not an angel! and the list is endless.

  3. Thank you. Please let us get the whole truth. Being a Christian, you must not hide sin. Please expose them ALL. Well done Chitotela.

    • could Lusaka Times kindly stop acting like Zambian Dundumwezi watchdog and Mapatizya observer because will have no choice but to stop visiting Kachepa news.

  4. He’s reading from the same textbook as former ZAF weak man Chimese who vowed never to go alone when he was being interrogated. He even implicated Defence Minister Mwila and the current ZAF commander. If these people are clean, why didn’t they alert the ACC back then but only coming out after they’ve been arrested? Sour grapes from SMALL MEN

  5. Pakudya sayambana.

    I ve always said PF will die a natural death. We have to identify a national leader to take over the affairs of the country. NOT a wounded buffalo

    • It’s political
      The whole thing just cant work.You cant congregate functional illiterates and educated but dull people like Nkandu Luo,Mwanakatwe,Brian Mushimba etc and expect to succeed in running a government.Sadly after they loose power that will be their end,what keeps them together is looting from the government.They are not capitalists,sociolists,communists or the sad joke they keep telling us that they are pro poor while stealing from the same poor people. And once they are no longer in government it will be each one for himself.

  6. Nkhani ya lula. Wakonda mvula wakonda matika or is it matope? Go go go Chitotela, wulula nkhani. Ziko imvela

  7. The news above is questionable. Usually investigation officers do not reveal such items. I am afraid, it is the mind of the author or anybody who posted this information. This does not mean that the three may not be suspects…It has been free for all administration!

  8. No ACC officer can say such things. Neither can a real thief like Chitotela say such things, particularly under the guidance of his lawyer.
    The writer is just trying to get a reaction from the other three ministers.

    • I only hope Chief Mukuni won’t say all these are being targeted because they have presidential ambitions. If the story is true the ACC shouldn’t be telling us about it unnomously but should instead move in and arrest these gentlemen.

  9. We shall end up with the entire front bench in parliament under arrest but still working and making speaches in parliament,with the opposition continuosly walking out…I remember Mutembo Nchito commenting during Chiluba is a thief case ati “BAZAULULANA”.

  10. Looks like the beginning of the end of the PF corrupt regime. Lungu will not escape these corruption scandals. He’s trapped and he knows it. Hakainde is not the alternative though, he would be worse than Lungu.

    • Only presidential immunity is shielding Lazy Lungu …he will not have a peaceful retirement that excuse for a President.

    • Even Sunday chanda becomes good boy if he backs u5

      Kambwili is hero after all those tribal jabs.

      They day he will turn around which he definitely will , You will see them go for him like bees

  11. Fake news from ACC. If they can start hallucinating in the public then its a dead ACC.I think some pipo are now coming up with fake stories to bring enmity among these ministers.So sad—-
    These are UPND

  12. Chitotela’s even the president Michael Sata’s Government he cited for th corruption. He has presidential ambitions and so he wants to antagonize others who he takes to his opponents. Let sleep dogs lie Mr Chitotela.

  13. The credibility of ACC officers leaves sooooooo much to wonder, FAKE NEWS. If indeed Chitotela spilled the beans, why is the officer concealing his name or the position he holds? He shuld also be arrested for concealing his identity in a straight matter. Why is Kambwili walking the streets of Lusaka when they claimed he was corrupt and had evidence? Why is HH scott free despite everyone knowing how he raped and destroyed our mines and industries on the Copperbelt for personal gain? Until they can prosecute these cases, I smell a rotten rat here…..

  14. Fake news, I think the desperation levels that HH and UPND have reached are extremely worrying and alarming. HH is looking for public sympathy and to tuenish the name of President Lungu and PF. PF family lets take this seriously and defend the party and the President from the Lunatic HH.
    All these institutions of Government have been invaded and infiltrated by UPND agents. Just yesterday, the Nation published one of the fired corps (policeman) from Sesheke in RED UPND regalia campaigning for his tr1bal mate. PF wake up, wake up, HH’s losses and the Mukobeko stints are too much to bare in his oval head and he will not stop until he is stopped!!!

  15. Welcome to the Zambia Watchdog Association ba LT!
    Good this came out through LT and not ZWD! Maybe a lot of doubting Thomases can get to terms with the grand PF matrix of corruption! Zambia is so depressing! Lets invoke the death penalty by firing squard for all PF convicts! University Students are denied Meal Allowances because the money they are supposed to receive is stolen by the corrupt few. The so called Student loans only cover Tuition and not meals. How do we expect students to learn? These are crimes against humanity and payback time is here! It’s time to deal with these shameless thieves!

    • @Ba Pompwe
      Even ZO and ZWD have reported the same “exact” story!
      One is playing ‘plagiaristic journalism’ of the others’ news reports!

  16. Fake News. Period. Once arraigned, the suspect does not speak to the Investigator. Get caught on the speed cam and experience process at fast track court.

    Even in the most vitriolic of Fela’s lamentations, suspect spoke to Prosecutor, not Investigator. The authors of this fake article forgot to simulate a fact check on their concoction. They should re-spin the article with DPP in frame.

    But the corrupt from both sides of the aisle will get justice.

  17. Those in the habit of defending the indefensible are already crying out ‘fake news!’ – like their brother Trump. The corruption smoke has been bellowing out of the PF chimneys for a long while now. But of course those benefiting from it or blindly ululating the current regime, will still claim that their GREAT LEADER is dressed nobly when he is actually stark nake.d

  18. This happens when officers get frustrated. When they are determined to investigate and someone powerful is sitting in their way they start leaking.

  19. So if he’s ready to roll over he’s colleagues, why plead did he plead ‘not guilty’? He could just turn state witness.

  20. I have always thought LT is Pro-PF!
    Has anyone noticed of late the collusion between LT, ZO and ZWD?
    Whatever damaging report to PF, real or imagined, spewed by ZO and ZWD, LT picks up & reports the same thread in almost exact wording.
    These sites were mually exclusive in their reportage. So what is their sudden denomitor?
    Or who is plagiarizing the others’ news reports?

  21. Why don’t you people question the credibility of the story. Be extremely careful with some unsubstantiated stories like the one above. It is very easy to fabricate such a story. Reporters should be held accountable and asked to produce proof before blowing up a sensitive story

  22. This looks like a smoke screen to take the heat off Chitotela and I do not believe that the ACC can divulge investigation till there is enough proof. This is a rumour put out by Chitotela S cadres to take some heat off him. In fact the ACC should check all ministers and MPs who have suddenly aquired wealth and not forgetting the party fimo fimos and presidential aids etc.

  23. I think this is too much. We are going to destroy ourselves as a country with leaks, lies, counter lies. The country will eventually become angovernable. If it is HH and his cheap politics these things will backfire on him when he assumes power, unless he becomes a big dictator to blanket all small news like LT, Mwebantu, watch dogs, national,Diggers etc. We are misusing the freedom of expression to a point where we are slowly going to be rumor mongers. What is happening? The government must now act other wise the down fall of the whole Zambia is becoming real and near. Thats why l liked KK. He should have acted long time ago.

    • So long as you have a coward of a President who is too afraid to host a press conference and reassure the nation people will believe leaks and fake news ….I mean this is a President who is happy to dance on stage at PF by election rally for whole afternoon but the lazy bone will not face the media.

  24. I am beginning to like BR Mumba. He is objective and appears to detest thieves no matter which camp they hail from. He who has ears should hear. However, this news piece is suspiciously speculative but at the same time we shouldn’t forget what alcohol does to our law enforcement officers; they become loose-tongued. Maybe a ‘ka ACC guy’ imbibed too much and revealed too much.

    • Really laughable…who is objective? You should be a stand-up comedian in a chibuku tavern at closing hour when everyone is knocked out.

  25. PF has infiltrated every organisation in Zambia, ACC included. If ACC was run by the professionals, this news would not have leaked out, but because it is controlled by PF government, everything is done haphazardly. It does not make sense to bring out the names of other people involved at this early stage of investigation. Are they (ACC) telling the ministers indirectly to destroy any evidence in their posssession?

  26. “Lazy” or “hardworking” Lungu, it’s irrelevant. Fact is Hacks is no option. He was killed in 2006, what we see is a ghost. Now ghosts don’t rule do they? Especially if they are ghosts celebrated in mukuni village.

  27. Comment:
    Lions would feast endlessly on these Orstrichs hiding their heads in the sands of self denial. Only time will tell and hope some patriot does the right thing to benefit us all.
    We are all ears!!!!!!

  28. I don’t belive the all powerfull PF and lungu can allow this……I don’t belive this news….

    I would rather want to belive this is a smoke screen to win more anti corruption awards for lungu and facilitate IMF money…

  29. Don’t hear the say of a guilty person to others, even Satan wants many people starve with him at the end, judgement day.

  30. ACC people are intelligent people, they can’t reveal this kind of information to anyone because it would make the culprits aware and cover up their wrong doings, ACC would rather keep the information a secret so the culprits are investigated and caught unaware.

    Ili nwalemba bane lyashi lyamubwalwa

  31. This is pseudo news how can a security officer in the name of ACC tell the nation half baked stories. This is known for a long time so the author should be visited by security wing .

  32. So Chitotela, Dr Chilufya, Mwale and Kampyongo met at some Lusaka watering hole and shared stories of each one has stolen from government? Very interesting.

  33. God is watching you. Why are Zambians suffering and only few are eating well. A day is coming for judgement. Eat well brothers.

  34. You are saying that the ACC officers were not authorized to speak to journalists but how did they speak to you about the proceedings of the story?

  35. This begins to appear like the house of stone coming down like the proverbial “pack of cards”!! And it was about time too for a government built on corruption and kleptocracy to come apart from the centre. The judiciary can somewhat redeem itself from the morass of capture by the presidency by dong the right thing; put away all these thieves for a long time for raping national resources! No mercy, whatsoever, justice should not be compromised! Even the mukulu one must not be spared, Mukobeko should open its doors to these clowns and keys thrown away!

  36. Fake news. This site is now Zambian watch Dog where news is cooked to target whoever is not in good boots with one opposition political party.

  37. Lungu’s government was always going to be predictable in the financial expected conduct from the outset. Lungu makes RB’s Government to be sinless and on the way to heaven for all their conduct. Guy Scott will have foreseen all this while all Zambians were Ndwiii!!!! Lungu was a thief from the beginning and for some reason the docile Zambians thought he was a humble man. Coming in poor and drunk, all this was always going to happen. WE HAVEN’T SEEN NOTHING YET!!!

  38. What do you expect when Lungu makes RB his chief adviser. What can RB advise ecl apart from stealing and travelling all the tme within the Country or outside whenever he gets ka opportunity

  39. This story sounds true as Zambians know who’s – who in corruption competition among PF leaders. However, ACC rarely make such suggestive state witness to be while under investigations. My gut feeling is Lusaka Times peddles, just saying fake news.

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