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President Lungu Promises to End the Late Payment of Salaries by Government


President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) presents an award of most hardworking ,innovative and excellent work performance to University of Zambia Social Scientist Dr.Lydia Chabala's daughter Mulenga Chabala (left) at the Freedom Statue in Lusaka on Wedneday,May 1,2019 during the Labour Day Celebrations. Mulenga recieved the award on behalf of her mother. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2019
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) presents an award of most hardworking ,innovative and excellent work performance to University of Zambia Social Scientist Dr.Lydia Chabala’s daughter Mulenga Chabala (left) at the Freedom Statue in Lusaka on Wedneday,May 1,2019 during the Labour Day Celebrations. Mulenga recieved the award on behalf of her mother. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2019

President Edgar Lungu has sympathized with employees that are struggling to make ends meet due to harsh working conditions including late payment of salaries.

The Head of State says government is committed to pay salaries in accordance with the law and has asked workers to remain committed to their work during these difficult times.

President Lungu promised that the issue of late payment of salaries will be a thing of the past and government will ensure that salaries are paid on time.

Officiating at this year’s labour day celebrations, President Lungu also called on employers in the country to adhere and implement the newly enacted employment Act which seeks to create a conducive work environment in the country.

He noted that casualization and low wages which remain rife among workers will be addressed if the new employment Act which has been enacted into law is adhered to.

The theme for this year’s International Labour Day is “Enhancing Productivity and Alleviating Poverty through the Decent Work Agenda”.

And Zambia Congress of Trade Unions President Chishimba Nkole has demanded for an end to late payment of salaries which if left unchecked has potential to affect productivity in the country.

Mr. Nkole said it is cruel and agonising for government to ignore and threaten workers who have gone for six months without pay for demanding payment of salaries.

He said it is demotivating for workers that have families to look after not to receive salaries on time and has appealed to President Edgar Lungu to give direction on the matter.

And Zambia Federation of Employers Acting President Stephen Sikombe has called on government to be sensitive in handling issues affecting higher institutions of learning.

Mr. Sikombe said any move that is demotivating to employees such as the late payment of salaries will have negative effects on the quality of graduates being produced.

He also expressed hope that the formulation of the Productivity Policy will lead to improved productivity in the country and has called for speedy completion of the formulation of the Policy.

Earlier, International Labour Organisation Country Director George Okutho commended government for enacting the employment Act and committed to help implement the law.


  1. Not ashamed that civil servants have been working without receiving their salaries on due dates. This is an abrogation of ILO law. Promising to pay salaries is not the same as paying salaries on due dates. Mr president be man enough and do the right thing. You have promised 500,000 jobs before and not honoured. Just do and act as a president not promises.

    • Lungu! Of all the things that you want to sort out in the nation, put this as the number one problem.

      This is about the core of people lives. What are you guys waiting for?

      Do you want us to #fund and #support an UPRISE to bring down the nation before you take it seriously?

      Think about the children who are going to school every morning without breakfast.

      How can you have production in the nation when people are working with hunger. ???

      Cut down all your travels and redirect your energy and dedication to this problem.

      You can do it.

    • Obviously corrupt clueless Lungu receives his salary on time. Can he volunteer to have his salary delayed for 6 months? We all know that he wouldn’t. But he thinks it’s okay for other civil servants to go without pay for months. He’s acting like he just woke up and learned about this issue. Such incompetency. What a shame.

    • “President Lungu Promises to End the Late Payment of Salaries by Government” – Create an artificial problem. Then promise the people to end the problem.
      Wow lol, that is clever Mr President 🙂

    • Really laughable ….but we have a Joker for a President, LAZY LUNGU thinks he is talking to toddlers. Why dont we ask Mr. Kasaka where Maggie is going to get the funds from since she is failing to balance the books as they are broke…this is why the moron needs a Press conference so we ascertain what frequency he is on!!

    • We hope that concrete steps will be taken to deal with the problem. Please no superficial solutions that will only postpone the problem. We need a wholesale, systemic shift in how we manage our finances.
      I would also be interested in knowing how you actually plan to address the issue. Simply making promises without telling us what concrete steps you will take does not inspire any confidence at all.
      By the way, you didnt have to wait till Labour day to address the matter. You should have held a press briefing to address the nation.

    • No wonder BUFFOON CK is having a field day with these morons…this good material for him. He is making promises as if he has just been elected into office

    • I almost cried today when I watched a clip of that guy who toured Mwinilungu Pineapple tour National Research Scientific Council or what’s left of it …how can you call yourselves leaders when such places are falling apart or rusty..I mean how can you be building roads for $1.3 billion when you dont have a R&D.

  2. talk and all these themes are useless.
    start by paying them their arrears and then we can listen to you. I don’t know if there are any reporters in Zambia who can ask him real questions…..your excellency, promises are well and good, but as you know people can not live on promises, can you please elaborate how exactly you’re going to ensure this doesn’t happen again but even more importantly can you give us a date when the arrears that are owed will be paid, because you can’t start making promises about the future when you haven’t fixed the problems of the past 4 months.

    how dare, people leave their homes to perform a service and you fail to uphold your end of the contract. that’s breaking a contract and these fools need to be sued

    he can never sit down and talk about…

  3. it’s cuz everyone is scared including this outlet. they keep on blocking certain comments. everyone is shaking in their boots that’s why these fools get away with all this s hit.
    I wrote an objective piece and lt has blocked it. they are quick at blocking but never take time to proofread their mediocre work they post

  4. How are they going to ensure early payment of salaries when they have ransacked the national treasury and overburdened it with debt repayments? Where shall ECL get the money? Workers ,especially in Government, should just prepare for more hardship and not to be deceived by a greedy,corrupt and uncaring leadership.PF should stop mocking workers when they know they have stolen everything and have nothing left to steal let alone offer to workers. The PF should, just for the time being, enjoy their stolen loot and prepare to leave in 2021 when punishment awaits.

  5. I am sure the good Dr Chanda sent her daughter to receive the award on her behalf as a silent protest for the non payment of March Salaries.

  6. When Ba Jona gets sober, he will realise he’s just made a promise he cannot keep.
    That’s problem of using State House as a Pub, & A.T.M machine.

    • Ati “using State House as a pub and an ATM machine”! ????That’s a good one and pretty accurate too????

    • We need accountability you dont make such promises as if money was struck somewhere that’s why their late payments…

  7. Comment:My appeal as government is working on improving the condition of service to civil servants.Those who are privileged to serve in government or private sector should improve to have positive attitude towards work.T he ball is in our hands as Zambians to make the country go forward or backward.

    • I hope you have been in touch with the happenings in Zambia. For your own information, government operations have not been funded since January. Can you please tell me how civil servants can operate without the basic tools?

  8. Unfulfilled promises have been made at labour day and in parliament over the past couple of years. I am certain this will be another. First it was 500,000 jobs, then 1,000,000 jobs in 5 years. I am sceptical about this salary one will be met

    • There should always be a plan in place to prevent this calamity. What’s the purpose of budgeting and the role of the
      entire ministry of finance

  9. Most emoyers do whatever they want, too much casualisation, late payments of salaries among other poor conditions of service. Government through the ministry of labor seems not to care, no wonder there is an increase in accidents and fatalities in work places. It’s really sad that, most employees are like slaves at the hands of employers.

  10. Hoo YES, The President will deliver as he promised. Give him Space. Job Diversity is Voluminous. There is no Training for President, so let’s give time for the President’s Actions to see through Things.
    All around him must be prudent,Effectively Efficient, for the President’s Signature. Trust him.

  11. When is this scumbag going to get kicked out of power. Most uneducated retarded and shallow minded president Zambia has ever had.

  12. You still have our insatiable support to prove yourself Mr Prezido. We are your children with the great of hopes that things will get beter. Critisism doesnt mean we hate you, but that is to keep a constant reminder to you that you should never lose forcus on your able responsibility to take this our great nation to greater heights. Keep the flame burning.

  13. Comment:PF, PF, PF!!! How many times did I call you? You are enjoying while the innocent hard working Zambians are suffering. Now judge for yourselves, is Zambia economically better or worse than Rupiah Banda left it when handed over the reigns of power? Be realistic With yourselves

  14. People want regular funding in government ministries so that operations continue smoothly and also an increase in salaries, not jut paying on time

  15. enough is enough to hell with this no sense late payment of salaries what about those that retired who will take care of them. dont you think they have families to look after. under such forums they are not even being remembered. these are the same farmers that are not being paid by fra. they have stomachs they eat they still have children who go to school they pay for water and electricity and also vote like anyone else.

  16. PF Govt. SHOULD PAY Retirees their dues instead of making them suffer. Why putting a retiree on a payroll and deny that person money to settle the costs accumulated?

    • ECL, why promise to end what you created and started? The solution is “STOP THE CRAP AT ONCE AND PAY THE PEOPLE”

  17. President Lungu promised that the issue of late payment of salaries will be a thing of the past and government will ensure that salaries are paid on time. MR PRESIDENT, WHEN WILL THIS BE A THING OF THE PAST????

  18. UNZA Lecturers are still waiting for their April salaries. Today is 2nd May, still no signal. How do you expect them to go for work, how do you expect them to teach and research when they are hungry?

  19. Just who is responsible for this? Is it the President or do we have someone in charge. It should not take the President to solve salary issues; there are people employed and being paid for that purpose. If these guys can’t explain as to why there have been delays, then start by firing them
    We can’t leave everything to the President sure pa Zed

    • Kayili, it’s the govts lack of funds (due to poor economic performance). They sometimes (most of the times), don’t have enough for civil servant salaries!

      The President is showing he is aware of the issue. It is comforting to the govt employees to hear the matter has reached the highest office, but you are correct, he is not personally responsible.

  20. That would be the most advanced and civilised thing for ALL current and future govts to adhere to. We should add to the Constitution, the utmost importance of civil servants to be paid on time. We should hang our heads in shame.

    In return, we demand that Civil Servants be sanctioned for late/delayed processing of citizen matters like housing, business applications etc. And civil servant thefts or support to theft of properties by unscrupulous individuals should be instant jail time. We need corruption to end among these groups. They are at the forefront of delivering services.

    Oh that of course includes corruption in govt, please stop mugging us, get your salaries on time in exchange!

  21. Good promises are good to make especially that its what people want to hear,Mr President I have a question for you
    1.what measures have you put in place to make sure your pronouncement wasn’t meant to make us feel happy on our day

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