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President Lungu Meeting with Mopani Executives

Videos and Audios President Lungu Meeting with Mopani Executives


  1. Start phasing out KCM immediately, and dont ever again give an audience to that Argawal. And no monkey tricks with the next investor in KCM who obviously must be chinese, please do the right thing just for once. To the corrupt I say keep your thick fingers out of the next deal, just for once.

    Caution to all politicians: The next votes in 2021 will not depend on how much you pour into the campaigns and give to party cadres to eat, drink, merry and dance, but what would have happened in the economy.

    • Not right, The Zambian managers look like they are not part of Mopani, and that’s where problem comes for local managers.
      The white guy (am not racist) was supposed to be listening how Zambian managers can defend their company.

    • Why do not you write openly that Mr. Lungu shall keep Mahtani Money Launderer out of any investment transaction. He is a born crook, Indian Thug.

      What was Lungu doing with him at State House? Why did he spend over an hour with him while 3 other investors were waiting to discuss their investments with him?

  2. …And of course, there is NO ROOM for TRIB.ALS in 2021. In 2016 we learnt enough lessons from trib.als and how evil they are. The xenophobia was particularly nauseating to the unity of the nation.

  3. Mr Lungu, remember its not Mopani executives who vote or put u in power. If you accept a bribe will know

    • When you listen to that the white guy there he keeps saying we have done that with Mines Minister, waiting for this with Mines Minister….that should tell you something about the incompetence of Lazy Lungu’s team and he is there talking about building things for the community surely that’s not their job its your job…they pay tax.
      Like we said all that talk on Friday was just rhetoric look at him there when he was greeting them…the man should leave these matters to his juniors and appoint better ministers not a former primary school tutor as Mines Minister.

  4. After the cameras were turned off banamudyesamo bottle ya Jameson and grilled mbeba uyo. He is probably still dancing as we speak. Lungu is campaigning. Surely he fails to hold a question and answer conference but he is confident to have cameras running at a meeting where no one will ask.him a question. Grow up lungu.

  5. It happens when one addresses a partisan crowd at an airport after a couple ofJameson shots, hefty promises and wild statements are made.How is it that the President only faces and addresses PF people? Who advises this man,who are his friends,why is his strongest attribute campaigning.
    What we can conclude is he is fork touged he is doing the country a donchi kubeba by inconsistent statements. He is showing carders he is able yet he does not have the liver to negotiate better deals for zambians or rather live by his Dutch courage statements.

    • He is there talking about CSR as if mines are obligated to build clinics for the community… the Manager told him they do that ..it was all talk at the Airport as I stated on Friday this Chawama man fears them next time they should just have a whole room of White managers you will see him….this video has shown how useless he is am sure they have made a donation to PF. No wonder the likes of Kasolo MD for ZCCM was sacked as he was putting pressure on them.

  6. This clip is really skin-cringing …you mean you called them to come and talk about building clinics….they must have had another meeting after the cameras had been switched off where they were dancing and drinking LAZY cannot talk seriously to anyone just look at him in causal as if he is on holiday…you told us you were working but you look like you have hangover. Why you never take your wife with you!!

  7. They were just talking about social cooperate responsibility and they white guy says they do that already. Nothing of value really.

    • Like I said on Friday …all that talk at the airport tarmac was simply hot air…and the usual foooools were urging with me and telling me that I insult LAZY LUNGU. Well what is more insulting someone telling you that the man is lieing to or someone talking nonsense in the cameras at the airport.

  8. Look at lungu trying to dupe us with this silly photo shoot , trying to silence calls he address the nation on the deteriorating economy and flying usless kwacha

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