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PF Challenges the Yellow Card Campaign to disclose the source of their funding


Yellow Card Campaign Protest in Lusaka Yesterday
Yellow Card Campaign Protest in Lusaka Yesterday

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has challenged the participants of the Yellow Card Campaign to disclose the source of the funding.

PF Media Director Sunday Chanda has told journalists during the PF Interactive Forum in Lusaka that the conveyors of the campaign should at this point tell the nation the people who are funding them.

Mr. Chanda also refuted claims by the participants of the Yellow Card Campaign that the PF government is a dictatorship.

He wondered if the participants of the Yellow Card campaign would freely protest at Parliament building without being harassed.

“Yesterday we saw our fellow colleagues and citizens holding what they are calling Yellow Card Campaign at Parliament building. And of course the message was that Zambia is a dictatorship, and we wonder as a party the contradiction that if indeed Zambia was a dictatorship would still hold the protest and be allowed by the Zambia Police Service to hold such an undertaking,” he said.

“They also claimed that there is rampant corruption within the PF, but they are quiet when civil servants are arrested for corruption. That is hypocrisy.”

He also advised the stakeholders behind the Yellow Card Campaign to thank the Zambia Police Service for allowing them to hold the protest despite them castigating the service of not favoring them.


    • “They also claimed that there is rampant corruption within the PF, but they are quiet when civil servants are arrested for corruption. That is hypocrisy.”
      Sunday Fooking Chanda the boy has a brain of a 5 year old …surely when civil servants are being arrested yet ministers are being acquitted or walking free what does that tell you

    • You Chanda, why should they thank the Zambia Police? You have twisted the law and abused it. Actually denying people the right to assemble should be very abnormal. They don’t need your permission by the way. But you have abrogated the normal.
      Any ways, THANK YOU PF.
      That’s what you want to hear.

    • Why that idyot Sunday think organizing a protect cost $42 million PF-money? HH doesn’t throw out anyhow, like some goes to church and make an offering of 1000 cement bags.
      Only foools pay so much even in Katuba bye-elections, sending Kampyongo to collect money from fuel transporters for a mere by-elections instead of using just WhatsApp.
      The yellow card campaign started on WhatsApp, if you want ask your PF to close WhatApp. But then your ministers will miss means of forwarding nightly poorno to you.

    • This is a govt matter and Sunday Chanda would hv served his party’s interest better if he had stayed out of it. It’s not PF that regulates street protests, or do they?

    • Iwe Sunday Chanda, do you need to be schooled that police exist to maintain law and order? What’s there to thank or praise them for if they do the expected? Don’t you know they were duty bound to protect the protesters?

      Now, does merely knowing who funded the campaign discredit the theme of the campaign, or even make you a good leader? NONSENSE!!!

    • What will you do if you discover that the sponsors are marketeers and hawkers?
      Or the Catholic and the SDA?

    • Wajimona: Do u really understand modern nations and the basics of human rights thinking? In the UK, the man more likely to become leader of the governing party, the Conservatives is Boris Johnson, a son of Russian immigrants. Wht do such examples mean to u? Modern nations are different from tribes in that they bring people from diverse backgrounds and build something new and bigger.

    • Sunday Chanda is obviously too dull to know what the word “dictatorship” means! And maybe too slow to even know how to use a dictionary!

    • That’s PF for you hypocritical empty tins they get that they out rightly refused lifestyle audits yet they are accused of abusing taxpayers money now they are worried about a civil organisation’s funding sources.

  1. Chanda, no one did anyone a favour. The police are bound by law to always give a go ahead each time citizens want to hold a peaceful demonstration. Secondly civi servants are not pf. We want to see PEPs beings prosecuted for corruption but not by that pf judge whose name I have forgotten. I think Siansamba or something like that

  2. Chanda, no one did anyone a favour. The police are bound by law to always give a go ahead each time citizens want to hold a peaceful demonstration. Secondly civi servants are not pf. We want to see PEPs being prosecuted for corruption but not by that pf judge whose name I have forgotten. I think Siansamba or something like that. Then we will say you are serious about fighting corruption.

  3. That right there is the problem rather than acknowledge there could be a problem the defence is someone is behind it but yes of course there is always someone behind it but what do you think or are you going to do to address the issues raised ???

  4. It’s not a political party. Hence, Don t mind the people behind it but just listen to their message and act upon them.

  5. Kanganja had refused to grant a permit for this protest march until he realised that the campaigners were willing to be arrested to prove a point.
    Why thank someone for practising a basic human right to assemble and associate?
    You think by donating tu cement we will forget who inflated costs for ma fire engine and roads construction?

  6. Comment:am the funder of the yellow card campaign .now tell me how president lungu made 20million in one year, tell me where on earth you bought a mini firetender at $1.2million each,tell me where fic k10billlion is.

  7. Chanda has admitted the police bias in urging those that follow the law to show gratitude for a right! PF does not even follow the law they just assemble to demonstrate for whatever cause when it suits them and police do not raise eyebrows, they see and hear nothing and ask the public to volunteer information on any opposition party members lurking near the unsanctioned PF gathering.

  8. this website just gave me mayo mpapa’s email address. Lusaka times your data protection is terrible and very dangerous. how can u randomly update my details with some one elses? warning to all be careful

    • Your days are numbered. You are under assessment over suspicious you escaped psychiatric hospital hehehe

  9. Sunday Chanda, why don’t you lead by example and disclose the source of funding for PF and PF campaigns, and the endless “donations” that PF leaders make every minute, where do they get the money from? Disclose and then ask #YellowCard to be transparent. ……. really laughable, this Sunday goon. Interestingly, it seems PF holds its interactive forum on Sundays and you listen to Sunday Chanda. If Sundays have been reduced to corrupt speeches by Sunday, then I will start going to SDA.

  10. Sunday Chanda, I suggest that you lead by example and start by disclosing the source funding for PF campaigns and activities. In particular it would be really nice to know the source of funding for the numerous “donations” every minute by its leaders.


  12. Very shallow thinking from the government. what they should worry themselves with is the WHY part. Why are people protesting. Obviously they do not watch news to see that even the poor of the poorest can protest even without money. This PF government doesn’t seem to know what happened pre-multipartism in Zambia. People were hungry but they still protested. The end is nigh for PF

  13. This is as it should be. People must be allowed to demonstrate peacefully as long as no law is broken.Yellow card campaign is even an ‘understatement’. It should have been the ‘Red card campaign’. It is an emergency. This regime needs to be shown the exit door immediately

  14. Ifwabupuba. People in Botswana over the weekend go to their farms to produce their food. No wonder they do not cry to their government for handouts. In Zambia people are so lazy always looking for handouts from government and when it does not come the cry corruption and dictatorship. Hungry Hyena the privatization thief is busy thriving on people’s laziness and taking advantage to pave his path to plot one by wasting people’s time.

    • You cannot compare Botswana’s leadership to that of Zambia. Botswana has better leadership than Zambia. The advancement of every nation largely depends on leadership, not even resources

  15. In uganda has failed to remove m7

    Thats why a scruffy musician has taken over opposition.

    I see thus happening in Zambian. The current opposition under hh can not and will not remove PF.

    It will take Pilato and laura as runing mate.

    The Zambian opposition is so petty that will even oppose tayalis wedding

    • Museveni is not going to be there forever. His departure is approaching by the day and it won’t be pleasant.There are several examples of dictators I can give whose ending was very unpleasant

  16. “Nangu tapasoswa,” Why should we always finger pointing fellow folks when things go worse?Bane let us learn to admit when things are not okay.Funding,funding,funding funding for what?Any way it’s as usual VIKITIMU.

  17. We will protest through our votes In 2021 – l voted Pf, and so did my family members, l can promise the whole family will vote for the opposition. I promise

  18. This is great! An idea that was mooted a few weeks ago has succeeded. It is only when our politicians realise that it is the ordinary masses that hold the real power, that sanity will return to our democracy. I will put my money on any campaign that aims at holding those in leadership accountable. It is right even when you support a ruling party to raise a yellow card! It shows you care! Thanks guys! I Look forward to the next yellow card events.

  19. KK had a vision to lead Zambia to independence, FTJ had a vision to have a democracy from the increasing KK dictatorship, Mwanawasa had a vision to bring sanity to the rule of law,Rupiah Banda?? I have no idea(Accidental president) , Michael Sata had a vision to rekindle the original Vision of Zambia following independence and things started happening…Edgar Lungu?? Absolutely NO vision except to Borrow Money the country doesn’t have..9 (Accidental president)
    One thing you see about the leaders with vision, is their passing the test for authenticity before they held power…KK faught against the imperialists before he led the country… Chiluba risked his life under KK increasing dictatorship and fear… Mwanawasa stood by the rule of law despite opposition/despite his health…

  20. If PF is as innocent and as they claim, do they really need to issue a counter-argument over citizen’s exercising their fundamental freedoms. Supposed Edger Lungu funded this peaceful protest and then what? Deal with the subject matters and issues raised rather than expose your embarrassingly low intellectual brains. UNZA is just opposite, am sure PF can engage some students to help them articulate an intellectual analysis of the peaceful protest to help these Cadres respond with a practical and well-delivered response.

    Ati where did they get the funding from? Do you also want to chew from there?

  21. They are quiet when Civil Servants are stealing? ha ha ha ha, when the Ministers are stealing why won’t the civil servants steal?

  22. Nemwine. Please dont mislead people here:
    Johnson was given the middle name “Boris” after a Russian émigré his parents had once met. Johnson’s parents are British and he has both US and British citizens and no Russian. Check your facts before leading people on a blind path

  23. The yellow campaign is directed at the government not PF as club so why should Chanda take Siliya’s place by responding to the concerns expressed by the yellows? The other thing is that Chanda and his PF must first tell us the source of the huge amounts of money they are throwing around before asking others to so. Who hasn’t witnessed the PF’s and it’s rotten government’s extragavance when it comes throwing around money. At a funeral in Chililabombwe Musukwa is said to have literally thrown K50 notes at people at the graveyard only to round it off by distributing bags of mealie meal and bottles of cooking oil to people who followed him to the house in Dominic Moomba Road, Helen Kaunda where the funeral wake was held. In these hard times just imagine the chaos that ensued.

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