Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Autistic Zambian woman with amazing retention of historical facts



  1. Hollywood has spoiled a lot of people.
    Not Autistic since no test has been on her to prove that she’s autistic.
    I’m no Medical Doctor but I think she has hyperthymesia a very very rare condition. I came to holding this conclusion based on her ever diminishing cognitive capacity – she’s always seems to be living in the past. I told a neurosurgeon friend of mine about her so that maybe she could be his doctoral thesis study, he came up empty after spent 6 months of trying to locate her. There still needs to be a test administered to prove she’s hyperthymestic.

    • Unbelievable mind … we got to find a way to put that repertoire of knowledge to better use.

      We need to digitize all her memories in a chronological order, so help us God!!

      Extremely impressive

  2. Whatever it is… I really wished it could be put to good use… could someone please locate her and ensure that her rare gift can be recognised and rewarded?

  3. Awesome and why is this surprising, Autistic people have unbeatable retention memory, as it is part of of this disorder. Does anybody know Mr. Mulyokela his Autistic too..

  4. That’s the trouble with Western Medicine – classify something and giving it a name or some syndrome and it ends there. Believe me, doctors can argue to death on how to name this condition but of what use is that futile exercise to her? Why not recommend such great and rare talent to good use like that of jobs that need such great memory? Let us be practical for once if we are to be relevant to the welfare of fellow man. This lady should not even be on the streets selling Salaula! It just shows what kind of society we are – a grossly callus and uncaring one!

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