CBU to reopen on 19th August and expelled students reinstated -Mushimba (updated)

Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba
Brian Mushimba
Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba
Brian Mushimba

Higher Education Minister Brian Mushimba has announced that the Copperbelt University will reopen on 19th August 2019.

Addressing a joint media briefing with Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya, Dr Mushimba said the decision to reopen the institution has been arrived at after extensive stakeholder consultations.

“After extensive consultations, I’m glad to announce the re-opening of CBU on 19th August. This olive branch by government speaks volumes on the priority it places on quality education and must be commended,”Dr Mushimba said.

“We urge our students to take advantage and be at their best.Good luck in your exams.”

Dr Mushimba also announced the reinstatement of expelled students.He said suspensions of all students have been lifted adding that those who were expelled have instead had the expulsions reduced to suspensions.

“We are a listening government and we have listened to the cries of people,” Dr Mushimba stated.

CBU was closed on April 2nd 2019 by then Minister Professor Nkandu Luo after student unrest. Two weeks ago the former Higher Education Minister Nkandu Luo vowed that she will not reopen the Copperbelt University until security measures estimated at K10 million were put in place.


  1. I can only hope that the chaps have learnt a lot from the closure. The whole country will be there to see how they intend to resolve issues.

    • Mushimba and Ngandu Bwalya already started working in their new jobs.
      What about Chitotela and Luo, what are their doing with impalas and goats respectively?

    • Let chaps go to school to learn not to be hoodwinked and used by crazy politician lecturers.

      Let students learn that hiring call boys for RIOTs is extremely embarrassing especially that exam unprepared characters think it is business as usual.

      May alcohol, drugs and politics depart from this students. May evil leave these students. May students not behave like 1d10ts, amen.

    • You really have made a difference, hope the masquerades will not derail you when you sit in that Kangaroo meeting you call Cabinet. Keep the good work up. Elyo baice naimwe pa CBU na pa Odi apo UNZA you can protest but do not damage innocent people’s valuables.

    • The whole semester and half a year wasted because of one egotistic minister and her incompetent boss Lazy Lungu…I hope students and their parents dont forget this come 2021!!

    • What this means is that the students were being victimised. This is the Zambia we live in. Those in power are so drunk that they use their power to victimise the weak. What a government.

  2. What does this say about Luo other than that she’s a good for nothing pompous woman who never got a good spanking from her husband, because that’s what she needed to rewire her brain.

    • Wrong perception of Prof Luo!She is the woman of integrity. What the new minister has just done was Prof Luo’s plans!By the way a minister can’t come with a decision without approval by the cabinet! It is not true Prof Luo is a know it all!

    • @ ROKA, very funny of you to say Nkandu Luo is “a woman of integrity”. I doubt she even has any plans.

  3. Thats my man…….. Lesa akupale abana bachula mu mushi…..Great work ba minister. You are moving in the right direction.

  4. Good start Brian. The only way you will succeed at that ministry is by convincing your colleagues in cabinet that education is not just any other expenditure but an investment and a priority. Otherwise universities will continue being starved of funding, and you will be lumped together with that witch of you predecessor. I trust you though

  5. With their eye on 2021, PF Playing politics with people lives……the future aspirations of many have been put in doubt.

    Riots happened at UNZA but UNZA was reopened without the security measures they promised…….

    CBU was closed because PF have no money…

  6. Excellent move and am sure the students will now understand the importance of being a good student and not to be used by desperate politicians.

  7. This is really wonderful news. Thank you so much Dr Brian. Students are happy now coz they are tired staying without learning and I’m quite confident that they have learnt a lesson from the damage. Keep it up.
    This ministry is a very sensitive ministry and so it requires people like you who consult the necessary stake holders before taking the step.

  8. The beauty with lungu he. Alows minister operate without interference.

    The other guy will running all ministries.

    Nobody talks in his political party

  9. this’ all well and good.
    but like mwine mush would say “we need to get to the loooot cause”
    simply reopening without addressing the causes of so many closures and disturbances isn’t a long term solution.
    I didn’t read anything to that effect. what happens if “tomorrow” allowances or whatever results in cops and students crashing happens again, then what?
    to me it seems clear that there are deep rooted issues in as far as what the students feel is their right and on the other hand the what the government deems as it’s responsibility (or lack of) towards the students. until those are addresses, you’ll see another rioting/demonstration, cops moving in, arrests being made and closures happening again

    • True, s loot cause must found,simply opening is not a solution!This is playing to gallery! Politics must not be allowed on campus!!

  10. “This olive branch by government speaks volumes on the priority it places on quality education and must be commended,”Dr Mushimba said.”

    “We are a listening government and we have listened to the cries of people,” Dr Mushimba stated.”

    This is troubling no one wants to take responsibility, and say never again, that means it might happen again.

    Make your people to make you accountable not government always justifies itself.

    Thank you! In advance for opening CBU


  11. JUST A good start baMinister! Please go further and look at the administration and management by the Vice Chancellor. We may soon be talking of lecturers and other unionised staff going on strike against the rotten groundnuts.

  12. True, s loot cause must found,simply opening is not a solution!This is playing to gallery! Politics must not be allowed on campus!!

  13. Its good that CBU will reopen soon especially that many innocent students lost time due to a few unrully vandals . It is not wise to reverse the expulsions for those guilty students. They are bad influence and will cause mayhem again.
    Nkandu Luo did a good job lets give her credit because the desions she made were not personal but actually meant well for the institution. Had she not closed CBU in time perharps half of it would have been vandalised and burnt.

  14. I don’t agree with you.. If few students riot why should she punish all students? The students who took part in this should be punished..but not all.. closing an university will effect even a nations future. It is not really a right way to do it.

  15. Minister Mushimba has shown a lot of leadership in dealing with the higher learning institution, now what I do not know is how the supposed learned profesori failed to segregate ego from knowledge, that is why they some people are educated *****s are we have an example in Luo, that is why our Universities have now been downgraded to colleges.
    My advice to President Lungu is that he should try to clean up his cabinet, he is carrying with him a lot of mediocre caliber around him which will not help to also sharpen his own inefficiencies when you have the right caliber around you as a leader, you also gain from their, not the Mwila”s, Lusambo, Mumbi’s, Luo’s, Kampyongo’s, and now Lubinda’s, what values do you derive from such people honestly?, 2021 is knocking.

  16. @Nubian … always criticizing students regardless. We agree that students sometimes go over the top, but they are not entirely to blame. Successive governments have failed to respect the value of education for development. The objective now should be to reach a sensible approach to higher education – with all stakeholders, including students having an input to the final agreement.

    The likes of Nubian must have been ‘educationally’ hurt in the past and for inexplicable reasons have an aversion of students.

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