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Kambwili Acted Like A “KAPONYA”, It’s Good NDC Has Fired Him-MMD Youths


Movement for Multiparty Democracy MMD Youths have welcomed the move by NDC General Secretary to fire Chishimba Kambwili for his xenophobic attacks on an Indian national.

MMD National Youth Treasurer Geoffrey Mulenga said the move by NDC should be welcomed because the behavior and actions of the NDC consultant was not befitting of a national leader.

“As MMD youths we welcome the move by NDC to relive PF Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili from his political consultancy services.

“His behaviour and conduct over the last few years since his fallout with President Lungu has been that less befitting a leader he proclaimes to be and went against the leadership tenets we as a nation espoused to see in today’s modern politics in Zambia.

“Of course one that is guaranteed of free speech but with utmost respect and restraint with the civility befitting leaders,” he said.

Mulenga said the actions of Dr Kambwili were not only childish and uncalled for but that it should not be tolerated in a country celebrated for it’s hospitality towards foriegners.

“We think Kambwili’s behavior was uncalled for, Childish and it shouldn’t be tolarated because as you are aware in this country we have a lot of graduates as teachers and nurses and just recently the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Mauritius is looking to Zambia to recruit teachers to go and teach in that country and nurses to go and practice health in Angola now as a person who has once held a position of Foreign Affairs Minister and Labour Minister.

“We think he should know the procedure of handling those issues and it was uncalled for, for him to approach that innocent Indian who he did not even ask if he is a Zambian of Indian origin he just went there and started yelling at an innocent person and unfortunately for him this person was mature enough not to answer back suppose he was just in that vehicle resting? He has his role that he plays but that machine is driven by a Zambian? How is he going to feel if tomorrow he finds the same machine being driven by a Zambian?

“We ourselves use this Kamloops Road and we use this Munali road which they are upgrading and what we have discovered and observed is that 3/4 of those machines are being driven by Zambians,” he said.

He wondered what the Indian community had done to Kambwili for him to act the way he did on an innocent individual who could even be a Zambian of Indian origin.

“Why should Kambwili come out as if he has got a grudge against the Indian community. Indians have been part of Zambia for a long time in Chipata Indians are there, in Lusaka Indians are here, in Kawambwa you will find Indians and these people have been here for so long and he cannot tell us that he is aware that Indian who was sitting in that Machine is from India.

“I think the behavior was uncalled for and as a young person looking forward to having the country create employment for youths in other countries which are willing to take up these young people who have graduated in teaching and nursing it would not settle well if those people went to work in other countries and they are treated like the way Kambwili did,” he said.

He further said Kambwili should know how bilateral loans work as he has not only gone to school but is a former minister in two ministries that deal with such matters.

“I also think the roads being done by Indians are being done under a mutually beneficial Bilateral Loan that was agreed between the two(2) countries and he doesn’t know the conditions. That is a loan between Zambia and India and we are told that Honourable Kambwili graduated from Copperstone University, isn’t he supposed to be aware about these things, he was Foreign Affairs Minister he knows how governments operate. Maybe he should stop condemning this government today because he was the one who was a failure because he himself was the ‘KAPONYA’,” he said.


  1. Kaponya’s are decent hard working people. Kambwili is a paranoid schizophrenic who needs to be on strong anti psychotic drugs before he hurts or kills someone.

    • …and Dora is daft enough to put herself in CK’s firing line. I used to think that she was a rising star but her ability not to read such a dangerous situation leaves me with less belief. The rest of us will be walking ourselves in ditches during the day. Zambia is truly now finished!

    • Far from it. No matter how you attach him, he has assured you with impunity that he will not apologize.
      In agreement with Zambian’s waste kind’a ethnic xenophobic attacks that was experienced in 2016. An apology from the grouping leadership of perpetrators, “lusengo lwambwa”.
      Birds of the same feather flock together. They will never apologize.

    • @Nubian you said right again. XoXoXo.
      Indeed kaponyas don’t attack foreigner. And please arrest that MMD thug.
      Like I said Kambwili was experiencing nerve break-down. Family should go grab guns from him if he has any, he danger to himself, we might worse.
      Mumbi Phiri experienced this, was suspended by PF, she went away in wilderness, and came back sober.
      She and Kambwili need go together to national park for a month.

  2. The joke is Kambwili himself and those clowns who hung around him. Anyone who joins in a f.ools dance is equally a f.ool. Kambwili’s brain is full of stale fat and not a single strain of grey matter.

    • Somehow he is showing true Patriotic, even Sata could have done that.
      But that official PF government Spokesman Kambwili should just go out and apologize. He apologized to Tongas for labeling them tribalist who can’t vote for Jesus because he is not Tonga.

  3. He has just given PF and the courts enough ammunition to declare his Roan seat vacant. One can not belong to two political parties at the same time. Pray before you utter a word.

  4. Its amazing how some people see kambwili as a politician and a leader of a country. The man is as indecent as they come. What a shame.

  5. From consultant to a leader, this guy is definitely crafting PF as a joke. He stands as a PF member of parliament and just there said a leader of an opposition party. Its clear on grounds which his expulsion is justified. Ba PF, WAKE UP! no one man served two masters at the same time and in the end, built a castle, one master is bound to regret. FIRE THE ***** FROM PF AS WELL!!!

  6. This is why I say Micheal Sata was a mistake to be the president of Zambia and ba Lungu is also a mistake because if both Sata and Lungu were wise enough, this man called Kambwili would never have been a minister in the first place. otherher mistakes are as follows; HH, GBM, Kampyongo, kalaba etc

  7. Kambwili is mentally challenged to say the least. He suffers from inferiority complex and is as insecure as a teenager girl.

  8. Reminds me of an MUZ shop steward whose idea of handling cases was to physically handle erring expatriate bosses. Instead of letting both sides explain their sides, he would straight go for the white man’s throat. The union had no option but to remove him from the position.

  9. Kambwili is the most arrogant and corrupt individual I know, he was eating with PF and attacked all media outlets as well as shutting down the great POST newspaper.
    The man is so bent and corrupt and is media hungry just to keep him relevant… or so he thinks
    Zambian’s, I’m saying this again open your eyes and see what is happening

  10. This is ridiculous, zambians have been hacked to death in india, China, have we heard from so called leaders. It is high time we stood up for who we are. As black people we seem to suffer from inferior complex. Time are changing, need to wake up and get a grip as soon as possible. We are on a mission to change thought process of the next generation. Black people suffer from biased racism on a daily basis

  11. Firing the found of the party is like chasing your father from his own house that’s why the big mbwili said it was a joke .they are people who owns some political parties and some people are just appointed to read the party..he has his own reasons for him to do what he did to that Indian guy .u foreigners slaves

  12. Kambwili is a shame and a thief why should one belong to two parties. He should be expelled from both bcz he has no qualities as a reader

  13. What Mr Chishimba Kambwili said to that man of Indian origin is despicable. Zambians must learn to teach our leaders basic principles of leadership in a democratic world.
    Most of these Indians are Zambian citizens by birth. He has no right to tell that man to go back to his country (which country ?). There are many Zambians who live and work in foreign countries where they are accepted based of their qualifications for the job.
    Kambwili would not be my candidate for President of Zambia. The world has become a global village where nobody cares where one comes from. His wife lives in UK and the government there is not asking her to go back where she came from. He must apologize to that man.

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