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48 Houses scandal: President Lungu orders further probe as HH gives him 48 hrs to locate owners


President Edgar Lungu has instructed Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo to ensure the case regarding the 48 houses is probed further.

The directive was issued to Mr Kampyongo at State House on Thursday morning during the swearing in ceremony of newly appointed Secretary to the Cabinet Simon Miti.

This follows a revelation by Anti Corruption Commission Acting Director General Rosemary Khuzyayo when she featured on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview that the Commission has closed inquiries in the case of the 48 Houses because there was no one who came forward to claim ownership.

“Following the announcement made by the Anti Corruption Commission, I have instructed the Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. Stephen Kampyongo through the agencies that fall under his ministry to collaborate and ensure the case regarding the fourty eight (48) houses is investigated to it’s logical conclusion,” President Lungu states.

He has further directed all investigative wings to help in the new investigations.

“All investigative wings are under strict instructions to collaborate and ensure this matter sees its day in our Courts of Law,” President Lungu said.

And in an interview with Journalists at State House, Mr Kampyongo said President Lungu is not satisfied with the investigations undertaken by the ACC.

Meanwhile, opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has charged that the ACC is insulting the collective intelligence of Zambians in the manner it is handling corruption cases.

“Can we for once stop insulting the intelligence of Zambians on the recent case of who owns the 48 mansions in Lusaka’s Woodlands (Chalala) area. How can Mr. Edgar Lungu and his corrupt PF regime know the so-called saboteur who cut one tiny electricity pole costing about K300 in some rural part of Southern Province, but cannot know who built 48 multi million worth of flats right in the capital city?”

Mr Hichilema has since given President Lungu a 48 Hour ultimatum to locate the owners of the Houses.

“We are giving Mr. Lungu 48 hours to locate the owner of the 48 mansions and bring the culprit to book. We can’t buy the nonsense being peddled that they failed to identify the owner. Properties, particularly land, has a proper paper trail,” Mr Hichilema said.


    • I am not here supporting Ministers stealing money to build to enrich themselves. However, what will HH do to Lungu if nothing happens in 48hrs. This under 5 is a joker. His statements are forever childish.

      Mr HH, why don’t we give you 48hrs to tell us how you got your wealth, which you have dodged the questions over the years.

  1. that’s what I often tell you guys, selective judicially and everything else in Zambia
    we all know that it’s a member of pf behind this and is still in active politics. they know who it is but are scared of exposing the corrupt mofo.
    you don’t like hh, but can any of you haters tell me you don’t agree with what he said?
    what a joke of a government this is, no wonder the chi ne se are all over the country doing as they please because Zambia is a lawless country

    • Reform the ACC.

      See even the gullible double h is trivializing the cutting of a pole in he instructed in the SA.

      If those houses have no owner, I will claim them. There no way they could have built themselves.

      ACC pull up your socks! Are they CKinsultor’s or Mawere’s or double h’s or anyone close to ECL or Chitotela’s.

      There is noway the Council cannot have documents.

    • Really laughable…when the ministers are lamentably failing to do their jobs who do you blame?The PF and Lazy Lungu mediocrity carries on, surely who do you order someone to do what they are mandated to do? You are asking an incompetent corrupt boy like Kampyongo who was involved in 42 fire truck debacle to investigate corruption …really laughable…you will be surprised to find out that he is the PEP who owns those houses, how I miss The Post…why is the Parliamentary Committee for security wings not calling the ACC Director.

    • Why ARREST him or her? Is it a crime?
      And don’t call those as houses, we call them APARTMENTS or Townhomes.
      Not 48 houses, but 48 apartments.

    • Where there is no owner, why should Tenants be paying rent to ACC that do not own the houses. Those houses should be given to the sitting tenants free to teach real owner a big lesson!
      This from Lungu and his PF actually stinks more than anything I have ever known….

    • Thorn in the a$$ (Small boy) – its laughable reading your comments exposing your gullibility and your infatuation for the opposition…you are there throwing stones at fellow dull opposition cadres whilst your leaders are laughing in the background and basically stealing from your dull selves. You will not hear from the likes of Bowman today these are the guys who called FIC useless. What do you think we write on here everyday do you see us writing about your Hakiande here…where are your mentors the JUNIORS, Yambayambas, Senior Citizens, silly Kudos they have stayed away and let fooooolish blind nincompoops like you jump in the deep river alone to see if there are crocs in it.

    • Lazy Lungu already knows who the owner of those flats is/are….mind you FIC Intelligence Report he got already has names in it. Let him host a Press conference and stop playing silly wasteful games!!

    • HH should just have asked the investigative wings to speed up the process and not to give the head of state an ultimatum of 48 hours. I tell you if they locate the culprit in less than 48 hours, the state will not disclose him or her because doing so would imply succumbing or heeding to HH’s demand. If HH had just kept quiet, there would have been a rapid response and that’s why sometimes silence is golden.

    • Imwe naimwe , this is primary school propaganda. Unless you tell us the land on which these properties were built had no title deeds? hahaha. This is ACC admitting incompetence, damn, Zambia has really become rotten with corruption. Someone tell me why the corrupt PF regime is still in power again? Banukudyesani munkonka? hahaha. Balemiyibila lwenu.

    • I thought @jay jay was just a loud mouth but really if you have any semblance of conscience you can’t stay quiet and allow this looting go under your nose. Very sickening. As Martin Luther King Jr said, “one’s conscience at times leaves him/her without any other choice but to speak up in the face of injustice.” Awe, kabiyeni ba PF!

    • “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor, it must be demanded by the oppressed.” Martin Luther King Jr.

    • @Jay gay my nappie nigga, are they your apartments? Your double h and his cohorts will just be as bad. Maybe worse since your fellow nigga has already shown us crazy indicators of how to swindle Zambians. He can screw you his goons not us.
      We have wrong characters in this Zambia and that starts with your corrupt commentary returd. Your ACC failed to nail Chitotela, they have failed to nail CKinsultor. So the need for reformation.
      Don’t forget to reform you downs syndrome cortex.
      Exsay! Double gay, looks like you need a’ ya’ panties. Boney baldhead!

    • Nostradamus…do you have a low IQ? Obviously if they were not proceeds of criminality, the owner would’ve come forward by now. The ACC is either incredibly incompetent or they don’t just want to expose the big fish behind this for fear of repercussions. Heck, it could be the gangster in Chief himself, corrupt Lungu.

    • So, where is B R Mumba and his ilk? And how can the ACC not know who the owner of these flats is? Come on, like HH said, don’t insult our intelligence. You know who the owner is. This is unacceptable. You need to let the Zambian people know. You’re being unpatriotic. Do your jobs, and stop shirking your duties. There should be no sacred cows in Zambia. If it’s corrupt Lungu, just let us know.

    • LIE – DETECTOR – BR JUNIOR and his comrades (Yambayamba, Senior Citizen) are too ashamed to comment here they are just peeping from behind the screens like shy teens; they have sent this little vulgar boy Thorn in a$$ to make a fooooool out of himself.

    • I.d.iot. some of us have disabled family members and they’re derogatory called ‘ ichilema’ and your small brain tells you to use that term here? F.o.ol.

    • What time did HH speak? What time did EL speak? Answers will be interesting …. If EL spoke after HH, then EL may be heeding to HH’s threats. If EL spoke before HH, then HH is trying to steal the limelight (lol)

    • Guess what, it’s Lungu & Family Enterprise
      Malcolm Chabala, currently working for Standard Chartered Bank located in Lusaka is the registered property owner of the 48 houses on property LUS/56561.
      During the investigations Malcolm told the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) that the actual owner is Tasila Lungu. He gave the ACC copies of the agreement he has with Tasila Lungu.
      It has since came to our attention that there is plan to link the plots to the late Willie Nsanda and auction them to a company registered in the Bahamas whose beneficial owner is Tasila Lungu.
      Whathappened is that Chabala sold the plot to Tasila Lungu but they never changed ownership on the details.
      Tasila Lungu and Chabala only signed a sales agreement without changing titles.
      When Chabala was about to be…

    • Continued
      When Chabala was about to be arrested and summoned by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), he gave them the sales agreement between him and Tasila Lungu.
      And immediately after Chabala confessed that the flats belong to Tasila, Director of intelligence ordered the lands PS to remove the and delete the Property number from the system
      So the flats belong to Tasila Lungu but they are all afraid to investigate the matter linked to President Edgar Lungu.
      Yeah. Kwasila tasila

    • Everyone knows who it is and they are quiet….they are systematically destroying information as I type, even whistle-blowers are afraid to come out…this is what happens when corruption is ingrained, ACC is there to shield the corrupt and they want FIC to be under incompetent DEC.
      Just watch the same people who said FIC was useless are the same people who are now embarrassed…they know who its, the Chink contractor who built they houses, they thought it was a small fish civil servant like that MOH case only to unearth a huge black Mamba that scared them.

  2. Please locate the owner soonest,even the building contractors should lead the way,neighbors should also forfeit their properties for(concealing) not telling the “ACC” period ??????

    • This lazy clown Edgar spent the whole of July flying about so were his ministers this silly boy Kampyongo was camped in his constituency for one month campaigning and fighting political opponents like Meembe. If I was opposition I would go to Ministry of Lands and LCC, LWSC, ZESCO and get all this information.
      We tell people that Lazy Lungu does nothing in his office…the results are there for everyone to see.

  3. Bitter Hakiende H of an inherited under 5 party who once gave half baked ‘infestment’ positions on how to sell off national treasures has as usual come out spewing. He began first by delaying the swearing in of his rival, moved to court as he was fleeced by his legal cronies who didn’t want to tell him the truth as he never listens….then he went to ‘attend’ a national ceremony but drag raced the presidential motorcade….now he has progressed and is issuing ultimatums to someone he constantly bitterly refers to as ‘mr.lungu’ not President…his bitterness heightened by his continued losses consume him….Please remember one day you might be president of this nation and we too shall refuse to recognize you as such and keeping calling by the name most of your cronies know you “Mr…

    • What the F are you talking about??!! PF cronies have stolen and built 48 mansions (those that have been discovered, I’m sure many more dirt shall come out) and you are there busy blubbering with your tribal hatred and warped thinking…This government is literally stealing the future of your kids, their kids and their kid’s kids and you choose to be short sighted and shallow minded spewing tribal hatred!! It is numb skulls and bird brains like yourself that have no vision nor future to look forward to that praise armed robbers with access to our treasury like these PF hooligans, what a citizen!! Wake up, Zambia is being destroyed and people are busy dipping their fingers in our coffers while people like you and JK are busy singing praises

    • @thom thom, You ejoti. The topic of discussion here is the corrupt PF government and you are bringing up crap here. Grow up and have sympathy for the Zambian people who are actual victims.

  4. That’s why I tell your HH of failure read the issues. Who is he to give ECL ultimatum. He thinks he has any mandate from the people of Zambia to run this country. President ECL take your time and let HH rot with his UPND. ACC will handle properly with investigative wings. HH kuwayawayafye as bembas say.

    • HH is really impudent. Is it for Edgar to locate the owner of the flats in 48 hours? Edgar has given instructions to investigative wings to do their work thoroughly. Therefore, HH’s ultimatum is neither here nor there. Edgar reports to the over 15 million people of Zambia and not to HH alone. He should learn to be patient and control himself.

  5. An ultimate or a demand comes with “or else…….”. So if you give someone a 48 hour ultimatum then you should do something if that 48 hours elapses without your demand being met. So in this case, what will happen if that 48 hours elapses? Empty threat!!

  6. This is what happens when you are used to giving speeches to intoxicated cadres at runways and rallies, you eventually think everyone is stupid,you mean investigate like they did with the arson at City Market? You are a shameless criminal and incompetent! We know you, your useless daughter and the entire PF government is a criminal enterprise that has compromised ACC. Folks, let us rid ourselves of this drunk from Chawama before he turns this country into a banana republic!

    • It’s already worse than a banana republic. The monkeys are running the show and are eating in the field”mwibala”

  7. “so-called saboteur who cut one tiny electricity pole costing about K300 in some rural part of Southern Province”

    The 1d10t says.

    Two wrongs do not make a right.

    I wonder why the ACC can’t investigate on issues of 48 houses and the niggaz involvement in the sale of our mines. These 48 houses are similar to CKinsultor’s compound. I guess every minister is building.

    Drain the ACC swamp, so FIC culprits can be investigated.

    All thieving creatures must be investigated.

  8. Look at id*ots here concentrating on Hakainde’s statement but not concerned that Chagwa has to give instructions to investigative wings to search for someone who owns flats surely something a grade 5 can easily do! Some Zambians are useless.

    • That is PF for you.., you will hear lungu saying bring evidence that no ones has claimed those houses and the PF resident rats on LT will be clapping and dancing ati wise humble president……

  9. It you who is bitter because HH was probably younger than you are now at that time and there isbno crime in what he did. If government went ahead with his assesment then blame the government of that day for not tendering the valuation job to many other qualified consultants in order to get the best and if the government tendered the process why are we blaming HH. Let us put hate aside and debate constructively on issues affecting us all now. If lungu hates HH and HH hates lungu how does that affect any of us. Let us all remain neutral and do our best in our various capacities to contribute to zambias development regardless of who the leader is or will be.

  10. I hope this directive is not meant to hoodwink the masses by these mafias. Suppose the houses are for this same man or his daughter, how genuine will the findings be? The whole saga sounds so strange under this government. Does this require the entire government wings to investigate such a simple matter of built properties? What about the tenants? Whom were they paying rentals to? Are these properties on title?
    How can the whole government fail to trace the owner of the property in the mid of state house and capital city. I’m puzzled. The ACC knows more on this property. I don’t think they are that dull to fail to trace the owner.

  11. Akainde Akainde, Akainde Please stop bitterness and calm down. What time do you work or is it you stole enough and just eating the interest from Panama where you stashed the loot? Your brainwashed cadres have created there own Forbes Magazine where you are appearing.
    Grow up Mister. Ati 48hrs, as nani? Kikikikiki

    • Lazy Lungu already knows who the owner of those flats is….mind you FIC Intelligence Report he got already has names in it. Let him host a Press conference and stop playing silly games!!

  12. Firstly president Lungu needs to fire Kampyongo, Maggie would have been a better home affairs minister than this riff raff. ACC and Dec would do their work undisturbed under her, because madame was always drunk kikikikikiki.
    “Mr Hichilema has since given President Lungu a 48 Hour ultimatum to locate the owners of the Houses.” Wonders will never stop, a man with no constituency trying to command the office of the president in Zambia. President Lungu has to deal with incompetent ministers and a delusional opposition. kikikikiki

  13. That is why lungu and his gang want to gag FIC…..if the FIC report was not released to the public , the stealing without qualms or shame would have accelerated

  14. Bitter Hakiende h and his under 5 inherited party with his blind cronies throwing toys out of their crib and trying to appear useful…all talking as if chewing on a lemon….blind flowers who have been “banned” from engaging in national issues by their dictator who has no vice-president and is their chief mouth piece..his followers wait for him to speak then they praise him. Well you free mason as he ‘misadvised’ used insider information and corruptly sold himself a house once reserved for MD lima Bank…later saying it was all ‘clean’ one wonders what he will do if he was in Plot 1…time waster bitter like the rest of his tuma followers…2021 you will lose again as always…..

  15. So HH feels good when he gives such EMPTY ultimates hey? He feels like he is in charge of things. what a clown! How did the talks with TRUMP go? and the ICC? Really laughable

  16. First and foremost the directors at ACC must be fired for incompetence because they have clearly shown that they go to the offices to only drink tea, but it is the appointing authority who should crack this overdue whip, then we should listen to the proverbial fart by Kambwili draw conclusions.
    In my personal view, if the guys at ACC are competent then the announcement of those houses being built during the creation of the earth and the universe was out of frustration to show the world that they are restricted in doing their work hence the proverbial fart.

  17. Its laughable to hear perpetual loser giving empty ultimatums. Who does he think he is to be exercising power he does not possess? Just wait for 2021 so that you can record another FLOP.

  18. The ACC cannot perform its function because it is not allowed to. They know who owns this property because that is easy to find out. I mean, muli nama tenants for Pete’s sake. But they can’t do anything about it. The entire ACC staff can be replaced and things will remain the same. It must be truly independent for it to be effective.

  19. We say lungu is corrupt , that is why he can not do anything to those who publicly call him a corrupt thief…..

    On top of that he is or pretends to be humble, in a position of power being portrayed as humble potrays a leader of weakness, made worse by his lack of integrity and morals.

    To sucssed as president of an African country , one needs to be ruthless or of high integrity and morals or both ,neither case applies to lungu……

  20. HH =CK

    Failing grade 6times is not good for mental health. Even you headman gets affected and starts questioning the authority

  21. Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Unbelievable! Are you kidding me? You are telling me the entire country couldn’t know a person who builds 48 townhouses in the middle of the capital city? Man what kind of n0nsense is this?
    – who approved the land and in whose name is the title deeds?
    – did council and city planners visit the construction of the houses?
    – who was the builder and who engaged them and/or paid them?
    – Couldn’t you follow the trail of the money, including where materials were bought?

    Just simple logical questions and reasoning would lead you to the corrupt thief. Oh let me guess: the houses belong to Lungu or his daughter Tasila.

    Obviously whoever it is has nothing to lose because they never spent a coin of their own money, but they built using proceeds of crime. Unbelievable!

  22. Kkkkkkkk under five giving instruction to one Eddy kkkk….as one of the youths in upndead told me that they have given you 48hrs to appoint a vice president or else ….kokanyenipo ba under fimo fimo

  23. It is very clear Rosemary and the ACC have failed to run the institution and they should be fired, as others have already said, before the development of that land a lot of paper work was involved and it cannot just disappear. It is very irresponsible on the part of ACC. They are simply covering up corruption that the PF govt under EL.

    • I watched a clip of that interview, small lady couldn’t answer any questions articulately she even came with a big file…she is acting Director hoping to be appointed full-time surely an acting Director can never say no to any corrupt minister

  24. HH the cheapest or 9 meter pole costs about $100. Please consult before issuing statements. You are vying for a very big office and we hear that you are highly educated. Thanks

  25. Iam very annoyed and ashamed at the same time as a Zambian. Is it just a bad dream that I had saying the whole lot of ACC with all govt machinery at its disposal has failed to identify the supposed owner of 48 apartments? This is disgusting. But we all know that hey are lying through their teeth. The PF regime has been caught pants down. If heads dont roll at ACC, then the presidents directive is just saving his face because he knows it has reflected badly on his presidency

  26. Thats not the issue per say. That quantifiable cost of that pole may even be more than cost of 48 houses when you consider ripple effects

    How many people lost out business as results of power cut. This could even cost lives

    This man needs a medical board to determine his mental fitness because his insanity is now becoming communicable.

    His chiefs have now started yapping like him

  27. Zesco must not replace this pole that, is when hh will know the true value of a single zesco pole

    The service provided by that k300 pole is more than 48houses bwana .

    Your reasoning defies basic logic that you fail to produce a single mp in urban areas.

    You duped ck your friend over lubwa local government election as usual you overate your self. The rest is history

  28. When people fail to articulate on a significant matter (such as this scandalous case of incompetence underlined by corruption), they project the argument elsewhere – such as here where HH is being battered and vilified for the said purpose. It’s a silly dull trick that right thinking humans can see through.

  29. So who have the tenants been paying their rent?Ask the tenants
    Who do they pay rent to?Anything
    And every thing is possible in zambia. Tomorrow ACC will say these houses were built by Kk and
    They belong to government.

  30. The recent case of acquittal for proceeds of crime will repeat itself. ACC can be instructed to investigate and even prosecute but they can also be instructed to withhold and not present vital evidence from the court, and the case will be washout, same as recent one where ACC was instructed not present the evidence of $300,000 paid by a chink firm. Why on earth would they pay this amount of money to the accused? No answer, that is how “incompetent” the ACC has become.

  31. During the Sunday interview the acting director ACC was asked why an accused public officer cannot be suspended and she said there has been a confusing change in the definition of a public officer. When pressed further she suggested that she cannot comment on how the president decides to interpret it. She seems to know things that we dont know.

  32. Case closed due to lack of evidence , and you are holding the evidence in your hands.
    They are fooling all the people all the time.

  33. a big hands to the honer of those houses because aliiba mu Calo cakwe and he has done something good in he’s on country please please please ayo amayanda tekwesha ukutoba

  34. Thank you Your Excellency for instructing ACC to pull up their socks. They should be ashamed of themselves for not doing their work properly and independently and always finding excuses for their shameful performance
    While they are at it can they please appeal the recent acquittal and this time present the piece of evidence from the china company. We want to know what the chinese construction company paid the accused $300,000 for. And please ACC no semantics on definition, it’s simply the money paid, public officer or no public officer there is a wrong there. Show us you competency ACC if you have any at all. To me your image is shattered unless you redeem yourselves starting with these two cases.

  35. Leadership is supposed to be proactive and not reactive, why should a leader be jumpstarted in order to react?

  36. Why hunting in the bush were you know there is no animals instead you go directly to the bush animals found? What I mean is those 48 Houses has papers and why can’t you ask the contractors who gave them tender? Simple and straight forward don’t tell us you can’t relocate the owner

  37. As for uncle HH, shamefully offside again as ever, his weakness is that even when he may have a point it’s lost in his misguided and uninspiring search political mileage.

  38. The finger is pointing at Tasila Lungu. All you shameless cadres here are being given scraps to defend the plunder of our resources.

  39. Lusaka Times – you have done a good job by unearthing this ACC related matter. However the pictures you are using for this story constitute fake news as they have nothing to do with the flats the ACC have been investigating and siezed, which dampens the impact of your story. To further improve the credibility of your story please ensure you go and take the true pictures of the 48 flats in question as opposed to including pictures that have been randomly harvested from facebook profiles. Sadly, you are merely replicating pictures from an earlier story by Ba Zambia Watchdog, which was also inaccurate in this respect. You will do well to send your reporters to Chalala to go and get the correct pictures.

  40. Hello Akainde, 48hrs have passed since your ultimatum. We are waiting kaili or its your usual silliness and opening mouth like knee jerk reaction?

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