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Presidential Empowerment Initiative Fund spreads to Luapula Province

General News Presidential Empowerment Initiative Fund spreads to Luapula Province

Clement Tembo

The Presidential Empowerment Initiative Fund has spread to Luapula Province with the view to visit all District markets and churches.

Clement Tembo who is National Coordinator for the Presidential Initiative Fund announced that a total of K800,000 has been set aside to empower marketeers and church congregants in the province.

Speaking at Senama Market in Bahati Constituency where he disbursed K50,000, Mr Tembo said President Lungu made promises to uplift the standards of livelihoods of the people of Zambia especially those that were considered to be low or poor and yet viable.

And Mansa District Commissioner James Nyenjele thanked President Lungu for remembering the People of Mansa District.

Meanwhile, Samuel Luneta who is the fund manager said all Districts were targeted under the K800,000 which has been set aside and everyone operating from conventional markets and churches are eligible to receive the Fund.

The Presidential Initiative Empowerment Fund Team is in Luapula province and will proceed to western province later next week.


    • 1. ECZ should disqualify PF candidate connected to conman Clement Tembo
      2. My people of Luapula are also good con-arts on Politicians, don’t go any further… remember how the wiped the current PF SG’s ass like a baby? He was holding a bag of PF, but LOST his erections.

    • I&I is absolutely right.
      Live Vote buying.
      It is also called corruption.
      Exactly MMD’s mentality.
      This is wrong.
      Come on PF.
      Come on ECL the timing is wrong – I hope the Luapulans can see through this handout. Just win clean please.

    • Is it a coincidence or what, was ECZ waiting for roan constituency to be declared vacant for them to announce the date for bye election in bahati?

    • These are clearly bribes. Corrupt Lungu and his minions are clearly dishing out bribes to buy future votes. This is nonsense. This should be banned. Call the help something else, instead of “Presidential Empowerment Fund.” Secondly, poor Zambians need more than handouts from Lungu. They need an economy that’s working for them. They need jobs. They need good healthcare. They need good roads. They need clean water. They need reliable electricity. Lungu has failed to fix all these things. Hence the attempt at bribing the people. What a shame.

  1. Long overdue, Luapula Province needs to be transformed into the economic hub of Zambia, it has everything under the sun!!! Well done kanabesa.

  2. Very true, this needs to stop that ka 50 pins won’t last long and those people will be back to square one. Create employment instead of this open bribery. Why should the empowerment only show up during elections. Sad indeed when leaders only think of you when they need your vote

  3. Trying to counter luapula United using slush funds. Wasn’t Chanda kabwe in charge of this slush fund? Why this guy now?

  4. They did the same in sesheke , but they were shocked when the results came out. They tasted their own medicine; Kikikikiki…donchi kubeba….!

  5. The next thing we are going to hear is that the Presidential empowerment funds is going to go to Roan constituency now that they have kicked Kambwili into the sea of unemployment . This is vote buying because Sesheke needs the money more than Luapula .The health facility Zambians saw in the video was beyond belief .If I was Lungu I should stop taking the Ministers to south Africa for a month just to fix a broken bone in the arm .Come on clueless PF ! The people of Sesheke needs a helping hand from tax payers not these dim wits you are sending abroad for treatment which could be done in Zambia .

    • They have the money for bye elections. They like party ,they are all play but no work,they just told us
      about stalled projects in muchinga,come bahati and roan bye elections the presidential impoverished fund is awoke from a deep slumber.

  6. God the Almighty Lord is watching. What goes round it shall come round and hit you. Zambians say no to these nonsense. They will only give you when they want a vote from you. Banakatasha kalikwitobo. Bamulile upite . abetembwa bakamuti kuminwe .

  7. Unfortunately it is electorally wrong if ECZ has announced the date. But it is morally wrong. So the presidential marketeers give away fund is actually a bait.
    I am disappointed.
    I hope Luapula people can implement a don’t 2011 version.

  8. Well here comes the driver to uplift the livelihood of the poor but viable. How much is an individual entitled to? Awe ubuteko ubu bwatufilwa mwe.I thought job creation is the way to go. Ba nyenjele DC what are the plans for defunct mansa batteries company??? Who is benefiting from our manganese?? Boss HH wen are you coming sure??? Twacula pa fula.

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