Dr. Lubinda Haabazoka
Dr. Lubinda Haabazoka

The Economic Association of Zambia (EAZ) says preparations for the fourth coming National Economic summit are progressing well, and has attracted participation from speakers and dignitaries across the globe.

Association President Lubinda Haabazoka says the summit which is aimed at discussing the country’s economic progress, will also be used as a platform to market the nation’s investment potential in various sectors of the economy.

Dr. Haabazoka noted the summit is expected to bring together economists, government officials, academicians, scholars from other countries, and university students, who will discuss economic issues affecting Zambia and the rest of the world.

He told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today, that so far speakers from Nigeria, South Africa, Germany, Italy, Russia and the United States of America have already confirmed participation.

Dr. Haabazoka pointed out that investors from Italy have shown interest to attend the summit with possibilities of investing in the country’s agricultural sector.

He noted that the summit is also focused on enhancing the country’s potential as a strategic location in the region, for investment.

He added that for Zambia, the event will be used as a reconciliation tool to instil the common purpose agenda towards finding solutions for the country’s economic challenges.

Dr. Haabazoka further said that the summit is key to the country’s economic transformation, as it will result in increased Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), increased production and employment creation, due to the improved rate of new investments.

President Edgar Lungu is expected to grace the summit which will be held from July 25th to 26th, 2019 in the tourist capital, Livingstone.

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    • How did Zambian Economists elect this man their President beats me.He is supposed to be a village witchdoctor somewhere .Must have cast a spell on the whole lot of them.


    • What’s the theme of the conference? It’s improper to call it a summit. I’ m assuming they’ve quoted him correctly when I say that in economics it is not advisable to speak with absolute certainty as there are many variables at play. Already we are being promised increased FDI, increased employment etc. That sounds too optimistic and simplistic as no one knows the future.



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