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President Lungu is doing everything possible to reduce mealie meal prices


 PF Secretary General Davis Mwila
PF Secretary General Davis Mwila

Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Davis Mwila has said that President Edgar Lungu is doing everything possible to reduce mealie meal prices. Mr. Mwila said that PF is a pro-poor party which is concerned with the cost of living for the masses.

Addressing Munali Constituency PF members in Lusaka at the Secretariat yesterday, Mr. Mwila said the head of state will not allow citizens to spend a lot of money on the staple food.

And Mr. Mwila said the PF will be presenting a petition to Former Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili’s residence on Friday on his continued insults on President Lungu.

Receiving the petition from Munali PF Members, Mr. Mwila said the biggest organ of the PF is the Presidency hence it will not allow the office to be disrespected.

The Secretary General also thanked the PF leadership in Lusaka for ensuring that demonstrations are peaceful.

And PF Lusaka Province Chairperson Paul Moonga said the ruling party will not allow anyone to disrespect the President.

And PF Lusaka Province Youth Chairperson Daniel Kalembe said most leaders want to divide the country, but PF youths will not allow it.

And Munali Constituency Chairperson Thomas Kaluba said the constituency will not allow continued disrespect of the ruling party’s President.


    • Go reduce the prices …
      that action will speak on its own.

      When the president is on party matters, he is treated equal like any other party presidents.

    • Pro poor? Oh I see. Thats why you are busy plundering the resources of the poor and enriching your corrupt selves? I didnt knoe thats what pro poor meant. It also explains why some people could defraud a poor widow and end up debarred.
      It explains why you would buy a scania worth 300 thousand for 1million and pocket the 700thousand at the expense of the poor. Eish I agree that PF is REALLY a pro poor party.
      As for Mr. Lungu, we know he does nothing but fly around in his new private jet toy. He is ever on holiday

    • file = open(“newfile.txt”, “w”)
      The president is..
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    • Correct ! This unelected ,self serving , foul mouth goon should not be allowed to make statements on critical issues affecting the nation.

  1. We are big problems we have a President who cant explain the direction of the country, nchito ni ma international conference while people are dying of hunger.

    • Patriotic Zambia
      Have you noticed that he has not travelled in the recent past,he is busy compiling the travel manifest for New York for the United Nations General Assembly probably trying to decide which musicians and cadres to take along with him

  2. While you are shameless presenting that petition please give answers to how 48 houses built themselves, how your PF spent over $40million to buy 40 Fire trucks, how the Hunger stricken Provinces are still starving, Why a 25kg Mealie Meal bag is above K125, how you will counter Unemployment, Why you have run down the Zambian Economy from a steady growth from 7.7% GDP to 2% GDP, why you haven’t marched to the South African Embassy to unequivocally condemn Xenophobia as Zambians are stabbed in the head.. The list is endless, let’s be serious with Zambian Lives..

  3. Looool this has got to be the funniest thing this dull SG has ever said. Lungu is clueless and just does not give a fcuk.

  4. Ba SG, please please twapapata. Concentrate on real issues and dont make kambwili a factor. PF is the ruling party no other party. Dont be shallow PLEASE. If you can’t do the job, please stand down. You’re being petty. Zambians are a funny bunch, you’ll only find out how much they loathe you on election day. We promised a lot but little to show, concentrate on how to reverse the negative sentiments and stop being trivial

  5. This man got 6 points not long ago. I bet he’s advancing in his natural science studies because 6 points ni suspet of Engineering, Medicine etc. He also mobilized 100,000+ youth to demonstrate against someone who allegedly “insulted” the great leader. However, he was absent when $44m was spent on 42, when 48 houses grew like mushroom and many other atrocities against the people. 6 points!

  6. With due respect, Ba PF, drop this claim of being a pro-poor govt. Its fake. most of the policies you are implementing are for the rich. Here is free advice to you. Before implement anything, consider how such a move will impact on social sector, on the economy, political, technology, legal aspects. One example is the extremely expensive cameras you have put on the roads who road signage is very poor and where such exists, speed limits are ridiculously low 40km, 60km/h, 80km/h on the highway. Clearly this is about reaping from the so called poor people. For your own information, poor drivers whose salaries were K2, 000 are going home with nothing as entire salary goes to paying RTSA fines which employers deduct from these drivers. How is the impacting on the social sector & PF’s…

  7. Eve his face tells it all that this man is very dull,stupid …chikopo sana…And you want the country to be led by a fools like this one…shame ba Zambia

  8. Please help me “Mr Educated 6 Points” Davis Mwila!
    How will our ever flying President, His Excellency Jona Chakolwa Whiskey manage to reduce the price of maize, and mealie meal, from the comfort of his expensive Ferrari Jet fitted with a Champagne bar, laden with an assortment of expensive alcoholic beverages?
    How will ba Jona manage such a feat from high up in the sky??
    Patiently waiting for your response Mr 6 Points Mwila.

  9. All PF has been good at is taking food away from people’s tables onto their own tables. They claim that they are making roads and buildings to develop the country and enhance commerce but alas the GDP shows that there is a drop and not an increase. PF is only good at intimidating people and always look away from what really matters to the people of Zambia. This PF thinks it is unsinkable so did the people who built the Titanic, your time for reckoning is around the corner. Wait and see what the people you have so much tortured are capable if doing.

  10. Big question is, can he do anything about the mealie meal prices? You are expecting too much from the President, if he could the prices would not have reached this level anyway, so Davis Mwila do you know what you are talking about? Lyonsefye ati ni donchi kubeba.

  11. Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Davis Mwila has said that President Edgar Lungu is doing everything possible to reduce mealie meal prices. Mr. Mwila said that PF is a pro-poor party which is concerned with the cost of living for the masses.

    Davis Mwila if the PF is a pro-poor party which is concerned with the cost of living for the masses, why did the PF purchase a Presidential Private Jet for millions of Dollars, as well as used fire fighters for millions of Dollars. Was your party thinking about the poor in the two (2) cases

    The fact is none of you guys cares about the common man as long as your stomacks and those of your children and relatives are feed every day that all is well. Dont pretend but base your talk on facts
    The fact is that we do not have a Government in…

  12. Cont……We do not have a Government in Zambia, which is there for all Zambians. If we had a government priorities could have been different. A scale of preference could have been drawn up in that case. The scale of preference allows every person organizing all his or her priorities appropriately., this is not the case with our Govt

  13. do they even know how to go about reducing the mealie meal prize or rather control the daily increase of the prizes for the same commodity. give the people a break and respond to their needs.

  14. Shame!! These guys can’t even feed their own. How can you run a modern economy in an empty stomach? Stop eating maize meal, it doesn’t have any nutritional value and it’s not indigenous to Zambia. Maize is used to feed animals.

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