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Zambia gets a new UK envoy

Mr Nicholas Woolley
Mr Nicholas Woolley

The British government has announced a change of British High Commissioner to Zambia, effective August 2019

Mr Nicholas Woolley has been appointed British High Commissioner Zambia in succession to succeed Mr Fergus Cochrane-Dyet.

Mr Woolley will take up his appointment in August 2019.

Until is appointment, Mr Woolley was Deputy Head of Mission in the DRC and the Central African Republic.


Full name: Nicholas Kerrison Woolley

Married to: Deborah Jane Sidwell

Children: Two

2016 to Present Democratic Republic of the Congo (also Republic of Congo, Central African Republic), Deputy Head of Mission

2014 to 2016 Islamabad, Head of Conflict and Joint Programmes

2013 to 2014 Kabul, Head of Reconciliation and External Politics

2010 to 2013 National Security Secretariat (Cabinet Office), Head of Middle East and North Africa section

2009 New York, Desk Officer for Middle East, UK Permanent Representation to the United Nations

2006 to 2009 Brussels, Desk Officer for Middle East and North Africa, UK Permanent Representation to the European Union

2005 to 2006 Brussels, National Expert in Cabinet of the European Commissioner for External Relations

2006 Joined FCO

2004 to 2005 Ministry of Justice, various roles including Family Justice policy lead for High Court reform
2003 Adventure Tour Leader, Explore Worldwide

2000 to 2002 English Teacher, Japan (JET Programme)

2003 Adventure Tour Leader, Explore Worldwide

2000 to 2002 English Teacher, Japan (JET Programme)


  1. Excellent! Answered prayers. Welcome to our humble country Mr and Mrs Ambassador Woolley. Please don’t listen to what the outgoing Ambassador tells you he was biased and elitist and make up your own independent mind about us and help us develop and not tear our country apart.

    • @Ndoleshyafye, keep looking.

      The thing about our British diplomats is that they do not sugar coat the truth. Ask Trump, and how our ambassador in Washington assessed him.

      He will come to the same conclusions as his predecessor.

      The only one tearing Zambia apart is your corrupt thieving president and his cadres.

    • At long last! So glad to see the back of Mr Cockroach Diet, hopefully this new guy will NOT be as PETTY.

    • He specialize in Conflict countries.
      Now Zambia is considered one of those horrific countries.
      We used to get Agriculturists and musicians as ambassadors, not conflict meditators.

    • He has come to sort out HH. Period !!

      A person who is a dictator in opposition needs to be stopped by all means to get the instruments of power. So they sent him to anticipate conflict and stop HH from becoming the president.

  2. If Sir Kim Darroch the UK Ambassador in US can give that honest assessment of Trump just imagine what Mr Fergus Cochrane-Dyet. left in the inbox for this new guy about Lazy Lungu and his band of empty tins!!

  3. Excellent C.V for a career Diplomat.Do the C.Vs of our (career) Diplomats reflective of the same?

  4. Ndoleshyafye – So if the new ambassador takes the same stance as outgoing what are you going to say about your prayer? You will go to independence stadium and conduct another prayer for a new Ambassador?

  5. His cv is testimony of how the world is seeing Zambia, i.e. being compared to Central African Republic, DRC, Alphaganistan and Iraq. HH and his propaganda zombies have really done the damage. Manje nabo ba Lungu why so many inconsistencies kwati teba top flight lawyer!

  6. The thing about Truth is that it is a measuring rod for justice not a means of tarnishing a person or countries reputation because you yourself don’t come from perfection. The American Ambassador to Zambia is just as critical on our weaknesses in governance but he is well liked in Zambia because his criticisms are constructive not destructive. The British make so much of their $5m in annual aid, which they have withheld by the way, and in contrast America has invested hundreds of millions of Dollars in water and sewerage, drainage, and healthcare. Give me the American Ambassador and America any day and I’m happy to be rebuked and corrected by him than the British that deal with us based on a conqueror and conquered complex. I’m happy to see Fergus Cochrane-Dyet go, Zambia welcomes every…

  7. …….. Everyone and anyone that comes to this country from abroad, as long as they don’t bring confusion are welcomed with open arms. In fact those that come love it so much here they never want to leave as bad as they say we are. Even in the USA the British Ambassador has all but been told to pack his Bags and go, because the USA government says they will not work with him going forward because of his opinions and comments about conceding the administration in place. All because of a self righteous and opinionated way of looking at and speaking against other nations as of theirs is not just as dysfunctional. This is the Same pompous attitude that Fergus Cochrane Dyet displayed towards Zambia by openly disparaging our leaders and country in the press and to the international community…

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