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Hon. Malanji directs Zambian Embassies to sensitise the Diaspora on the Diaspora policy

General News Hon. Malanji directs Zambian Embassies to sensitise the Diaspora on the Diaspora...

Zambia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. Joseph Malanji has directed all Zambian Embassies worldwide to ensure that they sensitise Zambians in the Diaspora on the importance of the Diaspora Policy that was launched by Her Honour the Vice President Mrs. Inonge Wina on 4th April 2019.

And Hon. Malanji said Zambia and the UK enjoys a cordial relationship and restated Zambia’s commitment to continue partnering with the UK to strengthen their historical relations.

He said the Zambia/ UK relations have continued to grow and reaffirmed Zambia’s commitment to bilateral cooperation with the United Kingdom.

And Hon. Malanji said Zambians in the Diaspora are key contributors to the economic development of Zambia adding that they have become a force of change and their potential needs to be harnessed for the country’s benefit and further called on all Zambian Embassies across the globe to ensure that they educate Zambian living abroad on the importance of the policy.

He said the Diaspora Policy is a bridge between government and its citizens living abroad that will help to engage the diaspora on issues relating to dual citizenship, remittances, trade and investment, political participation and acquisition of land among others.

“The diaspora policy is an important document that each and every Zambian living abroad should have so that they know what it is all about. It is for this reason that I am directing all Zambian Embassies to ensure our people have the policy and know the contents of the policy to enable them make informed dicisions. I am also calling on Zambians living in the diaspora to reflect on utilizing skills they have acquired to contribute to national development and I implore them to live exemplary lives as Zambia’s first line ambassadors,” he said.

The Minister reaffirmed government’s commitment to engage the diaspora in national development.

In April this year, Zambia launched the Diaspora policy aimed at encouraging Zambians abroad to participate in the country’s economic and development agenda.

Issued by: Abigail Chaponda (Mrs.)
First Secretary | Press and Public Relations
Zambia High Commission in the United Kingdom.

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    • Some jokes should be left for April fools day. Why would I take my money to a place of clueless wankers

    • Some jokes should be left for April foo.ls day. Why would I take my money to a place of clueless wankers

    • Diaspora Policy my foot even this article itself sounds like a boring speech …you’ve been talking about this policy since Old man Sata first visited London as a President.

    • Gives land in Zambia and we will develop it and create employment.

      Has anyone got a link to this policy?

    • Please don’t pay attention to these clowns, with their vague messages and fake, pretentious concern for the diaspora. If they were serious about engaging the diaspora, they would create a website that directly speaks to the diaspora and thus promote effective interaction, instead of speaking to us through their ineffective embassies. We don’t need to go to the embassy to find out what the clueless leaders in Zambia are trying to communicate with us. CREATE A DIASPORA WEBSITE you clueless bunch. Also instruct your embassies to make servicing Zambian citizens concerns a priority. Most of the Zambian Embassies across the world are full of unqualified people who don’t even know what they’re doing. Heck, they’re appointed by an equally clueless guy called Lungu, what can you expect? Get…

  1. Ah.

    But where is this policy document? What does it say?

    As far as I know, dual citizenship has not been effected in practice yet. Bloggers that now have dual nationality, do share your experiences please.

    Yes we do contribute a lot back home. We help support citizens that government has neglected.

    On land issues, there are way too many fake agents in Zambia that are muddying the waters. They need to be checked.

  2. Honorable Minister, please start by ensuring that we are able to get our documents through the Embassies on time. Why is your Ministry not checking on our behalf?

  3. Why do they want our money when they cannot even put into place a framework for us participate in elections? Very silly line of thought!

  4. Please publish the same policy so that we know exactly what you are talking about. The seems not even have seen the same document before.

  5. I am interested in seeing this document, the diaspora is helping beef up foreign exchange through remittances, help us be partners not just through talk but actions.

  6. How much more do they want us to contribute to a country they have damaged through stealing public funds? We already contribute enough by sending a lot of money to our relatives and friends whom this government has neglected through their divisive policies. Do we really need to be told by these incompetent individuals, honestly?

  7. Mulebelenga, the article clearly reiterates what this diaspora policy encompasses. Visit your nearest embassy or consulate for more information. Exercise some self reliance for once diasporans. Proactivity not reactivity, umuntu namieba ati such a policy is in place now go and enquire. Ala!

    • Oh please give me a break. We don’t have to go into an embassy building to access a document that can easily be made available online.
      People leave far from these places and also they have better things to do with their spare time.

    • middle kingdom, you’re just as clueless as these clueless leaders in Zambia. Do you realize that some Zambians live thousands of miles away from their embassy? In America, the Zambian Embassy is in Washington, DC. So you want a Zambian who lives in California, 2000 miles away, to fly to DC, just so he can be briefed on this document? If you think that makes sense to you, then your elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top floor. Get serious, man.

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