A 26 year old cyclist of Mwense Town in Luapula province died on the spot after he was hit by a speeding vehicle.

ZANIS reports that Luapula province police commissioner Elias Chushi who confirmed the road traffic accident and named the deceased as Abel Mulenga

The accident happened yesterday around 14:00 hours near Kawama clinic along Mwense – Mwansabombwe road.The cyclist was hit by a Toyota Noah minibus registration number ADC 1468 driven by Mr. Sinkala aged 31.

According to Mr Chushi, the cyclist got hit by the vehicle which was driving from north to south direction.As a result the cyclist died on the spot.

The Body of the deceased has since been taken to Mambilima mission hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem and burial.

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  1. Pedestrians and cyclists most vulnerable on our roads mainly due to *****s of drivers.

    Ofcourse, inadequate road designs which do not take into account the fact that more than 70% of journeys in our country are non-motorised.

    Ba LT, if the Toyota Noah was driving from south to north instead, did the cyclist have a chance to survive? …


  2. No road signs also contribute to these tragedies, are there road signs and speed humps in that area as there should be considering that it is near a clinic. I’m certain the answer is NO!

    We will continue dying in traffic accidents whilst Ratsa are making money from fake compliance penalties using their expensive computerised system. What is needed to save lives are simple practical things which these guys are failing to implement what is wrong with you guys? Are you devil worshipers or what? Why cant you put road signs, speed humps and road markings at the appropriate places? Rather you want people to die? Ratsa you continue to disappoint us.



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