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Mines Minister Welcome HH’s endorsement on move to disengage Vendata Resources


Mines and Minerals Development Minister Hon Richard Musukwa
Mines and Minerals Development Minister Hon Richard Musukwa

Mines Minister Richard Musukwa has hailed opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema for endorsing government’s decision to disengage Vendata Resources from Konkola Copper Mines-KCM.

Mr. Musukwa says Mr. Hichilema deserves commendation for supporting the winding-up process at KCM in the interest of the people of Zambia.

He has since urged Mr. Hichilema and other opposition leaders to feel free to render any form of advice to his ministry towards enhancing the operations of the mining sector.

Mr. Musukwa has told ZNBC News in Lusaka that the PF government has been proactive in managing the situation at KCM and the entire mining sector since 2013.

He however, said Mr. Hichilema and other opposition leaders should approach his Ministry to offer advice other than restricting their commentaries to media engagements.

Mr. Musukwa said he is ready to follow and directly engage opposition leaders that may be having challenges accessing his ministerial office at any given time.

Mr. Hichilema has been quoted in some sections of the media as supporting the on-going winding up process at KCM, following the appointment of the provisional liquidator.

And the Mine Suppliers and Contractors Association of Zambia says it still stands with government on the liquidation process of Konkola Copper Mine -KCM.

Association President Augustine Mubanga says the country has a functional court system that is able to handle issues surrounding the liquidation process of KCM.

Mr. Mubanga was speaking in an interview with ZNBC News in Kitwe.


  1. The problem with pf is that they only praise when some one has a similar message to theirs. They lack maturity. My swiss wife elisa who is blonde says she has a steamy surprise for me. Guys I am curious what this could be. What do u guys think? I love this woman. I have been with women from all over world especially Africans and they could never surprise a man. The only surprise u will get from them is that they are cheating

    • During my visit to Zambia last year I spent a few days on the Copperbelt, it was so touching to see how deplorable Kitwe, Ndola, Chingala, etc are. Yet, these cities were the envy of the nation. You ask people why they vote for PF, the answer was identical “…..Boss, tatwishibe why we vote for them”…..Sad!

    • Richard is loud and clear , he is saying he wants to work with HH, Msoni and others who are serious about helping out, if they recognize Ba Edgar or not. Moreover HH has man friends as Mining Investors, he always get inbited to speak on mining investments in South Africa. He can help flush ot Vendata and retrieve all they didn’t pay to PF government.
      I am sure Vincent can say the same on his new ministry of Infrastructure and Contracts.
      I am sure even Brian will accept a meeting with progressive opposition. Brian when are you openning CBU, it is getting tooooo loooooooong.

    • Let private people handle this Musukwa. Open your eyes,PF is going. The consultant is on a rise and this could take away the vote rich Copperbelt from PF, there by leading to UPND surprise victory. The point is, remember how Chiluba and his friends suffered for plundering, that could be you.

    • Musukwa is twisting what HH said on this matter. HH and most Zambians agree that Vedanta was a bad Investor in KCM and had to go. HH doesn’t agree with the Liquidation method used to get rid off Vedanta out of KCM. HH has also advised the foolish PF Govt to respect the Judgement by the International Arbitrator. Musukwa is putting words in HH’s mouth. The PF Govt has messed up the KCM issue and now need to control the damage already done by reaching an Exit Agreement with Vedanta. GRZ needs Vedanta’s Consent to sell KCM Assets. This means Buying Out Vedanta out of KCM at an Agreed Price. Vedanta will walk away from KCM with dignity and laughing all the way to the Bank. Surprising the PF Govt didn’t see this coming.

    • …….and not every advice given by the opposition should support government. PF Government needs to mature to listen to all advice without labeling it bitter

  2. PF lawlessness will cost this country dearly. HH has not supported PF madness. Read his statements carefully.

  3. The problem is, the government has improperly handled the case despite being in our favor. Most of us Zambians have supported the government move to dis-engage Vedanta, but opposed to poor way the government and ZCCM-IH is handling the case.

  4. PF Government Has Failed Us, In KCM Liquidation They only Wanted to Raise Money For Campaigns And put More Troubles on us The taxpayers. Am Sorry but you musukwa and your president You are thieves. God will punish you and all your entire Families.

  5. PF Poor Planning Will Cost us A lot, Just Resign and Go. U thieves. We all wanted Vedanta to go but not the the way u have handled the Case. Mr president u Call yourself a lawyer yet u have failed us again. i Promise u, u will Continue failing Cause Calling the Name of the Lord yet Your Hearts Are Far away from God. Change your Ways and Repent. 90% of Zambians Are Suffering all because of your Grid. Stop even sending us those text you are sending to us.

  6. Government must look for a good way to chase vendanta otherwise it will cost more and regrettable.its a good move otherwise no wonder our UPND chief HH supported

  7. Really laughable…this Musukwa is really dull if he thinks Hakiande was endorsing his govt..any these chaps are simpletons.

  8. HH cannot approach the ministry to give them advice, how many times have these thieves been advised and they have never heeded? Upamfiwe ewulwa necibi. Just because he has endorsed and agree with you does not mean he wants to work with you. Besides if PF govt through the ministry of Mines strongly think HH has something to offer, they should approach him, after all we know these cipante pante have no clue what they are doing. They should humble themselves and seek advice instead of indirectly making suggestions.

  9. HH did not support the process and timing. This Minister is using political projecting to score points for his regime. He criticised the procedure adopted and how it would cost the country. The PF govt. through the shareholder ZCCM-IH, he said, had opportunities long before, to take control in orderly fashion but waited until things had gotten worse (as they were beneffitting) and then did not think through the best way to carry it out.

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