Monday, February 26, 2024

Islamic Council President in court


Islamic Supreme Council of Zambia President Sugzo Zimba and two others have appeared in court on 13 charges among them giving false information to an Immigration officer.

The suspects are further accused of harbouring prohibited immigrants, aiding and abetting illegal immigrants.

Mr. Zimba and his co-accused Egeh Hussein and Omar Muhammud both Somali Nationals appeared before Lusaka Magistrate Felix Kaoma.

In one of the counts the Suspects are alleged to have procured an Immigration Visa for a Somali national by purporting that Ifrah Hassan was visiting Zambia to attend an intercultural competence course at Kook college of International Studies when in fact not.

The suspects could however not take plea because there was no one to translate English into Somali for one of the suspects.

It was at this point that Lusaka Magistrate Felix Kaoma adjourned the matter to Wednesday this week for plea.

Whilst adjourning the matter, Magistrate Kaoma told Mr. Zimba that his bond has been extended while the other two accused will remain in custody.

Meanwhile, Mr. Zimba screamed at Journalists who were filming him outside the court room, asking whether they have been sent.



  1. Close the thing. We can’t even comment or write on them. You are taking away our freedom of speech.
    Why do you call it a Christian Nation?
    Close the thing.

  2. Without prejudice, Somalis are a very secretive society that keeps to itself. I don’t know how Zimba managed to connect with them.

  3. That Zimba is Suzyo that will bring in our country Islamic fundamentalist blowing up innocent Zambians. There is overwhelming evidence world wide that some Muslims are involved in terrorist agenda in the world. Zimba should be interrogated how he is conniving with foreigners to enter Zambia illegally. Further more, Zimba should be held to account for his allegiance to Zambia or Islam. Zambians should not underplay Zimba’s stance over his agenda to bring in Muslims in Zambia. Next will be Madras schools where among other things who have no respect for life. We know hwta happened in Kenya, Somalia, Nigeria, Mali etc killing and being killed because of Islam . For warned is for armed.

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