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PF Adopts Zacks Mwachilele for the Katuba Parliamentary By Election

Headlines PF Adopts Zacks Mwachilele for the Katuba Parliamentary By Election

PF Candidate for the Kabuba parliamentary By Election Zacks P. Mwachilele
PF Candidate for the Kabuba parliamentary By Election Zacks P. Mwachilele

The Patriotic Front ( PF ) has adopted Zacks P. Mwachilele as its candidate in the forthcoming Katuba parliamentary by – election slated for July 30 , 2019 .

Briefing journalists at the PF secretariat in Lusaka this morning, the ruling party’s Secretary General Davies Mwila expressed optimism that the party will scoop the Katuba seat.

“The party had received seven (7) applications for the Katuba Constituency by-election which has been triggered following the untimely demise of the late Hon. Patricia Mwashingwele, MP. May her departed soul continue to rest in peace”

“As with every other democratic process, there can only be one candidate at any given time. I must emphasize here that we had a huge task arriving at one candidate because the names we received were all refined and members who could win us Katuba on any given day.”

Meanwhile, the Secretary General has urged the seven (7) who applied to contest the Katuba Parliamentary by-election to remain loyal to the party and work with the adopted candidate and ensure victory is attained.

“I want to thank all aspiring candidates to embrace Mr Mwachilele’s candidature, adopt a ward to work in during these campaigns and the Party shall give you support”

“In the same vein, I am calling on all camps that had existed before yesterday to immediately come together as one big camp for the Patriotic Front. Let us all work towards our victory,” Mr Mwila said


PF Secretary General Davies Mwila during the media Briefing
PF Secretary General Davies Mwila during the media Briefing

And Mr Mwila also informed the media that the ruling party has appointed MCC Paul Moonga as campaign manager to be deputized by MCC Mulando and Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe .

Mr Mwila said no party member will be ferried from other parts to go and campaign in areas where there are by-elections “We are aware that the Opposition has placed their cadres in strategic places in Katuba Constituency to cause violence against PF supporters. We are calling on the Zambia Police to ensure these campaigns are free of any violence and to bring perpetrators, irrespective of their political belonging, to book.”


  1. Is it not the duty and/or responsibility of the reporter/writer to tell us the brief history or credentials of the aspiring candidate? I hardly know him.

    • If only politics could be practised more seriously in Zambia! Katuba is like Chongwe constituency. Both are seeing increasing settlement from Lusaka but lack the necessary infrastructure to support so many people. The ground water people are living on is not only getting depleted but also getting contaminated. No one is talking about this now. Japhen Mwakalombe’s Chongwe has ran out of water but that increasing settlement poses a threat to the very ground water he’s trying to tap to make up for lost supplies from the now dry Chongwe river. Both constituencies require physical planning otherwise they risk becoming huge shanties.

    • Surely its important to give Mr Mwachilele’s CV and Profile. Why is PF silent about this? People of Katuba want to the integrity of their MP Candidate.

    • Too much Politicking. And so the president will now leave everyting and go dancing on a public platform..I mean it is just too much money to pay someone to just be dancing in public places. We pay him to solve Zambian problems and all he does is go and dance. Chanda Beu style.

    • One of the problems with African politics in general is that political activity on the continent started as agitation against colonial oppression. It has refused to grow up from the protest stage. After the colonial powers left, African politics had to look for a new enemy and the new enemy was anyone different: they don’t speak my language, they belong to that religion etc. We seem stuck @ this level. The intelligentsia has responsibility to make politics advance but it doesn’t see that as its duty.

  2. Zambia has a long way to go especially that the same loudmouth empty tins like Moonga and Jean Kapata are picked as Campaign managers …I can see underhand methods being deployed!!

  3. This is a good choice!!Mr Zacks P.Mwachilele is a pure lenje and he is from chief Mungule area.This is where PF beats other political parties because they always try to adopt locals.If Katuba residents what to see real development such as new roads,clinics,schools,mini hospitals,etc,then Mr Zacks Mwachilele should be the one to vote for on 30/07/2019.In Lusaka,many constituencies represented by PF MPs have received massive development since 2011,e.g in Kabwata where more than 90% roads are tarred.with all things being equal,Katuba shall be grabbed by PF because their candidate is formidable and his image is not dented,thus it will be so hard for the opposition to decampaign him!!!PF lost Roan seat because Mr Chibuye offended many voters when he worked as Luanshya DC!!!GOOD LUCKY MR…

    • At 2.2, I tried to explain the problem with African politics had you Njimbu have just confirmed it. Zacks Mwachilele is pure Lenje, you write. Are there impure ones and who supposedly wouldn’t be ideal candidates for Katuba? For your information, late Patricia Mwashingwele had a Lenje father and a northern mother. Sadly the Zambian intelligentsia isn’t really a cohesive unit that feels especially indebted to their homeland. It has little time for ideas and seems resigned to indifference.

  4. Since 2011 this PF party has been electioneering 1st and developing the country comes 2nd . No wonder they have done poorly on the latter with debt rising and the economy became sluggish.

  5. This guy looks suspect no wonder everyone wants to know his background. He looks like idi Amin, and doesn’t seem to have the good vibes maybe I’m wrong

  6. Who is Zacks Mwachilele? Is a local Lenje Man? What has he done to qualify to be a PF MP Candidate? Why is PF not disclosing his Profile? He must be a suspect PF MP Candidate. Bene Mukuni don’t be cheated by the Corrupt Lungu Govt.

  7. Why pick a headman to stand as MP, have we run out of people to contest? I thought they said traditional leaders shouldn’t participate in active politics?


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