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Speaker declares Roan seat vacant, Kambwili says he won’t fight the declaration

Headlines Speaker declares Roan seat vacant, Kambwili says he won’t fight the declaration

Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini
Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini

Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini has declared Roan Constituency which was being held by Dr Chishimba Kambwili vacant.

This follows a point of order raised by Malambo Member of Parliament Makebi Zulu who wanted to know whether Dr Kambwili is in order to remain in the House as a PF MP when he publicly declared that he is the leader of the opposition NDC.

And Dr Matibini ruled that Dr Kambwili had crossed when he stated that he could not be fired from the NDC because he was its leader.

But Dr Kambwili has disclosed that he will no longer fight to keep the Roan seat.

He claimed that the Speaker was forced into declaring the seat by President Edgar Lungu.

“I have been reliably informed by my state house sources that my roan parliamentary seat will be declared vacant today. I have tried to avoid a costly bye election in Roan for the sole reason that the people of Roan gave me a 5 year mandate in 2016 and being a responsible and genuine leader I tried to make sure a bye election is avoided,” Dr Kambwili said.

“Not withstanding the fact that this is the farming season I would have preferred those residents continue making a livelihood rather than start participating in a bye election which is totally unnecessary and will surely disturb the little they are making.”

“As a result of internal pressure and in the name of dirty politics pressure authorities and the powers that be have failed to withstand and this afternoon I am reliably informed that the speaker will declare roan constituency vacant. Fellow colleagues this was the stunt that Mwenya Musenge was contracted to pull off, Musenge was called upon to cause confusion and disruption in exchange for favor or whatever he was promised,” he said.

“Ordinarily I would go to court again because there is no fact in the allegation of crossing the floor, however I am only human and there’s only so much you can fight for, besides my I believe my works and commitment to the betterment of my constituency are security enough to enter the battlefield.”

Dr Kambwili said he will not contest or put up any legal fight against the vacant declaration, but will go back to the people of Roan so that they can chose their leader once again.

“I know of all the sufferings of the people of Roan constituency and I have tried to avoid a bye election but state house would not allow bye election to go amiss. To the people of Roan I say thank you for according me the opportunity to serve you diligently, I strongly believe the strong ties and bond we have built in the last 13 years is reason enough for you to chose wisely.”

“Despite the grave inconvenience your chance has come albeit unnecessarily to once again select a leader to represent you in parliament. We will go back to roan constituency and ask them the same question we have asked in the past elections, we are ready to battle for the roan seat because we have all the confidence in the people and our works.”


    • There is a first – kambwilI saying he will not fight the ruling. This is a man that will start a fight when there is no one to fight.

      I pray the bye elections will be peaceful and no lives will be lost. But knowing our politicians, this will be the ugliest bye election in our history.

    • The writing was already on the wall that Kambwili is finished. He is partyless. Now he has no sitting allowance. No gratuity. Kanshi now ni maimwene, something he has tried hard to dodge. His reasonable friends, when wrongly fired (as he claims) keep quite & works through the system to clear their name. Now this lunatic jumped up & down insulting the party while clinging to the same party. Pathetic character

    • Did ECZ see this coming? The delay in announcing date for bye election in bahati , like they knew that roan is
      next, have they suddenly become prophets and prophetesses?

    • Wiwuwiwuwiwuwiwu
      We take it CK is now NDC defacto Leader like he stated. He is officially an oppositing element.The CONSULTANCY thing was a huge hoax. A cover up.
      I must admit, Roan Constituency has produced people with vibes. I remember Cameron Pwele, a UPND galant MP with vibes. Inevitably CK had to somehow fit in Pwele’s feet but without the 100% brain function. I mean CK could not match CP. Let’s see if the UPNDEAD can reclaim their Roan Constituency. LET’S MAKE PROGRESS.

    • Kambwili has been outsmarted by PF through Musenge. After being threatened with expulsion from NDC by Musenge, the dullard publicly opened up: “NO ONE CAN FIRE ME FROM NDC”. Hence he crossed the floor.

    • Mpatamato people are in top 5 dullest demographic in Zambia. They will vote for Kambwili even thought he has been insulting them this whole time.

    • In my views PF strategists are not thinking properly. This will unite the opposition for Kambwili and not only he will win this byelection, opposition parties will get a chance of canvasing around Luanshaya and copperbelt disguised campaigning for Kambwili.

    • The man is facing several criminal charges in court, will he even be allowed to contest? I think this is the end of Mr Kambwili’s political career.

  1. Kambwili is a dull man. This is long over due. He was played into declaring his ownership and foundership of NDC.
    His head full of sewage water was his downfall.

    • @Kudos, remember the fired Sesheke kapokolas are wounded, but injured. Your 7 on ICC wanted list shouldn’t even think of leaving your gang-center at Intercity to go to Luanshya.

  2. CK is NDC and NDC is CK. What’s that got to do with PF. Thank you very much for saying it yourself. Bye bye…….

  3. Kambwili is going back to pf. He clearly stated his body is not designed for prison.

    As the tidal waves go higher he will call ecl and apologize and return to pf and he will start going for upendi.

  4. Today in Kitwe the NDC members advised Mr Kambwili to choose between PF and NDC instead of waffling like a migrating bird that has lost its bearings.

  5. Reality always gets at you. Kambwili, sit down, rewind, reflect and go back to your senses because currently you are no better than HH believe me.
    Surely, in any leadership setup, one got to submit to their superiors, a thing you sarcastically never showed to the people who elected you on the PF party and strength. We know deep down your heart associating yourself with HH and UPND is the last thing you can do, you know it. Do you remember what UPND members told you immediately you where fired? Please read the archives maybe, maybe you will come to your senses. You dont win people’s hearts by undermining those in authority Sadly thats path you and HH have taken but please dont blame anyone in 2021 because people are observing and assessing you guys.

  6. Kambwili = cisushi pwi pwi.
    Kambwili = no brain
    Kambwili = No common sense
    Kambwili = No education
    Kambwili = Agent of confusion.
    Only those who rejoice in mediocrity can support him.

  7. Fortunately when a thing like this happens we all know exactly what we’re supposed to do. When it’s time to vote, we pay a blind eye to what we are supposed to do. Can we please behave that day of elections, please?

  8. CK said last week that NDC is Kambwili and Kambwili is NDC after Mwenya Musenge fired him as NDC Consultant!!That was the end of Kambwili in Roan,so the speaker just did the right thing because even in court,lawyers could have brought up that statement and Judges could have also declared Roan seat vacant.

  9. Which wife? She has gone on separation. Flying back to UK next week…..can’t stand the embarrassment and teasing from friends and relations.
    By the way, now trib.al can have another running mate….kikikikikkkk…….

  10. This boy thinks we are fools! He would have donated his parliamentary salary to charity if it was of not the reason for clinging on to the seat.

  11. Must be a nightmare visit to her husband…eishh…no longer married to a honourable….. may soon be wearing a prison uniform….. she is suddenly laughing stock of the community….. and going back to the UK with no Mrs Honourable status…. all because of utter stupiotity of Mr Kambwili… oh, and she may be taunted in UK like her husband did to that poor Indian fellow just for driving a tractor…. Bushe iwe Chimbwili, when you drive your car can we say you are depriving the less priviledged Zambians of drivers jobs? That is reasoning found only in trib.als.

  12. He must behave like a better, informed and more experienced opposition leader than double h having been in opposition then in government and an MP to opposition again. If I don’t draw a line between the two discredited individuals, CK will be the biggest unwise.

  13. I remember him being given almost 1 hour by ZNBC describing Tongas in all sorts of derogatory terms.He was i guess praised! He wanted to do the same to an Indian and got arrested and is being prosecuted for it.Because you cant swallow your words once they are out CK will carry this scar of hate all his life.That’s why its easier and better to do the right things.On the loss of his seat he was completely dribbled and trapped.He literally walked into the trap after refusing his expulsion from NDC.The God of justice still leaves.When CK was speaking that day i never knew CK would be where he is today.No body knows what tomorrow holds

  14. Well to be fair his been speaking against the party while still benefiting from it. You cant do both and claim to be impartial. CK is so good at ‘Own Goals’ its ridiculous. Lets see what move he makes now.

  15. Just lock up this Roan Trump, may be the jail birds will teach him good manners!
    I have known this man for years! And I do not know what good is in him that people keep him in politics. This Chingola Mafia. D Mwila and W Simusa know him well.

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