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The National Dialogue Forum to be launched on April 25th by President Lungu


Justice Minister Given Lubinda
Justice Minister Given Lubinda

President Edgar Lungu is set to launch the National Dialogue Forum on April 25th 2019.

And the Head of State has appointed Professor Muyunda Mwanalushi an academia at the Copperbelt University as chairperson of the National Dialogue Forum subject to ratification by delegates who will attend the forum .

Justice Minister Given Lubinda told journalists in Lusaka that the Secretary to the Cabinet has also appointed Patrick Chisanga, who has vast experience in leadership and governance issues, as secretary to the forum .

Mr Lubinda said that Mr. Chisanga will also be subject to ratification by the delegates .

Mr. Lubinda further announced that accreditation of those who have been nominated by their respective institutions will be conducted on Tuesday at Mulungushi International conference center.

Mr. Lubinda has explained that the process shall be as transparent and participatory, but was quick to mention that detractors of the process will not be condoned .

“Those who will stay away should restrain themselves from casting aspersions against those who will participate,” he said.

The minister has indicated that the forum shall come to an end 10 days after the commencement of the seatings .

And Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo has thanked stakeholders who participated in the debate on the Public Order Act.

“This is the very first time that government willingly has opened doors and through the Ministry of Justice requested people to make submissions and that includes the law enforcers themselves, the Zambia Police,” he said.


    • Gentlemen you can go ahead with your dialogue but remember that to amend the constitution you will 2/3 majority in parliament that’s when you will realize that you will need the so called detractors. I rest my case

  1. National dialogue should be about improving jobs,healthcare ,education ,agriculture and poverty reduction.Any other dialogue is self seeking stuff by politicians.

  2. Not good because others they will not attend it and the board to lead dialogue was not suppose to be appointed by the president.let others comment.

  3. Dialogue should serve the purpose of minimising differences,misunderstandings and reducing acrimony in the political and civil life of the country. It should mainly include the government side and the main opposition parties.If one side is absent what purpose shall it serve except to waste state resources ? Why continue with past mistakes?

  4. PF has been a national shame of cholera ,heavy debts and economic stagnation.The real national dialogue will be 2021.

  5. #4 Luanshya Roan, iwe if you mean upnd, they are invited. If they want to boycott it’s their choice. But surprisingly if upnd does not boycott the elections in 2021, they will still lose. And WHEN they lose Hacks will petition his painful loss using the same constitution that he boycotted to make….. now what thinking and reasoning can be more than that?

    What an under five!! Does not grow!! Probably suffering from acute political malnutrition, a poignant symptom of disease.

  6. I don’t see the point of calling it a dialogue. A dialogue is between 2 or more opposing groups (could be warring factions) that need to make peace or reconciliation. Who is going to dialogue with who?

  7. They should have made the Committee an Non partisan, independent, free from Government and Party interference. But when the Chairman and Secretary is appointed by the Executive wing of the Government, it tilts the weight towards the appointing authority rendering the whole thing uselessness.

  8. What’s the National dialogue for? The country needs spirited and passionate debate about national issues. That debate is a good and healthy process for the checks and balances unless PF wants the opposition to be muted and flow with PF which would not be a good thing. I definitely smell rotten fish in the air, after you lose the most contested MP election in your backyard then you want dialogue. Ifintu tafilibwino come 2021.

  9. PF impunity as their view is the goose has to follow the gander! Sad that Mwanalushi has to be the one thus to be rendered affectless as for Chisanga still deemed prime? Anyway PF does need some associate esteem.

  10. I think its high time I have to add my voice to dialogue,if I may ask y president Lungu was moving up and wen dialogs was about to be done by church mother boards and why should the President a point someone to chare the meeting,and y this country is like this sure were is Kaunda and the spirit of chiluba even mwanawasa.please our President remember how you were humble times of your first time of being the president but now y things are like this you were not allowing rubbish to happen in our country but y today someone can stand and say that’s y I slapped you wale he was refusing and your language has change to day you can even say *****s mmmm boss twafweni please mwekasaka kandalama nimwe but GRZ worker’s are getting paid on next month what of you sir wen do you get paid I don’t…

  11. Ba Lungu bushe ilyashi lyandeke kyaenda shani nama fire tender nayo chaba shani nga chitotela mwamusunga shani awe Boss twafwani dialogue mwalepitanafye lilya church mother board yalefwaya ukutungulula but lelo mwasonta Nana chairman sure mwasula church. Okay

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