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Somizi is not welcome in Zambia, Government says


The government has banned Somizi Buyani Mhlongo, a South African gay television presenter actor and singer from performing in Zambia.

Minister of religious affairs Godridah Sumaili says Somizi is not welcome in Zambia. He was supposed to be star guest as Lusaka’s July show.

Sumaili said the government would not condone a situation where organisations were inviting people with questionable characters that might compromise the morals of the land.

“Every country has laws. Here in Zambia, we have a constitution that guides citizens on morals and its christian values. we do not condone gayism. it is a crime and inviting such people means we are slowly accepting the vice,” she said.

She was reacting on the invitation of Somizi Buyani Mhlongo, a South African gay television presenter by PR Girl Media to the next month event.

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  1. In Zambia, it seems corruption, thuggery, adultery is ignored but being gay is the biggest taboo one can commit I mean this Presenter is not coming to perform sexual acts.

    • Ba jay jay muli chipuba, there in UK where you’re cleaning toilets they’ve rules and regulations that even you abide to, but you want Zambia to be accepting nonsense pantu mulelya sausage ku UK. Be proud of the culture of your parents. Can your parents accept such nonsense in their home? Shame on you.

    • Musonda Kateule – How am I a chipuba? Is this boy Somizi Buyani Mhlongo going to come and sleep in your son’s room when he visits Zambia? Even if I love cleaning toilets surely do you think I can be cleaning them for 20 years with all these universities and public libraries? Yes they have rules and regulations …just like Botswana do you honestly think gay people will start booking holidays to Tsawana now that they have amend and updated their laws?
      The worst crime in Zambia today is the cancer of corruption it affects us and our future forget about homosexuality it has nothing to do with you like those skiing in the Alps…even if Somizi Buyani Mhlongo comes men wont change their sexuality overnight.
      Wake up from your stupidity!!!

    • I usually agree with you Jay Jay, but not on this one. Homosexuality should never be entertained anywhere in Zambia. I support the government’s banning of this guy from coming into the country. The West has a big agenda to impose homosexuality on Africans, and South Africa is the gateway of this Western moral decadence. We don’t want Africa to begin to see this Western sickness as a normal thing. You begin to accept homosexuality, next will be transgender, transsexual, and all the other sick perversions that go with it. We don’t want that in Zambia, sorry.

    • Malume – I have a soft spot for Human rights .

      LIE-DETECTOR – So you think homosexuality will publicly be entertained in Botswana? These countries you point have far superior governance laws to you hypocrites where Politicians are getting rich within 12 months …you think a Politician will rock from pauper to philanthropists within two years Tax office will be on him/her before he finishes handing out gifts.

    • Did we ever sit down and agree on this?
      As far as I know we have only inherited gay laws from the colonisers. Has our parliament debated any gay issues?

    • I’m referring to: we do not condone gayism. it is a crime and inviting such people means we are slowly accepting the vice,” she said.

    • It is Friday, look at topic you are discussing in a pub. There are women here.
      Seriously guys, chance the topic.
      drink responsibly.

    • This is the right decision. Homosexuality is unnatural, its unafrican, its unchristian.
      This is more than just banning a homosexual man. This guy is a symbol, an icon for that promotes homosexual values. We cannot make homosexuality a norm. No, no no!

    • I would rather trust God’s Laws than the so called Modern Culture. :


      You cannot say:


      Research has proved CHILDREN adopted by male gay couples are growing up VERY DISORIENTED. So we have a problem with the future generations. God save us. !!

    • That said, I cannot look down on a gay person.

      I have worked with them in Investment Banking. They are Body & Soul just like everybody. They are God’s children.

      And I can say, I have one as a close associate and colleague.

    • Jay Jay … only because I promised to restore your name and I am a man of my own words but if you stay on this path, I may be forced to go back to Gay Gay.

      Why is it that you are always fighting wrong battles??

    • Usually us none religious, agnostic and atheists are always perceived to have a soft spot on gay people. But unlike you religious maggots who have no respect for your fellow human rights, we see things logically and clearly. We are not hypocrites. we call a spade a spade. look at this silly ministry. whats worse between corruption (corrupts ministers) and gay people?
      I have never seen this silly thing office condemn vices and push law enforces to act on corrupt issues which are disadvantaging many vulnerable people in our society.

    • The Basic question as Christians we need to be asking ourselves is ….. Would Jesus have turned back Somizi????? We act holier than thou when our closets can even give the devil a heart attack

    • I find it strange as well because international organisations IMF, World Bank, UN etc. in Zambia have gay guys that come to work here and I have never heard any of them blocked from entering the country

    • BR JUNIOR – Who are you to tell me what is the RIGHT battle? You think I will cower from a debate so I wont be ridiculed for supporting rights of a fellow human being…this is no different to not employing someone based on their sexual preferences which discrimination. You didnt have a problem with Koffi he even met Bowman Lusambo in his office yet you are here banning this boy who is merely a presenter…are you telling men you wont ban the Irish PM if he ever visited Zambia?

  2. The only time you hear this useless minister speak is when it involves butt bangers and non-underwear wearing women.

    • DudeLover… @ 2

      Hello…..its because she is the minister for Religious Affairs, which addresses mortality.

      Do you want her to be talking about KCM Mines. Kekikikiki…..

  3. what you call gayism is coming and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.
    you wanna talk of vices, look around you and you’ll see

    • There’s a lot we can do to stop this nonsense. Just don’t test us. The majority of people in Zambia don’t tolerate, endorse or condone such insanity as a man dressed in a blouse and frock.

    • Mukolwe iwe, shut the heck up. We have the power to stop it. You morally bankrupt individual. There are many countries in Africa and around the world that have controlled the flourishing of this Western perversion. You’re either gay or an agent hired to destroy Africa’s moral core. You and your gay gang will not succeed.

    • This is Nine Chale based in Germany and married to a German woman in a tolerant society where homosexuality has not affected him in anyway…what has a man in a blouse and frock got to do with you? So men in frocks will be flying in numbers to Botswana?

  4. Is this minister a God to judge others? May someone give us information on her life and family. She wants to play mother Theresa…there is high immorality in Zambia please don’t pretend. What’s the difference between Somizi and a Cabinet Minister sleeping with young girls aged below?

    • Just ask yourself how much money has been spent on this Ministry alone in the past three years ..that could have been used for health or education…even towards supplementing student meal allowances

    • Admittedly, there are a lot of vices here in Zambia. But that doesnt mean we should allow some elements to make the situation worse. You do not stop a fire by pouring petrol onto it!!

  5. It’s the law of the land and who ever fell short of that gets punished.

    Even the British Govt.warns it’s people not to travell to countries where such a vice is prohibited

    • He is gay does that mean he is coming to perform sexual acts in Zambia ..he is coming to work so you are discriminating him on the basics of his sexuality. The UK govt warns its citizens from travelling to such places because of thick nincompoops like you….you are even posting from the UK.

    • Jay Jay, seriously, are you gay? I see people call you gay Jay. Why are you aggressively supporting the Western gay agenda for Africa? Come on man, this perverted Western lifestyle is extremely destructive. Atlanta Georgia in America is a city where being straight is now considered abnormal. You’ll have bearded men running around in skirts, high-heeled shoes, and dresses in Zambia. Men begin to change into women and women begin to change into men. That’s what you want to see begin to happen in Zambia? I don’t understand you on this one, you confuse me. Maybe you’ve lived way too long in Europe, you’ve forgotten your African roots. Shame on you.

    • LIE – DETECTOR – You mean I can not support rights of a fellow human being? Its wrong to bar him on the basic of his sexual preferences …why dont you let him he is coming to work not for sex.
      If its so bad in the West why dont you go to Zambia away from homosexuality…Have you been to Avondale Shopping Centre at night in Lusaka or any nite club in the outskirts ? You will be shocked at the immorality there right in the car park involving under age girls…do not come here to lecture nonsense like you are talking to someone who has never been to Zambia!!

  6. There are laws of that land and you have to accept them. There is corruption, adultery and fornication but it is not gayism.I don’t hate them but hate what they do and doubt if they were going to be born if their parents were gays.

  7. Well done Minister GS. We do not have to condone such nonsense. If gayism exists in Zambia, it must be secretly done. All we need is to know the culprits and help them reform. But when we know someone who is questionbly oriented is coming we must stop them right away.

    • That’s what she wants ….you gullible fooooools to forget about FIC Report 2018 before you know it it will be FIC 2019 Report out and you are still talking about issues that dont affect you whilst the thieves are stealing and getting richier donating maize meal and cooking oil to you fooooooooooools!!

  8. Why not the minister targeting her concerns against the very fomenters of the perceived vice such as PR girl media. Does the minister know the activities of this local grouping and its actual motive for the invitation?

  9. stupidity, why are you so scared and homophobic?
    what are you scared of? if he comes to Zambia and interacts with you that are supporting this minister’s bs, are you gonna turn gay? maybe you’re on the fence and don’t know that’s why you’re so scared. if you know your sexuality and yourself why should you care? do you and let him do him
    it’s a stupid law and watch this space, laws like these won’t be in the books within 10 years. you’ve a lot of people coming into Zambia who are sexually abusing children and you don’t say sh it now that there’s an adult who happen to be gay you’re all alert.

    • mukolwe iwe, kalale tabulacha. Wilabusha abantu pakati kabushiku with your meaningless crowing. If you’re gay don’t try and impose that perverted lifestyle on others. Majority of Zambians don’t accept that decadent lifestyle.

  10. ati African morals. go to tourist locations and see what’s happening to your young brothers and sisters , go to lodges on weekends and come b ack and talk to me, I am talking to you lie detector
    is he coming to sleep with you? why are you so worried?

    • Just go to a niteclub in Lusaka at Northmead or that stinking shopping center cesspool in Avondale you will dumbfounded at the kids in the clubs being taken to vehicles by old men in the car park.

    • As for lodges don’t go there …please don’t get me started there is a price to pay just for “1 hour sex” for lustful adulterers …and some Minister wants to lecture us about morallity when Parliament Motel is a just a brothel you have MP battering his wife to a pulp and he is still in the job and walk away from court…oh my god!!!

  11. Why does any little nonsence issue about so-called gayism invite so much interest among Zambians to the point of fanatism as if they do not know what is going on around the world ? Whereas marriage is professed publicly,sex between concerting adults should always remain a private matter and should not be any other person`s business, not even Government`s. Why ban the guy from entering the country if his agenda here is unrelated to his sexual orientation and marital status? This country has more serious problems for Zambians to attend to than creating frenzies about so called gayism of a visitor. And if anyone thinks he/she will eliminate homosexuality from society by their emotional reactions they are wasting their time because it is, unfortunately for all of us, a realistic fact of human…

  12. …existence.And if it is a question of morality,Zambia despite being a so called christian nation is a very immoral society.Just recently a new born baby was raped to death by it`s own father and there was little public reaction and no statement from the Minister for Fake Christianity and National Deception.

  13. ….existence.And if it is a question of morality, Zambia despite being a so called Christian Nation is a very immoral society .Just recently a newly born baby was raped by it`s own father and there was little public condemnation and no statement from the Minster of Fake Christianity and National Deception.Who the hell then are you to judge someone.

  14. Unbelievable that time and resources can be wasted by a minister on an issue of one’s sexuality. Firstly, this has nothing to do with culture. The British had a law against it for a long time until they realized this was mostly a matter of nature – just as heterosexuality is. We inherited the old law that banned it and have kept it by using irrational time wasting arguments. How does a relationship practiced privately by consenting adults affect YOU or the country? (when no other crime is being committed) Let us not also pretend by giving the impression that heterosexual tendencies are moral and all else isn’t. What about all the documented perverted acts and repugnant sexual abuses that are performed by the ‘holy’ heterosexuals on a daily basis? We are hypocrites at best and a pagan…


    • KANYUKA – The best thing for you to do make an ultimate stance on homosexuality is to stop accepting Charity and funding from countries that support Gay Rights like Ireland, US, EU countries…instead of you hallucinating as the money you are getting is from gay taxpayers….its likened to be against crack cocaine and cocaine usage yet accepting money from the Mafia.
      As someone stated on social media that Promoters pay a lot of money for these shows …you can not have this ministry always banning presenters and performers

  15. Until you understand or see the trauma some people who are born gay suffer , you will be stuck in your Stone Age mentality.

    Though I don’t support seeing gay affection in public or teaching kids about homosexuality, some people are born in wrong bodies and suffer unbearable trauma in denial to the point of sucide.

    • You see thats why giving UPND my vote scares me. Is it a coincidence that they all have such a soft spot for this abomination ???

    Godridah Sumaili should have called for the dismissal of Inonge Wina for seeking treatment in South Africa

  17. Is Zambia going to ban the Irish Prime Minister when he decides to come and how Irish money is stolen?

  18. Here in Scotland, it is not an issue because Nicky hammers me in both holes. Does it mean he is gay and will be banned from visiting my sh!t hole country Zambia?

  19. The same bible scorns the fornicators, the adulterers and the money robbers. Sumaili is wining and eating with all the ‘sinners’. Now pretending to holy. What a d!ck head!

  20. Kwena you Zambians, don’t you know that most of the clothes you wear are designed by gays. The makeup to make your spouses look great. Let’s not forget the gadgets you love. Movies are full of gay actors. So right there without any gays visiting you there is gay influence on you already. Besides there are gays already in Zambia despite your fake proclamation which is an embarrassment looking at how we embrace corruption

    • You can’t stop birds from flying over your head but you can stop them from making a nest and laying their eggs on it.

    • Dont mind these hypocrites like Nine Chale? They come here to preach against colonism and how the white man did so and so but guess what? The hypocrite shares a bed with one …he wants to talk about homosexuality as if he lives on a exclusive island in Germany yet he has benefited from that tolerant society.

  21. Who invite Somzi for any thing surely… what value can somzi bring to Zambia…forget guy staff…this guy is a nutcase

  22. Thank you gov’t for preventing this demon from entering Zambia. He is worse than Zodwa Wabantu; He is being used and funded by wealth demonic powers in promoting the homosexual agenda, thereby setting the stage for Antichrist. God bless Zambia! Psalm 33:12

    • You dont even know who wrote your bible, rading a book that is does not mention anything about your beautiful rich culture or your greatness depicts you as black slaves …you just a blind bat..the same white man who brought that bible to brainwash you is the same white man who gave you those colonial laws about something that has nothing to do with you.

    • Ha,ha, ha #Flat James. Nomizi the demon can not enter Zambia.He is being used to promote homosexual agenda.But we are Christians and we only rape our recently born babies.! God bless Zambia! How sad!

  23. We ask and receive loans, bilateral aid, technical assistance, medical services, we have florishing bilateral relations with many of our friendly governments and countries with gay tolerant laws and nearly all our leaders including comrade Sumaili travel to and from such countries as the US, Britain, Germany, China, South Africa and Botswana. We depend so much on each of these countries. What will happen to Zambia if each of these countries today effected a travel ban on all Zambians to their countries because we are intolerant to their citizens who are gay orientated? What will happen to us if each of these countries stopped our citizens and our leaders from travelling to there countries because we are perceived to be a country with corrupt practices? Zambians, let us remove the log…

  24. Let us remove the log in our eye before we point at a small speck in another person’s eye……! We are Christians in a Christian nation that should practice forgiveness at all times. Christ forgave sinners instantly. Let the gay leader come, may be we shall an opportunity to invite him to one of our churches and preach to him so that he repents from his sin. He may also share with us on the issue corruption eradication from our practices.

    • How can you preach to someone you doesn’t believe in your folly…why do you think you and your religion is right and everyone else is wrong? This is why the slave masters beat, raped, lynched you then they later said that they have repented…

    • How can you preach to someone you doesn’t believe in your folly…why do you think you and your religion is right and everyone else is wrong? This is why the slave masters beat, raaaped, lynched you then they later said that they have repented…

  25. I would be interested in knowing how Elias Chipimo and Fred Mmembe feel about this.
    Anyway, my thoughts are that this is consistent with governments position, whether right or wrong. There are bigger fights in my opinion like corruption that Minister Godfrida should speak about. However, our current laws should be respected. We claim to be a Christian nation although all roads seem to lead the other way even with Zodwa and this gay removed. Whether right or wrong, I think the minister is consistent when it comes to social issues like this. What I would lije to see her holier than thou self also invlude in her talk is corruption. Yes, Godfrida, now that the no panty Zodwa and this gay man have been removed, there’s a little bit of dust inhouse to cleanup. Don’t be shy.

  26. I would be interested in knowing how Elias Chipimo and Fred Mmembe feel about this.
    Anyway, my thoughts are that this is consistent with governments position, whether right or wrong. There are bigger fights in my opinion like corruption that Minister Godfrida should speak about. However, our current laws should be respected. We claim to be a Christian nation although all roads seem to lead the other way even with Zodwa and this gay removed. Whether right or wrong, I think the minister is consistent when it comes to social issues like this. What I would lije to see her holier than thou self also invlude in her talk is corruption. Yes, Godfrida, now that the no panty Zodwa and this gay man have been removed, there’s a little bit of dust inhouse to cleanup. Don’t be shy.

    • Why would you be interested in what M’embe and Chipimo say? You want them to condemn this decision so you can label them gay as you lack the intelligent to debate this issue objectively. If you went to Kabwata police station and reported to them that the man walking in the street is gay …you think they will walk up to him and arrest him for being gay without evidence caught in the act? Its the same with this boy, he could have come just like Zodwa and cautioned at the airport ..then let in. …how can you do a cosmetic clean up house when your whole house is polluted. Go to Kabwata this evening and see for yourself!!

  27. I thought Christianity was a not a crude African belief, but was thrust upon us by Colonizers. So then I can equate Christianity to Gayism as both originate from the same place (West). Therefore, if Africans are to accept Christianity, then at the same token they should embrace Gayism. Why choose to believe one and then discard the other when both come from the same DUST BIN?

    • Colonists did a good job on brainwashing our people…they are like the Somalis who are even more Islamic than their slave-masters, this is why even Arabs favored them for capturing fellow Africans for slavery inland.

  28. Somewhere on this wall there’s an advert captioned ‘ legal steroids turning men into beasts’. By now most of us should’ve known the critical effects of steroid levels on sexual preferences. It means some people are gay or transgender not by choice but natural inheritance. Hullo medical people!

  29. This is so stupid honestly. Why would anyone be concerned with other people’s sex lives? Someone else’s sexuality doesn’t affect you at all! It’s sad that I’m this day and age there are still backward people and cultures.

    • @Mike,most people who speaks the truth and live a normal life are quoted as backward people,i guess you did physics,oposite poles attract and same pole repel,this planet earth its full of beautiful creatures,imagine if this world was full of gay,even a gay could not have been born,an animal is better than a gay person,atleast they can even differetiate who is female or male

  30. Jay Jay have sense when commenting ,you support Botswana not Zambia for our own good rules and laws .if Zambian government allows such invitation next someone will come with a satanic and you will support it’s part of becoming a billionaire

  31. @Mike you are very moronic if your daughter get raped and no case to be open you the same ***** will blame government.lets choose things to invite in our country or homes.can you allow your son to invite such person to your own house?

  32. Good work Honourable Godridah Sumaili.
    Don’t let the global gay agenda cross our borders.

    Every SOVEREIGN state has the right to make its own laws and to protect its values.

    Homosexuality contradicts Zambia’s values and should NEVER BE ENTERTAINED.

    Every country that supports the gay agenda seems to follow these SIX STEPS;

    1]Legalize Homosexuality

    2]Hold gay pride rallies

    3]Give homosexuals special privilages like protection from critisism

    4]Introduce LGBT legal unions and call them ‘marriage’

    5]Prosecute people who refuse to accept homosexuality and call them ‘homophobic’ or ‘bigoted’

    6]Poison the minds of CHILDREN by promoting homosexuality in cartoons, schools, libraries and other media.

    This obvious left-wing and SATANIC stupidity which is…

  33. JayJay, your hate for PF has laid bare your stupidity, you and other PF haters will support anything as long as its against the government of PF.
    WHAT RELEVANCE IS soizi to Zambia, why of all people did the organisers invite DIRTY mannered somizi, the Government here is very right to protect Zambians from stupidity, it might help you to read Leviticus 20:13,

    ANYONE IN SUPPORT OF THE EVIL INTENTION OF THE ORGANIZERS MUST BE DENOUNCED ,in-fact it would be of help if the organizers were questioned on what motivated them to invite such an immoral being, they must be arrested and warned.

    • Casually recommending verses from the old testament forgetting that the selfsame book condones slavery of black people.
      Wake up from your stupor!!

  34. Its good that my country says NO to gayism and we know the agender behind ,i hope those people who think been gay its natural,its not and its a mockery to God,since God is good,its never too late for those people to repent,i hate a name GAY because its a devilish name and demonic name

  35. Colleagues, Jay Jay is free to express his opinion. Our constitution provides for freedom of expression. But let’s not support such unnatural practices in our country. They are unfrican.



  37. On this and as with other issues, we are exhibiting backwardness as a country. Haven’t we learnt anything about being animals and nature? Lets not kid ourselves, what values and morals do heterosexuals have, or Zambia for that matter? Someone being gay hurts you more than the perverted acts of heterosexuals that we see everyday? Will ‘gayism’ rub on you?

    What a load of irrational time wasting arguments we are being subjected to. What’s with this ‘religious’ ministry as well? Why do we need to declare a secular state as a ‘christian’ country and embed this in the Constitution? This is what brings unnecessary conflicts – mixing the state with religion.

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