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The Results of Natural Power SX Energy Drink tests are in, Revin Zambia ordered to recall their products from all 10 Provinces


Energy drink Natural Power SX , a product of Revin Zambia
Energy drink Natural Power SX , a product of Revin Zambia

The Ndola City Council has instructed Revin Zambia Limited to conduct a product recall of Natural Power High Energy Drink SX.

Following a complaint from Zambia Medicine Regulatory Authority through a letter dated 6th December, 2018 that suggested adulteration of Power Natural High Energy Drink SX with Sildenafil Citrate, The Ndola City Council collected various samples which were forwarded to the Food and Drugs Laboratory for investigations.

The authorities, Ndola City Council, Ministry of Health, Zambia Bureau of Standards and ZAMRA further opted to send samples to South Africa and Zimbabwe for further independent investigations of the alleged adulteration.

Results from both Zimbabwe and South Africa correlated with those obtained from the Foods and Drugs Laboratory that indicated a positive presence of Sildenafil Citrate in Natural Power SX Energy Drink

The levels of Sildenafil Citrate found in the samples ranged from 68.5 mg -71.3 mg per 250 ml of the drink. However, the raw material samples tested negative for Sildenafil Citrate therefore confirming the alleged adulteration.

It is in this regard that Revin Zambia Limited has been instructed to conduct a product recall of Natural Power High Energy Drink SX from yesterday from all the 10 provinces of Zambia that will be supervised by the Ndola City Council.

The recall will be focused on batches between E044G to E074G all environmental health officers, health inspectors and environmental health technicians are advised to concentrate on the batches and if found should be seized and submitted to the various council departments of public health.

The Ndola City Council has also suspended the production of Natural Power SX Energy Drink until remedial measures are put in place to the satisfaction of all the mentioned regulatory authorities.

Revin Zambia Limited has been found in violation of Section 3 (c) of The Foods and Drugs Act, CAP 303 of the Laws of Zambia as the drink constitutes an adulteration.

Additionally, the drink violates the terms and conditions of the products certification scheme under ZABS standards Act number 4 of 2017.

The relevant agencies such as ZAMRA, ZABS and NCC will monitor Revin Zambia Limited to ensure that they will operate within the provisions of applicable laws to protect the public.

Sildenafil is an active ingredient in oral therapy in erectile dysfunction in men. It is a prescription medicine and should only be taken upon recommendation by a Medical Doctor. The team of Medical Experts from the stated relevant authorities have highlighted many adverse side effects if not being administered with medical prescription, thus the drink Natural Power SX possess a threat to members of the public.

This is according to a statement issued to the media by Tilyenji Mwanza, the Ndola City Council Public Relations Manager.


  1. There will be more marriage ‘breakdowns’ this drink was very helpful to maintain happiness in the bedrooms. Find us a substitute please.

    • @KANGAJA; normally stuff like that is used on girlfriends not wives and contributes to divorce. How about stop over consumption of alcohol, lose the pregnant belly and take a jog!

    • There is no indication of sanctions against Revin Zambia in the article. Is company getting away with murder? …

    • Even if they bann it. Another one will come. Same ingredients, different name. Just don’t export to Uganda this time

  2. First and foremost I let’s establish who this company is, their motives, background etc. Just how can we allow a foreign firm to come into Zambia bringing in POISONS in the name of energy drinks? We are indeed a very careless and docile pipo who – if not careful – will be wiped out of this earth within no time. Please, for the sake of our children and grandchildren, let the government of the day investigate this thoroughly and without delay.

  3. Close the thing down and lock up the owners! Anyone who plays with food and drink does not belong to the food industry! But knowing Zambia, money seems to have already changed hands going by the manner the so called Authorities are treating the offenders!

  4. Why endanger all marriages just because some Swahili in Uganda suffered an everlasting erection after taking an overdose of the drink?

    Bring back our mutototo drink, aka Mvubwi, aka nshimona matako, aka mwanya asikana!

  5. Useless Zambian authorities…they wait for an outside complaint that’s when they become proactive where were you when this company was being given export licenses….look at how US is shielding Boeing even when the rest of the world has grounded all 737 Max aircrafts.

  6. I’ve always wondered why some young men are always coming in to buy this particular drink whenever I’m at my local grocery . I could never understand because at K10 ,
    i found it a bit costly. Now I know why. ..I will have to try it out quickly before it runs out and see what all the fuss is about.

    • But these ingredients have been there since day one who approved it…this is why I say even GMO foods are being offered to people with GRZ approval ..our maize is contaminated with it.

  7. So they are saying it is adulteration.? ..Are we to believe then that the contamination occurred after manufacturing & packaging? Because raw material was clean.! ..This gives Revin room to wiggle!

    • The tests where done in planet mars. One test has taken the entire Zambia so doing ten test will Zambia three years????????????????????????????

  8. Tujilijili , of which many brands come out of Ndola were banned in satchets some time back. They are now being sold in bottles and openly on display in many areas. If anything , their consumption has possibly increased. …It just a case of ‘treating’ the right council officials and Revin will be back in business , with a new unadulterated power of course !


  10. This is pretense bcoz anyone can walk into any chemist or pharmacy in Lusaka and buy Indian made Viagra without a prescription….

  11. ZABS should be more proactive rather than be reactive!….Getting paid but putting health of the nation at risk! Shame indeed.

  12. T-Bulls will not be happy with this, the slaughter house on Thabo Mbeki will be empty now… ..kikikikikikikiki

    On a serious note this is a non communicable disease NCD that the leadership must address if they ban Power SX, this probably explains what is generally taken as political violence by trib.als.
    No need for violence you trib.als, there is an easy cure: just go jog with His Excellency at State lodge and lose some tummies instead of inciting violence and spreading fake news.. ….. kikikikikikikiki

  13. …..True, just shade off that belly fat, a little squats here and there to increase your testosterone levels. Imimine ya bwamba on a man with that ka pot belly yakuwayawayafye. That’s why plenty of men resort to short-cuts by consuming stuff to sustain utuma erections twakupimisha, mainly caused by alcohol consumption and poor eating habits. kkkkk

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