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PF will listen to the people on the re-introduction of Position of Deputy Minister-Davies Mwila


Former UPND President Geoffrey Mwanba meeting with PF Secretary general Davies Mwila while the party's media director Sunday Chanda looks on
Former UPND President Geoffrey Mwanba meeting with PF Secretary general Davies Mwila while the party’s media director Sunday Chanda looks on

Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Mwila has stated that the ruling Party will listen to the people on the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) proposal to reintroduce Deputy Ministers.

Hon Davies Mwila was speaking when he welcomed former UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) to the Party Secretariat this afternoon.

And responding to a question from the media on whether the Party had u-turned on Deputy Ministers, the Secretary General assured the general public that the ruling Party will listen and do exactly what the Zambians will say on the matter.

“On the question of reintroducing Deputy Ministers, the Patriotic Front will listen to the people. In the meantime NDF is sitting and we’ll wait for the process to conclude but we’ll listen to the people”, emphasized Hon Mwila.

On Sunday, the National Dialogue forum by consensus endorsed the amendment of the constitution to re-introduce the position of Deputy Ministers in a measure aimed at resolving the gap that was created in the management of government ministries following the 2016 Constitution that abolished the position of Deputy Ministers.

The NDF further announced that it was exploring avenues to strengthen the position of deputy ministers for them to act as Ministers in the absence of their superiors because in the past arrangement deputy Ministers were not clothed with constitutional powers to act as Ministers in the absence of their superiors.

NDF further said that the proposal to re-introduce the position for deputy ministers was aimed to save money Government spends on maintaining the large number of permanent secretaries, the national dialogue forum has proposed.


    • That’s an office of someone stuck in the past …not a PC or laptop in sight just mountains of files and the usual TV screen to watch ZNBC news

    • Does anyone know when these positions of Deputy minister were abolished? Was it MMD or PF that abolished this?

      It appears the PF want to give these jobs to their cadres so they can loot the treasury together.

    • Dear PF,

      The Kwacha is now trading at K14 to USD1.
      The debt burden will soon exceed 80% of GDP
      The mines of closing down and retrenching
      The people of Zambia are suffering badly
      Hospitals have no medication because you are failing to buy
      You are failing to fund universities and have thus closed CBU
      Inspite of all this, you want to increase the cost of government just so that you have more positions to reward yourselves with.
      Guys have a heart. Listen to your consciences. Fear God.

    • And really guys, even a grade 1 pupil knows that you are lying(or extremely dull) to say that this will reduce costs.

    • Ba GBM should have taken a break of say 1 year, and not to allow to be treated like mukamfwilwa.
      But Ba GBM you made mistake to rush to PF in public mwee. Look now look at that picture, ichipuuba is one forcing you to shake hands with your former deputy minister you fired?
      Mwati nangu ni desperation of drowning in debts teifi. A GBM we knew could not allow Sunday to scratch his balls because his own hand can’t reach there. Infact Chi Sunday is just mocking him.

    • What foooools don’t get is that NDF is merely there to give PF legitimacy to push through its agenda …like Bo Aka said NDF is like deciding how one wants to r*p£d. Its a sham not worth even talking about only a weak leader would attempt to go down this route.

    • PF do not really know what to do with GBM. They know his political ambitions. They also know that they can not manage GBM soon after the dust has settled because he is the most cantankerous politician.At the same time they can not chase him away.It is really agony for PF. GBM is a disgrace to Zambian politics.I feel sorry for his family.

    • If you didn’t listen to your own masquerade Constitutional Court, how are you going to listen without ears? Muli finkula, the only solution to your nonsense is kuya bebele. zwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    • I am one of the many sons of this soil Zambia whose Heart is heavy and bleeding because of the manner in which our leaders are managing our country. Cry my beloved country. Please God help us, please we’re doomed!

    • One can only imagine the comments that would have been made if three Tonga people were in that picture…time to call a spade a spade; PF is the tribal party. A party for bembas. Zambia for Zambians; down with pf!

    • No shame….just look at their stupid handshakes and silly faces…..GBM with little money he has still behaves poor….Anyway GBM is rich by Kasama standards i wont argue much…all i know is that his total networth is Lunch money for American billionaires……back with PF bandits to steal because his Kasama wealth has dwindled

    • pf will continue stealing our resources and external borrowed money until we are colonized again…lol

    • People already unanimously spoke in the Mun’gomba Comission about deputy ministers. What more do you want kanshi?

  1. How times are you going to “listen to people”? So are you saying what was in the 2016 constitution to abolish Deputy Ministers did not come from people? Now you have seen that people don’t like your wasteful idea of Deputy Ministers you start lying about” listening to them”! Once it becomes what listening are you going to do?Stop lying that removal of Deputy Ministers created more Permanent Secretaries coz the former is a politician with nothing to do while the latter is supposed to be a Technocrat!!

  2. Now you are at the mercy of PF from a so called National Dialogue Forum …really laughable …they get to decide what goes through. Why did they just not meet up at bar and suggest what they want!!

  3. Idea can be ok of bringing back deputy minister.But people are looking at economic issues at the moment.
    Again this time Zambia doesn’t need deputy minister.

  4. Great stance by PF…MPs from either side in the Dialogue Forum are just being selfish. The people have rejected the Deputy Ministers…listen to them

    • Thanking him for what? This is what the Church didn’t want to take part in this sham….now you are thanking them!!

    • Milimo Janza:

      I can never understand the thinking of some Zambians.

      The PF are telling you they will reintroduce deputy ministers, and you are busy thanking them?


    • IndigoTyrol – most Zambians are docile people they like to be lied to ..remember what LAZY LUNGU said two weeks ago at Labour Day about promising to pay on time salaries to civil servants, well Lecturers have not paid and his word accounts for sh&t as the BUM is detached from reality and he is comfortable. They don’t even understand what the word dialogue means..they have grouped together ‘Yes men’ clowns which taxpayer is paying …yet you have this @Milimo Janza thanking them for wasting his money to pay deceitful loafers like Tayali…you can not even describe the stupidity of some bloggers.

  5. The people are saying NO to Deputy Ministers. I’m happy the ruling Party is listening to the People not selfish MPs!

    • People never wanted Deputy Ministers in the first place ..this should not have been tabled…you should be concerned about what they have agreed and not told you.
      Wake up from your docility!!!

  6. In an event where the NDF agree to bring back the D. Ministers but the ‘people’ say no, will I be right to say all the efforts by NDF will be in vain?

    • People already said no..where else are people going to say no? Are they going to protest..PF have majority seats in Parliament …how daft can you be surely do you not see why some people dont want to be part of this NDF and why they are calling it a sham.
      Wake up from your folly…use your brain to think man!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. “…NDF further said that the proposal to re-introduce the position for deputy ministers was aimed to save money Government spends on maintaining the large number of permanent secretaries…”

    Does that mean you get rid of PSs ???

  8. NDF said that the proposal to re-introduce the position for deputy ministers was aimed to save money Government spends on maintaining the large number of permanent secretaries.

    This is not true because permanent secretaries will still there with or without deputy ministers. Unless they say the position of permanent secretary in a ministry will be abolished.

  9. The only people supporting the re-introduction of deputy ministers are the delegates at the NDF. I have yet to meet anyone outside the NDF supporting this harebrained idea. It just goes to show how detached from reality these delegates are.

  10. Ba GBM is a real tosser and a jocker, not worth his salt, he threatened he would go for ECL’s throat instead he is going for ECL’s pocket. If re-introducing of Deputy Ministers positions is aimed at saving money, let them serve as volunteers without salaries, then we shall know they are putting Country first.

  11. This NDF was designed to come up with laws that favor the thieving PF people. NDF is a means to change the constitition the people were given only this time the pf will do all it can to amend it to give them insurance or imunity from being prosecuted. Why sign a constitution then later go back on the same constitution to say we were wrong on this issue lets amend it to go back to what it used to be. Are these the same buch of fools we are entrusting with changes to the constitution. Zambia will regret this should we remain silent time to act is now. Same with sales tax within one year they will want to go back to VAT.


  13. You have already heard the cry of the people on the return of deputy ministers. So do not even take it to Parliament. And about the picture, GBM is a political joker like Miles Sampa. One shocking thing is that the PF have welcomed him with both hands.

  14. NO to deputy ministers, there’s debts all over, late salary payments, if reintroduced, these guys will have all the perks as a deputy minister at a huge cost to the taxpayer. I say NO!

  15. I am just wondering who had given gbm authority to be going round offering people money when he has to wait for 3 years before he is readmitted back in pf, that is according to their constitution. Is he eying the position of deputy minister. HH was supposed to have a permit to attend church, pf you are laughable.

  16. It’s better you listen and listen very carefully otherwise what’s coming from National Distribution of Food is very embarrassing.

  17. Why is a PF secretary-general commenting on a Republican Constitutional issue – saying the Party will ‘listen’ to the people? Is this a PF or Constitution of Zambia matter? The Vice-President, who represents government policy in Parliament is better placed to make such statements, not a cadre.

  18. A Minister not having a Deputy is senseless. Many functions and duties require Ministerial representation. Currently, one person has failed to cope. So Permanent Secretary now does most Ministerial functions while Directors and Junior Civil Servants do those for the Permanent Secretary. It has eroded the weight of GRZ presence in many places and things.

    The cost of that is much higher than the savings of employing a few more Deputies as all Democracies do.

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