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NDC Fires Chishimba Kambwili as its consultant, but Kambwili describes expulsion as a Joke


NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge and NDC Political Consultant Chishimba Kambwili
NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge and NDC Political Consultant Chishimba Kambwili

Self styled NDC consultant, and embattled Roan member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili has been fired. NDC Secretary General, Mwenya Musenge has confirmed the news live on UnzaRadio this morning.

Mr Musenge said that,” Mr Kambwili’s conduct is making the party look like a party of jokers, we are not racist, we are not xenophobic”

Mr Musenge has further advised Mr Kambwili to concetrate on fighting for his contested membership in the ruling Patriotic Front.

The NDC leadership has also been dismayed that Kambwili has refused to vacate his seat as Roan member of parliament despite being expelled by the ruling party.

NDC said that this has affected its mobilisation and member recruitment countrywide.

Speaking to journalists today when queried on his expulsion from NDC Mr Kambwili said; “internal political matters of a political party in nature are discussed internally and anybody who goes to discuss those issues to the press is foolish,” Kambwili said in reference to Musenge.

Kambwili went on to confirm that he is the leader of NDC and thus has given new ground to the courts to uphold the decision of the Patriotic Front to expel him.

Kambwili who took his expulsion from PF to court had said he was merely a consultant for NDC but today has admitted that he is the leader of NDC.

Reports suggest that over 30 of the 38 central committee members of NDC voted to expel Kambwili on grounds that he is an embarrassment to the party.

The NDC leadership said they do not want anything to do with Kambwili noting that he is also a hypocrite as he can not castigate any supposed foreigner for working in Zambia when his wife and children work and live in the United Kingdom.


  1. A consulting is only hired and his contract can be terminated. I just wonder what has made Eric Chanda to resign as spokesperson for NDC

    • RESPECT!!! These Mwenya Musenge and others have balls.
      Kambwili, cool down. Take vacation to Mfuwe, then come back and tell us if you are a clean mentally circumcised!
      I advise to stay in PF, that’s where you fit best.

    • Buffon Kambwili dribbled himself the moment he decided to cling to PF so that he could be a ‘CONSULTANT’ to NDC. He is nowhere near the legal ownership of that party. Musenge and company are the sponsors of NDC at the Registrar of Societies and can fire the ‘consultant’ at any time. Let him take his consultancy to desperate Hakainde

    • The buffoonery never ends with BUFFOON CK ….he is a PF Member of Parliament, NDC President, NDC Consultant all rolled in one like Chikanda/Kapenta sub-roll sandwich….PF don’t have to do anything they just need to take a front seat and watch the show as these fooooools self distract.

    • Firing and expulsion are two different things in this context Kambwilis as we know maintains that he is still an MP under PF and working as a consultant to NDC which has now fired him as consultant and CK should not contest this because he was engaged by NDC and can fire him if unsatisfied unless the consultancy agreement states something else or this is in conflict with termination clauses. So Ba Kambwili u have been fired as consultant as for expulsion it can only be if you were NDC member which you have denied ….You see now CK how precarious your position is?????

    • It’s difficult to make sense out of Kambwili’s politics, he’s a man of low IQ. He’s the only impelwa mano to have hailed from Mporokoso

      CK needs to be examined. He needs help. I feel sorry for him. Behavior like this often ends badly. May Press aid Chanda got it right about him.

    • Really laughable …BUFFOON CK says in the video that he doesn’t discuss internal matters in the press and anyone who does is foooolish. This is a rich coming from him!!

    • Zambian political circus is amongst the most entertaining in the world. No wonder the Post made so much money, everyday there is drama and proper comedy but the sadness is beyond all this tomf.o.o.lery real people are suffering on the street, in the shanti compounds and in the rural areas, this is just symptomatic of African Politics in general and why we as Africans remain so backward in a world that is progressing ahead.

    • Kambwili is about to start fainting again…..this time i think he will faint for good….and someone is busy chewing his nanny wife in the UK

  2. A consultant is only hired and his contact can be terminated. I just wonder what has made Eric Chanda to resign as spokesman for the party.

    • Chanda resigned as Spokesperson on principle. Respect.
      How can he answer what Kambwili did in streets against that road worker?
      NDC should now go to Indian community and have a summit, and adopt an “Indian” and Vice-president.
      I am now their Political Consultant.

  3. Please Leave him alone and see if he is going to be a leader of that party. After watching that video clip I decided not to support him. He is a disgrace to our Country.

  4. Only Spaka sees it differently. His party has expelled him because of that single incident. But Spaka says the opposite. Just imagine as republican president Kambwili goes from town to town, shop to shop, factory to factory insulting all foreigners doing jobs meant for Zambians, how would it look like?

    • Stop harrangooing CK for trying to protect jobs meant for zambians….I don’t care about his consultancy what what , i only care he has the ba.lls to stand up for the millions of unemployed Zambians while your lungu is contemplating sending them into Arab slavery ….

  5. Kambwili has undressed himself by declaring he is NDC whereas he has up to this point paraded himself as its consultant, thereby clinging to the PF seat and membership.

    That aside, how can a consultant be the ”consultantee”. That’s the illogic in Chishimba statement by claiming ownership of NDC and has thus been consulting himself all along.

    I have always told you ati this frog-look-alike ni baffon. I see this clown drowning himself in his own rants as he wildly swings his dagger at Musenge. And these are the f00ls who want us to hand them the state presidency.

    I blame it on us the electorate for being duped by such types. Thus our political reality is that we the leaders (brainy voters) have agreed to be led by people who are supposed to be our followers (baff00ns)

    • Good points. How can a consultant claim to be the owner of a company? Because he’s what we call MBULI CLEVER he thinks we are also dull to see through his childish games. Takwaba no muntu uwu bwatabwata all the time.

    • ati fake news…wadabwa? Musenge doesn’t need consultancy services anymore. He now needs to implement the recommendations of the consultant. kikikikikiki

  6. Kambwili is a dissapointment, I had so much hope for this man. Remember SATA removed him from the position of MInister of Foreign Affairs because of his vulgar language. Remember also Kabimba said scrap metal dealer have vulgar language. I think he is not suited for the highest office in the land.

  7. Talking without thinking is a very big problem. Kambwili is suffering from foot and mouth disease. He has already forgotten that he is still a PF members on grounds that he lied in court he is not a leader of NDC but merely a consultant. He opens his mouth today that he is the leader of NDC. This man is not normal.

  8. Pf member and MP

    Ndc consultant

    Ndc consulntee

    Member of 10 united

    Fighting to remove his own PF from power

    Is that not total confusion???

  9. I advise HH to align himself with the likes of Kalaba not this nut if he has to improve his political dividends. But mwalaumfwa mailo ati CK joins HH.

  10. An organization is a living organism whose conception is from opinions of stakeholders and members. During its conception, there are structures and levels whose incubation must be adhered to before certain actions are executed. An organization that lucks levels of authority is bound to make mistakes. The decisions which such organization will make will be haphazardly. In case of NDC, it is an organization which has no leadership direction. It is like the leadership roles are not well defined. It is an organization that was formed out of emotions. Every leader in this NDC party is a spokesperson. There are no levels and proper channel of communication. Institutions that are structureless will execute their functions in a piggledy-higgledy manners.

  11. This was full cabinet minister in Zambia govt for years

    And you understand why PF govt and leadership is just joke.

    And you wonder wht kind of a leader hh is to associate with such

  12. I won’t be surprised to hear ati CK is suffering from syphilis because I see parallels between his verbal diarrhoea and that of ex Uganda dictator, Idi Amin Dada who was dogged by syphilis. And that legs-apart walk is a tell-tale sign of acute affliction around the zip.

  13. How funny it will be to see Kambwili contest his expulsion in court from the NDC as he also contests the expulsion from PF. It’s like a woman being divorced by two husbands.

    • For a man it makes sense, but a woman having two hubbies is an abomination. It’s the Kambwili quagmire. …refusing to leave PF and at the same time fighting to remove the PF from government.

  14. This will send a good message to HH that Zambians are not dull as he takes them.Kambwili has just started a fight that he will not finish and in the end he will be blaming president Lungu for his down fall.Same applies to HH he is associating with losers and corrupt people and wants to blame PF for his unpopularity

    • Leave HH out of this nonsense. He deserves more respect from everybody on this blog especially you so called Angoni. Do you think he is a fool to do whatever you are insinuating. You and your friend called its political avoid hatarge of this magnitude for some somebody who has not offended you in anyway. Doesn’t he has rights to do what pleases him and constitutionery ok. You behave like murderers. Your criticism of the man has never been objective but pure hate. I wonder how you were brought up. The man is Zambian and will practice his politics as he wishes. Do you think it is ease to head political party in Zambia in opposition for this long especially today. Just see what is happening to NDC and other dying parties.

    • Please leave HH out of this nonsense. Stop the unwarranted hatrage. He leads the largest opposition party in Zambia making your so called multiparty democracy to make some sense. If you think he is not good enough for President just don’t vote for him. This goes to all haters of HH on this blog. The deserves respect. Why you drag his name even in the story that has nothing to do with him simply shows how big the man has become to the extent that you cant even type with mentioning his name irrelevantly. SAD SOULS YOU ARE

    • They became sweethearts after he was deposed from PF. They were at each other’s laps whenever one faced jail. They are darlings of the wrong. Defenders of their wrong. Please UPNDEAD don’t deny CK at his lowest moments of life. Please open your doors and welcome him. After all both individuals are equally unprincipled. Except that one is more jail afraid than the other. He fake faints in jail.
      Stop being semi-smart and face your partner in wrongly brutalizing the innocent.

  15. Now Chishimba is saying it is foolish to go to the press. hahahaha the hole country now knows that you wanted to overtake Musenge by using the consultancy trick. Musenge, you better be ready for all sorts of adverbs from this man who has failed to find a chemical to cleanse his brain with. Typical Amin stylist.

  16. This is the time that youths should mobilize themselves in order to provide proper leadership, not only political leadership, but also economical leadership. The current leadership is slowly tilting the nation in the abyss of poverty and depravity. Youths need to reposition themselves for greater responsibilities. Otherwise, the leadership that we have now is not taking this nation any where. They are running the nation like headless chickens. They are killing future leaders. Look at the decision to abolish meal allowance for university students? They are making sure that decisions they make do not suit future leaders who the youths. Youths should not think that the current leadership has a plan for them. It is a pipedream to think in those lines. They are all liars cut from the same…

  17. The UPNDEADs are s3xed about this. They too made a hero out’a CK’s 3party or tripartite p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.i.o.n.e.d polygamous association. CK was PF, UPNDEAD and NDC. Demented loudmouthed. I said it CK’s loud mouth will cost him dearly. Who hasn’t he scandalized verbally. Next at the receiving end is Musenge Mwenya. Prepare for insults from CK’s load of b.u.l.ls.h.i.t.n.e.ssss. We told y’a aszes.

  18. Fantastic work Mr Mwenya Musenge. In the first place you shouldn’t have associated with this lunatic. Now people of Roan Constituency its your turn to put things right and fire Chishimba Kambwili. He is an embarrassment to society.

  19. Politics in Zambia has now become a major job creation industry. These politicians love positions and titles; maybe it’s because many of them have bad reputations and terrible pasts. It is a pity that many of genuine and well-meaning Zambians don’t go into politics and contribute to the development of our beloved country and hence we’ve left it these fools and thugs to govern us – God forbid. Wake up Zambians politics is not the dirt games as they say, its these guys like Kambwili, Kaizer Zulu, Dora, Father Bwalya, Kapyongo, GBM, etc, just to mention a few, that make it dirty. God bless Zambia.

  20. All CK needed was enough rope to hung himself. And ECL knew this. Thats why he never responds to any of his rantings. See now who has the last laugh…

  21. Now you will agree that the gods are busy at work making mad those they want to destroy. Kambwili is such a politician full of hot air. He means nothing in Zambia’s political circles and will go down the same way. Mark my words because it is just a matter of time.

    • Need we say more. Desperate politicians thought they had caught a tiger fish only to realize it was only akamulonge. I’m sure right now they are onto Chitotela.

  22. CK may be wrong but to see Indians and Chinese operating compactors and graders whiles Zambians walk the streets jobless is unacceptable. Admittedly two wrongs never make a right.

    • Is that what he told you ? Going on a road test ??

      Let them produce the Indian and I am sure CK will produce 20 Zambians who will say he is indeed a driver…..

    • Spaka is in town. ..Spaka has finally come out of the hole and suddenly has some courage to defend the indefensible. Spaka whether the “Indian ” was repairing or operating the machine is immaterial, what is being discussed is the savage way your consultant used. Imagine where you are in the UK a white man comes and put a rope around your neck and drags while shouting “GO BACK TO THE JUNGLE ” how would you feel. Of course you’ll as usual find a way to justify this.

  23. You are all just pontaring for nothing….do you know what was agreed between CK and NDC ??

    Have you seen the legal papers ??

    Just wait , stop getting erections on seeing one PF nemesis in a bother…

    You same rats will be claping and dancing when desperate lungu recalls CK …

  24. Love him or loathe him, CK pulls Zambian crowds….one on one there is no politician who can pull crowds like CK , contravesual or not. Illigal or legal. He is a steet orator and bruser who cowers everybody in PF …..

    One thing for certain , you an’ t seen the last of him…..

  25. Why would a trib.al like Chimbwili lose sleep over NDC consultant job? His fellow trib.als are eagerly waiting for him with open arms. Remember they have a vacancy for a second vice president or second running mate, after GBM. Just wait for a welcoming statement and official announcement by trib.al Hacks. For this one trib.al Hacks does not announce through the strange looking Steven Katuka or


  27. Kambwili doesn’t know where he is standing….so let him shut his mouth..he was a pf member at one time where he could not disclose all those allegations which he doing today….but just his expulsion from pf that’s when he has seen pf to be useless…and there is no one who insulted his father just because he has been stopped from eating nshima whenever he comes late at homes….

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