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FIFA bans Mwamelo for life for taking bribes



Boniface Mwamelo
Boniface Mwamelo

ZURICH, Feb 27 (Reuters) – World soccer body FIFA imposed a lifelong ban on Wednesday on the former deputy boss and head of finance of Zambia’s football association, Boniface Mwamelo, for having accepted bribes.

“The adjudicatory chamber of the independent Ethics Committee has found Mr Boniface Mwamelo, the former treasurer and vice-president of the Football Association of Zambia, guilty of having accepted bribes in violation of the FIFA Code of Ethics,” FIFA said in a statement.

Along with a ban for life from all national and international football-related activities, Mwamelo was given a 10,000 Swiss franc ($10,015) fine. ($1 = 0.9985 Swiss francs)


  1. Don’t give us half-baked stuff ba LT. Give us all the details.
    How much did Mwamelo receive and from whom and for what? When did this happen? How different is his case from Kalusha’s? MA journalists amasiku ano!

  2. New Kasama,new PF, new FAZ, new government and new Zambia what do they all have in common? Bribes, corruption, thugs. I cannot trust a Zambian unless I am a fool

  3. New Kasama, new mines, new government, new parliament, industries, new businesses, new PF, new players, churches, new FAZ, what do all these have in common? Corruption, bribes, con men, thugs. You cannot trust a zambian unless you are ______$$$%@××&*!@

  4. #1.1 Nostradamus, that is correct here comes ICC to arrest violent trib.als, starting with those xenophobic violence in Namwala. Oh and those trib.als who maimed an FDD female candidate in the same strongholds.

  5. Must be a trying to raise funds for the 2016 campaigns. You hear trib.als condemning theft of public resources, when actually they are busy stealing themselves to finance their

  6. Half baked news. Your reporting should carry weight. Not just banned banned for life? State where things started from and how they were done.

  7. Chalo nkhanza..Great Kalu is given back all his accolades without reservations and his henchman is given a life ban.Where is justice?Unless Iam mistaken Mwamelo was Kalusha’s vice president.

    • That’s why we need good journalists to work on the story and tell us everything. All the answers to your questions must be provided. Why don’t LT employ quality journalists?

  8. Info has it that Mwamelo accepted bribes to manipulate results of several international matches in 2010. It was match fixing at its best or is it worst?

  9. Vose manje ma Zambiani ni kuba cabe! M’mawa ni kuba; madzulo ni kuba! When this end kansi pilizi napapata namwana wa mayi!!!!!!

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